UnrealNorth is looking for a designer

The current site has been around since the dawn of time. Unfortunately it did not age very well: it is quite slow (for what it does), some functionality is either broken or missing and the source code is an unmaintainable mess. To this end I spent the last couple of weeks implementing a new version of the site.

The one missing piece are proper graphics to polish up the site. Unfortunately my design skills are non-existent. The reason for this post is to find a pro bono designer that wants to help me with the final steps of the site. If you are interested either send me a message on this site, poke me on irc (you can find me at #unrealnorth on Quakenet) or send an email to resteven at vub dot ac dot be.

You can find more details inside the whole article.

The current site has several issues. Several parts are completely unused and take up a lot of screen estate: clans, clan blogs and user blogs are all unused (except by spam bots). Resetting your password does not work. The UT2004 review on the main page has been there forever. Most of the time you do not get redirected properly. The forum is quite slow. The administrative options are not that good. I guess I could find some more things, but you get the idea.

The new site has the same core functionality as this one. It makes better use of the higher resolutions, and wastes fewer space. It has better moderation options for the forum , comments and to combat spam bots. Users can submit their own content, which will be posted after approval of an administrator. There is a search function that may actually work. II am always open to suggestions for functionality you would like to see in the new site.

The old site will be kept around, although the database will be placed in a read-only mode so it does not get killed completely by spambots. All the demos and files are transferred to the new site, and are not lost. User accounts will not be transferred, as most of our accounts are spambots that have not figured out how to use the forum.

Finally, what should be designed:

The essential part are graphics for the different news categories. For example, this post is about UnrealNorth, and thus uses the "UnrealNorth News" icon. Currently the new site has a couple of categories such as cups, movies, UnrealNorth.

A second, less important part, would be some flair for either the header or the background. A proper logo for the website that integrates nicely with the rest of the layout. A background that gives the site a more Unreal feeling would be nice.

I realise I have made this request a couple of years ago when I was planning on doing a rewrite of the site. This never came into fruition even though some people send me some design sketches. To ensure the designs are not wasted I have made sure the site is almost finished, and that the design is the last missing part.

Once again, if you are interested send me a message on this site, poke me on irc or send an email to resteven at vub dot ac dot be.

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Posted: 2014/01/20 - 00:27

well, im curious to see the new page

Posted: 2014/01/20 - 12:38

planning on launching either this week or next week. Site is 99percent done, just removing the last few kinks.

Posted: 2017/03/21 - 19:34

Hi there!
I found Unrealnorth again when I was looking for my old avatar picture Nosnos gave me.
In case any old schooler feels like picking up the double dodge again we have now practically left the IRC network and now use something called Discord.

https://discord.gg/NFvmEZj UT99 (Yes, it still lives)
https://discord.gg/uhu6fXz UT4 NW
http://discord.gg/5xz7kpR UT4 Insta

You can join in a browser but if you wanna stay it is better to download the app (program for us over 30)


Frag you later!


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