10 years of UT2004 - DM 1vs1 - Falcon vs Hypno by cluex.org

It's a great pleasure to announce the very first in a series of showmatches, which will promote the next duel event that will take place in 2014. http://cluex.org/event.

We will have a fantastic opportunity to see two players that have featured heavily in UT2004 over the years, namely Falcon and Hypno, who have both approved the invitation to join division zero in the main duel tournament. Both have been relatively inactive in the competitive scene from around 2006, but after a number of years in retirement they have decided to pick their weapons up once more and join the battlefield! For laughs, for competition, for prizes – regardless of their reasons, it's a pleasure to see them playing once more.

The match will start around 20:00 CET / 19:00 GMT on 08.12.2013 (Sunday) and the event will be streamed, courtesy by cluex.org streaming champion Benczek and a motley crew of commentators including: miNo, ShX and skAven at http://twitch.tv/benczek. There will also be a UTV server for the event at utv.utzone.de:7777 and will be managed by all-round nice guy mRd.

Update: Due to personal problems of Hypno, the match is not going to happen tomorrow and will be scheduled on a different date. It's a sad message, due to fact that both players were preparing a lot (Proof #1 & Proof #2) last 2 weeks for the show-match. We are just hoping that everything is going to be fine at Gaspars side!

Source: http://cluex.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3170

Read more inside.

The entrants will play 5 maps in the following order: Rankin - Lea - Sateca - RoughineryIronic. All these maps will played, regardless of whether or not one player wins the first 3 maps. Good luck, and have fun you two!

Note: This match is essentially a preview of how the 10 years of UT2004 tournament will look like. At this exact moment in time, I have managed to gather around 15 players who have been inactive competetively for 4 years or more, and they have agreed to play and be inducted into division zero. To make this tournament happen, we reached out to the community a few months ago to help us gather additional funds for the tournament prize-pool amount, and at the moment we are at 59.3% of our goal! Here's the list of the current donators: http://cluex.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3163

We would like to thank you very much for your aid in our endeavour and hopefully, by hosting this show-match, we will prove to you that we're heading in right direction. We still have a long way to go for our desire prize pool, so please, if you can spare it, could you please donate and help us make the 10 years of UT2004 event the best, brightest and biggest that cluex.org has ever hosted! To all prospective donators - the donations are payable via PayPal to account: fifipiw1@gmail.com

Good luck to the entrants and hopefully to see you either on stream or UTV or IRC.

2013/11/16 - 15:00 - Comments (21) - ShX

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Posted: 2013/11/16 - 17:32

wohooo, big thanks for the invitation and organisation! :)
can't believe time passed that fast since the last time i played the game in an official tournament, but i'm looking forward to undust the weapons and will convert my gained sc2 expierence into ut2k4 for some fun and entertaining action! ;)

Posted: 2013/11/16 - 19:29

Great job! Gl to both guys ;)

Posted: 2013/11/16 - 20:46

Awesome! Cant wait! :)

Posted: 2013/11/16 - 21:26

okay time to install UT2004 :) I wish I could find my old 6 CD's of UT2004 just for the nostalgy :) but meanwhile I'll probably just download it from Steam ;D see you around =)

Posted: 2013/11/17 - 12:39

6cd's OMG! :DDD Looking forward to this one! gl hf guys.

Posted: 2013/11/17 - 23:02

interesting stuff

Posted: 2013/11/18 - 22:07

Ohhhohoooo, super cool news! Gonna watch for sure! Good Luck hypno! Very though opponent Falcon is.

Posted: 2013/11/19 - 10:40

great stuff, please falcon play at least 1 game before the event ^^

where can i dl ut2004 btw ? can't find any link.

Posted: 2013/11/19 - 12:44

skl: you can buy the game on Steam...

Posted: 2013/11/20 - 09:32

link :) ?

Posted: 2013/11/21 - 12:38

http://store.steampowered.com/app/13230/ !

Posted: 2013/11/21 - 13:29

not available in ger i think

Posted: 2013/11/23 - 16:02

Can be had for $4 this weekend from gog.


edit: ended up getting it myself from there now. guess it's time to try this game again. hope to find some old config settings lying around in the archives :)

Posted: 2013/11/25 - 16:59

ecko should comment !!!!

Illest shoutcaster of all time. :))

Posted: 2013/11/25 - 17:25

idd ecko owning at SC !

Posted: 2013/11/25 - 19:18

I'm sure he's pretty busy with Poker, especially because it is Sunday.

Posted: 2013/12/03 - 11:54

I meant, I just want to dl the game, I won't buy it again as I already have a cd key. But thnx.

Posted: 2013/12/04 - 18:01

Then I vote ecko for shoutcasting !!! :D

ShX : Just ask him if he can do it..

Posted: 2013/12/04 - 18:46

hehe thx guys for the shoutout. i'm sure skaven will do a great job as a shoutcaster. his english level is great and he knows the game as much as i do or even better :)

i hope there'll be some replay avail on youtube so i can follow the game later :P. Also if you guys can make the content of the shoutcast downloadable somewhere it'd be great.

have fun with this game. gl to both duellers

Posted: 2013/12/07 - 17:22

Due to personal problems of Hypno, the match is not going to happen tomorrow and will be scheduled on a different date. It's a sad message, due to fact that both players were preparing a lot (Proof #1 & Proof #2) last 2 weeks for the show-match. We are just hoping that everything is going to be fine at Gaspars side!

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