takes break and plans a big event for 2014!

After hosting a successful amount of tournaments for nearly every active mode in UT2004, I am really sorry to say the following: the last of the tournament series that took place this summer is the last to be hosted by in 2013. Within a few days I am moving to Warsaw, where I will be studying. As a result, I will be paying explicit attention to my studies; But that doesn't mean I will stop loving UT2004.

In 2014, we will be (hoping) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our beloved game. Closer to the holidays - June '14 exactly, will try to provide an event worthy of that occassion - which will most likely be the biggest event in recent years.

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Why would it be the biggest one? The tournament will be held over a period of 2 weeks, and accept many player sign-ups, so as to not disrupt valuable holiday time.
The tournament will use a division system, which will enable players from different skill and experience levels to play on an equal field; It's worth noting that this may also improve the quality of match ups. I will *try* to invite old-school, well-known players to fill division one (colloquially named "division zero"), complete with a few special rules. Each of the divisions will have 3 TOP players, which will be awarded prizes: money and possibly hardware. More info will be released later.

These are still just plans, however. To make this happen, I have started asking for monetary donations since July. At present, I have a small percentage of the overall goal (see above). At present, I don't want to to give out too much information on what the exact amount of money we are gathering is. The reason is the following: I believe that some people, after seeing the total prize pool would doubt that it could, or would, ever happen. I believe it's a high amount for UT2004, but it's not unreachable without YOUR help.

To make those plans happen I need support from the community. I would appreciate any help which would bring in more players to play in the aforementioned league, although I will fully admit that the one thing which would encourage most players (either old ones which have retired a long time ago, or the new ones) is money. If you like the idea and decide to support it, I would be really grateful for any donations you can spare. Any and all donations you can give will go a long way to bringing us closer to our goal and enable us to make the biggest online event for UT2004 on it's 10th anniversary happen! All donations will be mentioned in a list of donators, which is posted in here: The progress bar will be updated once every month.

To all prospective donators - the donations are payable via PayPal to my account:
If you do have any questions to be asked, feel free to compose a private message on or send an email to

Thank you for reading this post. We at look forward to seeing you participating on the 10th anniversary event!


2013/09/19 - 22:00 - Comments (8) - ShX


Posted: 2013/09/19 - 13:06

Have you tried contacting Epic for sponsorship?
I also know you used to be able to get sponsorship from steelseries (like a random mousepad etc).
What also would be cool is to get a decent streamer/shoutcaster streaming the finals/top8/whatever on Coolest thing ever would be to get Redeye to do it, but I guess he has better things to do now.

Posted: 2013/09/19 - 13:24

I was speaking with Epic about the possible sponsorship and at first they were like, no sorry, we are not supporting the unreal communities (they have that even stated in the rules, so I knew that would be pretty unusual to see another answer than no). They liked the idea really much and asked me, if I wouldn't mind receiving memorabilia. After it got delivered, I have written little report what actually was inside [ ] and sent that relation back to Epic. In the answer they mentioned that they would be really happy to give the next winner(s) similar gift(s). So I guess, at last, it's yes from their side.

SteelSeries hasn't answered to me unfortunately, but I guess you're speaking about ZOWIE, which proposed me 2 mousepads. I will try speaking to them in the nearer future.

I will also take care of trying to invite some steamers/shoutcasters like I usually did at every tournament of mine. Nearly everytime, it was pretty problematic and the arranged people were not showing up, so the level of coverage was really low.

Posted: 2013/09/19 - 14:41

I am sure it will be another succesfull event. You have my participation and support as always.

Posted: 2013/09/19 - 22:41

Great stuff ShX ! You've been the mastership handling awesomly Unreal Tournament 2004 community even after 9years !
I hope it will reach the 100% asap !
Count me in (to win the 100% asap as well)

Posted: 2013/09/24 - 12:13

Good idea, maybe we can hope to see some oldies like lauke, forrest, gitzzz, frag^m, burnie, zulg, horny, rox, dromer, solo, pmcc, 2kr, winz, zeta, falcon, etc,.... =)

Posted: 2013/09/26 - 13:57

well done shx, even if you are a massive dick sucker you did a nice work

Posted: 2013/09/26 - 14:52

GL. Every december I make some donations for good causes, I will donate for this project this year !

Posted: 2013/09/26 - 18:38

I'll be happy to play, my shock rifle has been collecting dust for quite some time now :)


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