's DM 1vs1 - main event!

Congratulations for the following players that will take part in the finals of the #11 1vs1 DM cup: ACo, astz, BaSS3_KiCK, daywalker, F51, GoHLinK, jani, Kane274, lo2dk, miNo, Naut Psy, ScrMz, skAven, skl and ziLL.


SBS replaced by miNo
Valtsu replaced by BaSS3_KiCK
zelvzz replaced by ziLL
GoHLinK replaced by Naut
fl.qx replaced by Naut

Key information

Cup finals: 28.07.2013 (Sunday) starting at 15:00 CEST

Check more inside!

Stream: To Be Announced
UTV: / / /
Links:, Announcement, #cK.ut, Facebook, YouTube

The Maplist

The map list consists of the following:


Please note that the maplist in the qualifiers is not anymore forced.

The cup is double-elimination and all the matches up until the finals will be played as a BO3.

Streams & UTV

Stream - To Be Announced
UTV: / /

The prizes

The money prizes of the main event are as follows: 1st place: 60€, 2nd place: 30€ and 3rd place: 10€

Thank you very much (again) for your time, let the games … RE-BEGIN!

Stream: To Be Announced
UTV: / / /
Links:, Announcement, #cK.ut, Facebook, YouTube

2013/07/27 - 00:40 - Comments (32) - ShX

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Posted: 2013/07/27 - 03:57

may i ask why replacements?

Posted: 2013/07/27 - 10:34

Some people recently told me, they won't be able to play the main event, even if they qualified. The replacements were made in a fair way, only including one player, who wsn't playing qualifiers (ziLL), but who obviously is welcomed after winning previous duel tournament. Hopefully the changes won't make the quality of the cup worse.

Posted: 2013/07/27 - 12:19

GoHLinK back on the board!

Posted: 2013/07/28 - 18:59

Loser brackets finals and after then - grand finals at:

UTV: &

Posted: 2013/07/29 - 07:20

Great cup! Final was a bit strange...but all other was cool. thx ShX. Special thx to Gohlink, astz and scrmz who played for fun, F51 for his improvement. Do not expect that someone will play it seriously in the future. Maybe a couple of people (those who can play in premier).

Posted: 2013/07/29 - 08:13

who won and will there be demos available? :)

Posted: 2013/07/29 - 13:01

1: skAven
2: ziLL
3: ScrMz
4: ACo
5-6: F51, miNo
7-8: Naut, Psy
9-11: BaSS3_KiCK, GoHLinK, Kane274
12-16: astz, daywalker, jani, lo2dk, skl

Summary of the cup with mode informations can be found over here:

Posted: 2013/07/30 - 03:41

thank you ShX for organising this great cup and helping to keep UT community all in together!

Posted: 2013/07/31 - 07:22

Best corrupted admin ever ShX! I won 10€ when i was supposed to win 30€ as i made 2nd in that corrupted cup (with 7 continuous hours of play and this is the way you return me respect ? i forfeited the grandfinalls and which was a bad decision i reckon but i had my reasons and i still have played a part of the match ). Give us some infos about the donators mr shx. Yet you will say they are 'anonymous' har har nice joke. And you still have the arrogance to ask me to put the cluex tag in my nickname? Put your stupid website in your ass stupido !

Posted: 2013/07/31 - 15:24


Posted: 2013/07/31 - 21:25

lol zill n00b rage quit so you earn now 0 euros ! kurwas!

Posted: 2013/07/31 - 22:51

In decent tournaments if u forfeit a single game u would be directly receiving 10€ is better than nothing.

Posted: 2013/08/01 - 08:28

I played ironic during the final so technically i made the final. And aljas shut your mouth thx.

Posted: 2013/08/01 - 10:42

Playing 4 minutes of a map wont make a difference. You would get disqualified anyway in good events like WCG, ESWC, CPL you name it.
Let me just tell you some things i think you should understand. I understand your point and more or less respect your decisions in the cup, you are free to do whatever u want, but remember that your freedom ends where the freedom of other people starts. You also missed the point of the cup.. This cup wasn't about the money(at least for most of the participants) this cup was about the people who like the game, the players they admire and the matches they want to watch so bad. Other thing you already know, is that ShX doesn't like you now and will not like you in the near future. Easy to understand that you ruined the finals of the cup(with or without direct intention). Plus insulting,quoting private requests and talking about donations definitely won't get you the money, you say you should get from him.
I hope you take this as a constructive critique and if don't take it that way “again” you are free to do what you want.
Take care.

Posted: 2013/08/01 - 11:47

Well i understand about those big events but you can't compare with nowadays cups on ut. And about the money as you call, it wasnt my objective at all. I know skaven and i wanted a good final on REAL maps, with all the tension from my previous match i couldn't handley nerves. And the fact ska took this crappy map sateca a second time just discusted me so i wasnt motivated to play a final like this. It would have been a plesasure and honour for me to play it otherwise. Anyway its done now, i understand the misunderstanding of the viewers as i left the server.

And for the 10 € its ok i received it.

Posted: 2013/08/01 - 12:39

I personally don't like sateca also but it was in the map pool since the begining of the cup, so everyone knew that eventually it would be played. Since he realised he add the advantage on that map and knew that you wouldn't like to play it, ofc any smart player would pick it.
Keeping calm it's a part of any game or sport, to be able have control over your emotions in those times is called experience,However even very experience player can't perform good everytime or anytime, because nobody is a machine that plays the same way every game.
I'm nobody to judge you and don't intend to do so, i just lost my time replying to this because i felt u shouldn't trash talk the only guy who made this whole cup possible in the first place. you should thank him instead.

Posted: 2013/08/01 - 17:30


Posted: 2013/08/01 - 19:40

Hey ziLL, I remember a conversation between us some days ago where you told me that you wanted to proof something to the community, something like you were the "best" and stuff.
You're a good player yep, but what you proved there is that you're much better at being a massive drama queen with an extra-ego. I know that you don't like me and you'll take this comment as a massiv attack on your person eventhough I'll admit that it's a sort of attack, but this is a really bad point in your personnality to act like this eventhough this is the Internet.
You're just ragin all around in your comment, but to be honest, I understand so much the fact that ShX` gave you only 10€ instead of 30€, coz you just ruined all the effort he (and his crew) made to make this tournament a success. You just wasted days/months those guys worked with your egoist attitude, and pretty much ruined the evening/night for every spectators that wanted a real show. This tournament wasn't only made for the UT community, there were several post on ESReality to show to the Fast FPS community that our game is still played by a notable count of players, but what you did just ruined every single thing this tournament as been created for.
I'm not gonna try to be as constructive as Psy that's why I'll just stop the argue here.

About the tournament, ShX` did again a good job, and I guess that's the community is grateful for all the work you and your crew did. I know it's hard to manage tournament, but keep it up mate, because WE love the tournaments you're doing.

I'd have love to play the main tournament so I'll just say, cya in the next tournament !! :)

kiss ShX`, and congratz Sam, eventhough the final was a "disaster" you proved another time that you're definitly the best! :*

Posted: 2013/08/01 - 22:00

rofl lvz you were not there so don't join the discussion plz.

lets make love to everyone.l peace and love guys

Posted: 2013/08/01 - 22:11

Does that make my statement invalid? :)

You already fucked every people who had an interest in the cup Sunday night, I doubt that "making love" another time will help sir.

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