announced SummerSeason

After providing 9 successful and (surprisingly!) active cups, with a prize pool of around 722euro, we are proud to announce a new season of 1-day cups! Take a look at the video presentation showing the cup info and their respective gametypes.

Promotion movie

As mentioned in the video, the three upcoming cups will be the following:

- [#10] TDM 2vs2 | ANNOUNCEMENT | | SIGN-UP |
- [#11] DM 1vs1 | ANNOUNCEMENT |
- [#12] iCTF 3vs3 | ANNOUNCEMENT |

You can find detailed information under read more.

These are 1-day cups, with the exception of the DM 1vs1 cup which will be spread out over 3 days; 2 days of qualifications, and the 3rd day will be finals. Due to lack of activity in the other modes, we decided on organising the next batch of cups as standalone 1-day cups for maximum participation and little standing commitment. Total pot of the SummerSeason is 300euro!

All of the cups will be streamed, however we are unable to know which streamer will be available on the days these cups will be held on at this time. Please stay tuned for this information within a week of when the cups start. During all the cups we will organisate UT2004 CD Key give aways. All information will be provided on our official QuakeNet IRC channel at #cK.ut

Proposed stream links: [1] [2] [3]

We hope that you will enjoy the cups and the prizes. All the dates, rules and maplists are published in the official announcement topic of each tournament. We look forward to seeing you all taking part in these cups! Let's show some activity of this game in it's 9th anniversary!

Just a sidenote: due to the fact that with every cup it's harder to gather enough money to make the cup/prizes(s) happen, we would be very grateful for any and every donation for this purpose. The money will be used soley on the cups to make the growth and activity of our beloved game possible. Please use the follwoing PayPal account for this purpose:

Thank you for gesture!

2013/06/09 - 00:00 - Comments (11) - ShX


Posted: 2013/06/09 - 08:52

Woah great!

perhaps universities and colleges are over and a lot oldie peepz can play!

Posted: 2013/06/09 - 17:50

"Introduction" is for Introduction, "Text" is for walls of Text

(if ya new to this news writing stuff around)

Posted: 2013/06/09 - 18:46

Stfu nite. That is awesome ShX
Count me in

Posted: 2013/06/10 - 07:57

I can provide a UTV server, although I wont be around to actually be the cameraman.

Posted: 2013/06/10 - 20:50

wow nice man, hope it will be successfull, i can make the comments for utv if u need some 'expert' talk from a gaming pov ^^ gl with the cups keep that on

Posted: 2013/06/11 - 07:38

but you speak french :(

Posted: 2013/06/11 - 07:40

what does it even mean m1no is one of the favs shall play!

and will both 1v1 and tdm -_-

Posted: 2013/06/11 - 10:27

great initiative as always ShX, I also volunteer myself to help in some shoutcast/commentating :)

Posted: 2013/06/13 - 14:28

I will try to signup for the 1v1 cup depending on when it's played, my butt still hurts from the last cup tho :(

Posted: 2013/06/13 - 15:19

GoHLinK - take a look on - there you can find all the stuff regarding duel cup. Would be really awesome to see you in mate.

Posted: 2013/06/14 - 18:40

yes alex you shall play and play on the server where you ping the least!


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