cK iCTF 5vs5 Draft league system

In the 9th year of UT2004, it's hard to find a team or some stout friends who have been playing together for years; Teams which were around for years or many seasons have come and gone. Nowadays the game is full of players who long for the days of old with solid ties to a clan or players who have always played solo... is proud to announce newest competition: an iCTF 5v5 draft league! In this cup you will NOT have to get a team together; you simply sign yourself up. Players can sign up as either a [Player] or a [Captain]. Captains will then draft their team from the list of signed up [Players].

About, maps & rules

Opening Sign-ups: 30.12.2012
Closing Sign-ups: 03.02.2013

As some of you may have realised, this competition is unquestionably similar to the MLUT based TDM events that have taken place before, although in cK's case the rules aren't overly stringent and a precedent is being made in regards to the rules the matches are played with.

Many of you may not be overly keen on the idea of playing iCTF but give it ago. You just might like it! You could say that this is a prototype project for us at cK, and we would be most grateful for your support in this regard. We may yet host more 'competitive' orientated gametypes in the near future using this system, so stay tuned!

2012/12/31 - 00:50 - Comments (5) - ShX


Posted: 2012/12/31 - 22:41

HNY UN long dead life to you >

ty shx for puttin effort in this game

Posted: 2013/01/02 - 00:09

just add up
what else could be better than just having some fun with random people you dont know :)

while playing a game which somewhat survived throughout the ages

Posted: 2013/01/02 - 21:21

sounds like fun :)

Posted: 2013/01/12 - 10:03

shx for president :)

Posted: 2013/02/01 - 15:41

2 days, 7 hours and 9 minutes left till the end of signups for iCTF 5vs5 Draft cup! Take part in the biggest iCTF tournament in recent memory - with over 150 players! Rules for this event can be found here: and the sign-ups (with info on who has signed up) here:


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