ESL: 1on1 Winter Premiership 2012 *UPDATED*

The 1on1 Winter Premiership 2012 kicks in at 23/12/2012 with the changes we mentioned before starting with Group Stage. Sing-ups are open for all from 01/12/2012 to 23/12/2012, read more about the Premiership know-how in the announcement!

UPDATE Sign-ups to 1on1 Winter Tournament Premiership 2012 has been extended to 06/01/2013 in relation with the upcoming beautiful events! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

UPDATE Groups online, Schedule & Play, A.S.A.P. ! Log in to see your upcoming matches !

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Electronic Sports League wrote:

Sign ups:
01/12/2012 - 23/12/2012

First match-week:
23/12/2012 - 30/12/2012

Group Stage
The Premiership is a Group Stage where players are ranked by W/L ratio where each group ( A, B, C, etc. Group ) serves as a pre-rank to the coming playoffs ( Premier, Second, Third, etc. League ) where the "real" fight begins.

Top tier players are assigned to Group A & B from which they advance to the Premier League.

Following the skill-range from Top-to-down the next tier players goes to Group C & D from which they advance to the Second League and so on based on the composition of the signed up players.

In order to put some weight into the group-matches the last place in each groups does not go into the playoffs at all.

The Premier League uses Double Elimination tournament-tree while the rest goes with Single Elimination.

2012/12/01 - 14:25 - Comments (13) - nite


Posted: 2012/12/06 - 05:03

dead game is dead

Posted: 2012/12/07 - 22:30


Who is HE ??

But if this game is dead i cant understand why most of us spend time for gaming on UT2k4 TDM/DUEL.
Maybe you should concentrate your attention on Counter Strike, Mate....

Posted: 2012/12/07 - 23:05

Its nice to see some cups goinh on, but I think there are too much cups atm ! ut isnt active enough for this

gl for participants

Posted: 2012/12/08 - 04:02

is there too much 1on1 cups running atm ?

where? :o

cb doesnt hosts any
ck just finnish'd "old vs new"

cant see wheres the problem as for the lack of signups..
kinda disturbing

Posted: 2012/12/17 - 05:37

maybe because nobody likes esl

Posted: 2012/12/25 - 20:26

still dave having chance to win xd

Posted: 2012/12/26 - 01:19

mayb add some other maps? change a bit the esl, there is one every season, and yet, they are all the same, refresh it, at least by adding maps... i rlly dont get why there are not any others as those usual ones.. that cud bring some more sign ups

Posted: 2012/12/26 - 16:18

i'd need more than a single feedback to change anything specially when i doubt thats the problem in the first place

theres many way to give us feedback but none is used as such but let me name some,
- news
- facebook
- irc

bomb us there with feedbacks and than we can do the desired changes if that is reflect more or less the wishes of everyone

"could" "maybe" bit" these words work not, blindly changing things on pure guessing just doesn't work

Posted: 2012/12/26 - 23:01

Good idea by adding maps ;) like aerowalk or reverse! Then i would add !

Posted: 2013/01/09 - 13:29

+1 for more maps!

Posted: 2013/01/09 - 15:50

dm-more-fe ?

p.s.: read above how-to

Posted: 2013/01/25 - 17:31

think u'r wrong nite.. its ut community, how much feedback do u excpect for 'what shud i do to improve the cup?' u wont get much feedback, just do it, make the move, its ur responsability, and if its a fail, just change back, when it will be a fail, u ll see ppl will complain about it ;) for now, i think u cud just change it and thats it.. take decision, i think bitkid's +1maps is enough, does he rlly need to tell u he wants aerowalk or dm-vagina-fe ?! just make the change and we'll see afterward, else situation wont change, just like it's been for last years, sometimes, renewing the things, mayb even in a 'bad way' can just make a change happen.. buuuuuuuuut thats my humble point of view, in the end, i'm just a dental technician playing ut :)

Posted: 2013/02/04 - 18:33

allll rite, aerowalk will be added to the playoffs thats suer for now, dat movie F51 made just made me so :D


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