ACo> the movie by dezp

Remember this little preview a few days ago ? Well there she goes the movie made by dezp in association of pilman with the most enjoyable frags in duration of 9mins:52secs from ACo> with mostly Team Deathmatch owning.

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dezp wrote:
This is my first serious movie project, and as such I put a lot of time and effort into it. While I wasn't planning on making another movie anytime soon, or at least not one this long, I met ACo one day, whom I knew as great tdm player, and after some talking we thought that a movie full of his TDM frags is a good idea, and so we started working on the movie.

About the movie:
ACo> by dezp is a simple, clean movie, featuring ACo>, a French UT2004 player. All the frags are from TDM or duel games. Instead of focusing on "fancy" editing, my main goal was to achieve good synchronization, flow and "atmosphere" of the movie, because that's how I like frag-movies myself. As a result, I think you can expect a fun movie full of action, and good frags - I would say this is one of the best frag collections from a single UT2004 player out there.

Enjoy the movie!

pilman wrote:
Did my best to help them and I really enjoyed working with both these fuckers! Hope you enjoy this movie which gave us lot of headaches and sleepless nights. Seriously, you have to enjoy it!

ACo> wrote:
Everything started one year ago when pilman and i were working on a new movie together after his last one. After around 5 months of work passed together, we sadly had to stop the whole project due to some technical problems. Huge loss, we both drank and cry.
We kept hope though, thinking we could still make something, in another way, or in another moment in the future, but not at that time.

One day, I met dezp, who i knew was a great moviemaker. He was especially looking for testing his movie skills again. So we talked about it, brought up some ideas to build a possibly new movie and actually it suited perfectly with what me and pilman wanted.
So we kept going. We started "working" all of us three together mainly on our irc channel #themovie (you can come visit us, don't expect a tour like in a museum though). What was done here was really awesome. We did a real a Great trio. Efficient & Fun.

I hope all the creativity & the brainstorming we had during that time, all the hard times like the goods, the dynamic parts like the calm ones, all those things we wanted to give, will be reflected in this 9min 52sec movie. (Paradox, we wanted a short movie at first, we just don't know what happened, it went well, so you will have longer movie to watch).

Anyway, have a great moment, and enjoy guys, see you soon cowboys

2012/10/14 - 22:14 - Comments (41) - nite

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Posted: 2012/10/14 - 23:51

the frags were good, cool movie

Posted: 2012/10/15 - 09:57

Definitely a great movie to watch, good job to the producer and ACo ! There were a lot of nice frags and moreover the variety of those bring an added value to the movie. The best sequences for me are the mega kill on scrmz and the amp demoliton on campgrounds :D.
So again good job for making a fragmovie which is ORIGINAL still in 2012!

Posted: 2012/10/15 - 10:37

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Posted: 2012/10/15 - 11:40

Good job guys! rly nice movie!

Posted: 2012/10/15 - 12:59

Nice movie, altho it had a bit too much AMP runs imo. Got a bit repetitive. Nevertheless enjoyable movie.

Posted: 2012/10/15 - 14:14

i do reuploaded

Posted: 2012/10/15 - 17:56

great movie - great frags! the first song just mega-stresses me out .. the mirwais track is cool though :)

Posted: 2012/10/15 - 19:15

Great movie, impressive skill. And the part where is ScrMz getting raped is just amazing :D

Posted: 2012/10/15 - 20:08

amazingly stupid of Scrmz, yes :P

Posted: 2012/10/15 - 20:34

great one!

Posted: 2012/10/15 - 21:15

yes scrmz like being raped like that.... anyway it's one of the best ut movie i've my top with cristal's ones ;)

Posted: 2012/10/15 - 22:41

0 out of 10.

DSK wasn't a member of the vanquished parties ;)

On a serious note: Was a bit slow to start, but was overall highly enjoyable. Good work guys o/

Posted: 2012/10/15 - 23:16


Posted: 2012/10/16 - 09:59

i lvoed the movie best, period

it is pathetic how france can't afford decent 2v2 team xd

Posted: 2012/10/16 - 12:08

really nice movie, i enjoyed it

i am happy cause i am not one of victims in this movie :D

simple movie,top frags, gj all


EDIT: and yes, ScrMz... :DDD

Posted: 2012/10/16 - 14:33

Thanks guys!

NeMesIS - at first I didn't want to use that frag to be honest, for the reason you stated... but my opinion changed since then - while it's not some sort of superb frag imo, when you consider ACo's HP, what scrmz did wasn't that unreasonable. I sort of doubt it would happen in an official game, but that doesn't really matter anyway - don't judge what other players do in a fragmovie, judge how the fragger uses the opportunity ;D

Similarly with the cg frag clip close to the end - sure there's people (or at least tak1nho) rushing with shield guns, but when was the last time you saw someone get 2 mega kills and 1 multi in ~30 seconds? It's still very hard and unlikely to get that, even if people are just rushing at you with shieldguns.

Posted: 2012/10/17 - 13:15

Added Unrealnorth mirror

Posted: 2012/10/17 - 17:36

nice movie !!

but its too much for his ego -_-

btw Utylisator, wich country has a better 2v2 team than france atm, except Germany prolly?

Posted: 2012/10/18 - 02:38

very solid movie.

DSK i dno why you think its slow to start but I don't :p it. i like this kind of movie with no boring intros. You get right in the action.
I watched the movie 3 times now and I enjoy it even more so it's a good sign :) I love electro music in fragmovies so I was pleased here. I think the first part (till the end of 1st song) is the best. I like this song a lot. Too bad its been used several times in prior fragmovies, but it's old so people may not remember :p. The editing and frag synchronisation is superb in the first part. Even the more artistic part (with antalus at night for example) is awesome. Very well made dezp!

I didn't like the second part on my first watch, but now I do. I think it's cool you tried to put a frag onto each "shhh" beat in the beginning of the second song (dno if you know what I mean: the sound of the beat is close to shhh, that's the best i can explain..) but the effect created isn't that good. It gets better as the song progresses though.

As for the frags and frag sprees, they were great and varied. very good job on that. I like that you put quite a lot of minigun/linkgun frags even tho people usually don't like it. it shows how hard tdm can be and how much you have to do with few guns. I also love to hear hitsounds in movies, though i don't like the ones you picked. I prefer more quiet, discrete hitsounds (if you watch Unskilled 2 by seim you'll know what I mean, those hitsounds rock with minigun/link frags) but thats just a detail. And knowing aco's style i expected a lot of cool midair rocket+flak frags and they were cool indeed.
Also the megakill on roughinery may be a bit lame cos clearly scrmz isnt taking it seriously, but ive never done a megakill or even a multikill in a 1vs1 so i understand you putting it in for the brag :)

Again, very nice job.

Posted: 2012/10/18 - 11:18

Well, I can't remember what made me think that it was slow to start, ecko mon cherie, but that's what stuck in my mind. Overall by the end of it I had enjoyed it.

I think it might be that I'm not a big fan of frag movies. I dunno -_- I'm a hard to please and fussy bastard at the best of times!

But like I said, good work nonetheless ;)

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