UnrealNorth is looking for a designer

The current site has been around since the dawn of time. Unfortunately it did not age very well: it is quite slow (for what it does), some functionality is either broken or missing and the source code is an unmaintainable mess. To this end I spent the last couple of weeks implementing a new version of the site.

The one missing piece are proper graphics to polish up the site. Unfortunately my design skills are non-existent. The reason for this post is to find a pro bono designer that wants to help me with the final steps of the site. If you are interested either send me a message on this site, poke me on irc (you can find me at #unrealnorth on Quakenet) or send an email to resteven at vub dot ac dot be.

You can find more details inside the whole article.


2014/01/15 - 10:05 - Comments (3) - PissedNumlock

UnrealNorth is changing owners.

For the longest of times, UnrealNorth has been in the capable hands of NakedApe. He has been taking care of the server, and more importantly paying the bills. In the last two years I have been taking care of the server side of this website. Within a couple of Mark Rein-days the domainname will also be transferred to me, meaning I get to pay for everything. Time for celebration!

Read the whole story under read more.


2014/01/03 - 10:59 - Comments (13) - PissedNumlock

cluex.org to host $2000 DM 1vs1 tournament in 2014!

Cluex.org announces that the target prize pool of $2000 for the 10 years of UT2004 event has been reached. A list of donators can be found on the cluex site.This means that this is the fifth largest prize pool in the history of UT2004.

For this event they have asked oldschool players to make a reappearance. They will be playing in Division Zero. You can find more information about this in the full article.



2013/12/26 - 00:00 - Comments (12) - ShX

ESL: 2on2 Christmas Cup!

The year is coming to its end, Christmas is approaching. A sufficient reason to host another Special Cup! As such the Cup is scheduled to cover this and the New Year when most of us hopefully rests at home and eats a lot. More infos inside.



2013/12/24 - 20:19 - Comments (1) - nite

10 years of UT2004 - DM 1vs1 - Falcon vs Hypno by cluex.org

It's a great pleasure to announce the very first in a series of showmatches, which will promote the next duel event that will take place in 2014. http://cluex.org/event.

We will have a fantastic opportunity to see two players that have featured heavily in UT2004 over the years, namely Falcon and Hypno, who have both approved the invitation to join division zero in the main duel tournament. Both have been relatively inactive in the competitive scene from around 2006, but after a number of years in retirement they have decided to pick their weapons up once more and join the battlefield! For laughs, for competition, for prizes – regardless of their reasons, it's a pleasure to see them playing once more.

The match will start around 20:00 CET / 19:00 GMT on 08.12.2013 (Sunday) and the event will be streamed, courtesy by cluex.org streaming champion Benczek and a motley crew of commentators including: miNo, ShX and skAven at http://twitch.tv/benczek. There will also be a UTV server for the event at utv.utzone.de:7777 and will be managed by all-round nice guy mRd.

Update: Due to personal problems of Hypno, the match is not going to happen tomorrow and will be scheduled on a different date. It's a sad message, due to fact that both players were preparing a lot (Proof #1 & Proof #2) last 2 weeks for the show-match. We are just hoping that everything is going to be fine at Gaspars side!

Source: http://cluex.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3170

Read more inside.


2013/11/16 - 15:00 - Comments (21) - ShX

ESL: 1on1 Autumn Cup 2013 - Playoffs *UPDATED*

As the "warm-up" ended so does the Playoffs have been started with the traditional Double Elimination trees which can be found under the links. Should some find himself to be left out feel free to contact us but the sooner the better.

Premier League
Second League

ACo- vs. astz: Sunday, 10/11/13 20:00 CET [x]
mino vs. zelvZZ: Tuesday, 12/11/13 21:00 CET [x]
Upcoming: ACo- vs. mino: Sunday, 24/11/13 19:30 CET


2013/10/14 - 21:04 - Comments (6) - nite

Movie: Crash Down by Alter

Alter has created another UT2004 movie named Crash Down. It features players such as ACo, F51, Inferion, ioX and many others. Alter mixes decent music, frags and effects into an enjoyable 6 minute frag movie.



2013/10/02 - 14:36 - Comments (7) - PissedNumlock

ESL: 1on1 Autumn Cup 2013 - Groups

It was a long time when we had less than 20 players to work with but nonetheless the group stage just started. This "warm-up" period will take 7 days before the playoff(s) kicks in with the double-elimination trees. Should someone feel like he forgot to sign up -as we already got some PM's about it- feel free to contact us.



2013/10/01 - 08:00 - Comments (0) - nite

CB OC - Duel Groups

Today Clanbase posted the groups for Open Cup DM UT2004. Over 50 players signed up to join the battlegground. Challenge your opponent and let's get ready to rumble !


2013/09/30 - 11:01 - Comments (3) - zelvZ

Movie: Improvisation by Zabivalkin

Zabivalkin in association with F51 kicked in with a pretty decent movie once again. While we all know F51's works from previous posts this is Zabivalkin's first steps in the movie making "industry". Just hit the links below and enjoy the show:

Mirror #1 - Multiupload


2013/09/29 - 16:42 - Comments (3) - nite

cluex.org takes break and plans a big event for 2014!

After hosting a successful amount of tournaments for nearly every active mode in UT2004, I am really sorry to say the following: the last of the tournament series that took place this summer is the last to be hosted by cluex.org in 2013. Within a few days I am moving to Warsaw, where I will be studying. As a result, I will be paying explicit attention to my studies; But that doesn't mean I will stop loving UT2004.

In 2014, we will be (hoping) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our beloved game. Closer to the holidays - June '14 exactly, cluex.org will try to provide an event worthy of that occassion - which will most likely be the biggest event in recent years.

Read more inside..


2013/09/19 - 22:00 - Comments (8) - ShX

CB 2013 Fall Cups

ClanBase is once again organizing cups for UT2004. The CB Fall 2013 Opencups feature TAM, Duel, iCTF and iTDM as possible game modes. Note that the signups are closing this weekend, so if you want to signup you need to hurry up.



2013/09/19 - 07:39 - Comments (0) - PissedNumlock

ESL: 1on1 Autumn Cup 2013

Summer leaves and Autumn follows, thus it's about time to open the Autumn Cups in 2013. Just like before we'll start with a quick 7 days Groups to get everyone warmed up than playoffs will kick in the house.

Sign-up: NOW - Monday, 2013/09/30 00:00 CET
Start: Sunday, 2013/10/06 20:00 CET
Size: 4 slot per Groups
Structure: Groups/Playoffs



2013/09/08 - 15:35 - Comments (4) - nite

UTleague Ladders Season 1

A new ladder has been announced, namely UTleague 1on1 ladders.
They are running duel, iDM and ArenaMaster. Each mod has its own server, and every gane played on that server will count for the ranking.
The ladders will be updated as soon as possible by the admins of UTleague. To make their life easier try to play your games with the same nickname.

You can ask any question or report problems on #utleague on QuakeNet.

The website of the ladder itself can be found here.


2013/08/06 - 09:18 - Comments (3) - PissedNumlock

cluex.org's DM 1vs1 - main event!

Congratulations for the following players that will take part in the finals of the #11 1vs1 DM cup: ACo, astz, BaSS3_KiCK, daywalker, F51, GoHLinK, jani, Kane274, lo2dk, miNo, Naut Psy, ScrMz, skAven, skl and ziLL.


SBS replaced by miNo
Valtsu replaced by BaSS3_KiCK
zelvzz replaced by ziLL
GoHLinK replaced by Naut
fl.qx replaced by Naut

Key information

Cup finals: 28.07.2013 (Sunday) starting at 15:00 CEST

Check more inside!

Stream: To Be Announced
UTV: / / utv.utzone.de /
Links: cluex.org, Announcement, #cK.ut, cluex.org Facebook, cluex.org YouTube


2013/07/27 - 00:40 - Comments (32) - ShX

cluex.org's DM 1vs1 second qualifier!

Congratulations for the following players that managed to qualify for the finals of the #11 1v1 DM cup: ACo, astz, daywalker, F51, fl.qx, lo2dk, skl and zelvz.

If you were unable to qualify in the first round don't worry! You have another chance to do so via the second! The current tournament is divided into 2 parts: qualifications and main-event. During our second qualification (21.07) 8 best players will be given the invitation to the main-event!

Key information

Sign-ups close: 21.07.2013 (Sunday) at 19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT
2nd Qualifier: 21.07.2013 (Sunday) 20:00 CET / 19:00 GMT
Check-in for qualifier starts: 19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT
Check-in ends for qualifier: 19:45 CET / 18:45 GMT
Cup finals: 28.07.2013 (Sunday) at 15:00 CET / 14:00 GMT

Check more inside!

Stream: nvc
Links: cluex.org, Announcement, Sign-up, #cK.ut, cluex.org Facebook, cluex.org YouTube


2013/07/18 - 22:50 - Comments (6) - ShX

ESL: Summer Event of 2013

Unlike so far, this time the Summer Season goes with a ladder event called MMC, the Most Matches Competition. Summer is mostly about vacation & rest -for the most- and this event fits this special circumstances of Summer which makes scheduling slightly more difficult. Here the schedule is Free for All based on Your free-time and the final ranking is based on the played matches as the event's nature imply. Competition ends on September 29. Sunday, 20:00 CET & Top 3 may earn his/her place in the Hall of Fame.

Announcement / Signup
Hall of Fame


2013/07/15 - 15:43 - Comments (0) - nite

cluex.org's DM 1vs1 first qualifier!

Welcome to the SECOND edition of Cluex.org's Summer Cup series 2013! Before we start off giving the info on the 11th Cluex.org event we'd like to take the opportunity to thank every single team who turned up to play on the 30th of June, we really hope you enjoyed it.
Further more, congratulations are in order for our TDM 2v2 cup winners m1no and ion!, the runners up ziLL and ACo and finally last but by no means least, ScrMz and astz! More informations about ended tournament can be found over here: http://cluex.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3048

The second main event of the summer, taking place on the 28th of July is our 1v1 DM cup, yet again featuring some familiar faces including members of our aforementioned top three 2v2 TDM teams such as ACo, astz and m1no, along with a warm welcome back to GoHLinK, skAven, zelvzz and ViRtU. Worth to mention is, that current tournament is divided into 2 parts: qualifications and main-event. During our first qualification (14.07) 8 best players will be given the invitation to the main-event!

Key information

Sign-ups close: 21.07.2013 (Sunday) at 19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT
1st Qualifier: 14.07.2013 (Sunday) at 20:00 CET / 19:00 GMT
2nd Qualifier: 21.07.2013 (Sunday) 20:00 CET / 19:00 GMT
Check-in for both qualifiers starts: 19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT
Check-in ends for both qualifiers: 19:45 CET / 18:45 GMT
Cup finals: 28.07.2013 (Sunday) at 20:00 CET / 19:00 GMT

Check more inside!


2013/07/07 - 09:00 - Comments (5) - ShX

cluex.org's TDM 2vs2 cup in the 30th of June!

Welcome to the first edition of Cluex.org’s Summer Cup series 2013! We’re really looking forward to the events we have on offer in the next few months, and we sincerely hope you enjoy them.

The first event of the summer, taking place on the 30th of June is a 2v2 TDM cup featuring some well known names, be they venerable old-schoolers such as astz, ScrMz, Psy and ViRtU (of WCG 2004 fame) or cluex.org cup regulars such as ziLL, ACo, m1No, ion, skl and so on! As for the rest of you, you know who you are!

Key information

Sign-ups close: 30.06.2013 (Sunday) at 17:59 CET / 16:59 GMT
Check-in starts: 30.06.2013 (Sunday) at 18:00 CET / 17:00 GMT
Check-in ends: 30.06.2013 (Sunday) at 18:45 CET / 17:45 GMT
Cup starts: 30.06.2013 (Sunday) at 19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT

Check more inside!


2013/06/26 - 21:14 - Comments (6) - ShX

cluex.org announced SummerSeason

After providing 9 successful and (surprisingly!) active cups, with a prize pool of around 722euro, we are proud to announce a new season of 1-day cups! Take a look at the video presentation showing the cup info and their respective gametypes.

Promotion movie

As mentioned in the video, the three upcoming cups will be the following:

- [#10] TDM 2vs2 | ANNOUNCEMENT | | SIGN-UP |
- [#11] DM 1vs1 | ANNOUNCEMENT |
- [#12] iCTF 3vs3 | ANNOUNCEMENT |

You can find detailed information under read more.


2013/06/09 - 00:00 - Comments (11) - ShX

ESL: 1on1 Spring Cup 2013

Spring? Not really when looking outside. But that is no reason to hold on any longer with the next cup. Sign-ups are open from as of this moment, join today! Sign-up: until Monday, 01/04/13 - Start: Sunday, 07/04/13 20:00 - Size: 8 slot per Groups - Structure: Groups & Playoffs

Mappool, vote HERE


2013/03/25 - 18:22 - Comments (6) - nite

ESL: 1on1 Winter Tournament 2012 - Playoffs

Now that the group matches ended, the Playoffs kicks in with the players who were able to qualify and berth towards on the road. This time we have two playoffs to continue with: Premier & Second League!

Brackets - Premier League
Brackets - Second League


2013/02/25 - 23:56 - Comments (13) - nite

cK iCTF 5vs5 Draft league system

In the 9th year of UT2004, it's hard to find a team or some stout friends who have been playing together for years; Teams which were around for years or many seasons have come and gone. Nowadays the game is full of players who long for the days of old with solid ties to a clan or players who have always played solo...

cluex.org is proud to announce newest competition: an iCTF 5v5 draft league! In this cup you will NOT have to get a team together; you simply sign yourself up. Players can sign up as either a [Player] or a [Captain]. Captains will then draft their team from the list of signed up [Players].

About, maps & rules


2012/12/31 - 00:50 - Comments (5) - ShX

ESL: 1on1 Winter Premiership 2012 *UPDATED*

The 1on1 Winter Premiership 2012 kicks in at 23/12/2012 with the changes we mentioned before starting with Group Stage. Sing-ups are open for all from 01/12/2012 to 23/12/2012, read more about the Premiership know-how in the announcement!

UPDATE Sign-ups to 1on1 Winter Tournament Premiership 2012 has been extended to 06/01/2013 in relation with the upcoming beautiful events! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

UPDATE Groups online, Schedule & Play, A.S.A.P. ! Log in to see your upcoming matches !

NEW Results & Upcoming
Sign up!


2012/12/01 - 14:25 - Comments (13) - nite

UT2004 Oldschool vs Newschool DM 1vs1 cup *updated*

The "Oldschool vs Newschool DM 1vs1" cup is taking place today. Featuring great names from both the old days and the new days, this cup should cater the needs of the spectators and the players.

The cup will be played on the 25th of November, starting at 15:00 CET, and will be played in 2 parts: a group-stage and brackets. The two highest ranked players of each group will advance to the brackets.

A stream is available at the following adress: http://own3d.tv/Fector



2012/11/25 - 10:45 - Comments (64) - PissedNumlock

ESL: Upcoming Cups & Changes

The completely new Cup Portal at ESL functions as a new platform to our upcoming events. As such it provides everything you need to get your matches done and gives a helping hand to find either your place in the tournaments or to follow your favorite player's progress! The main goal is here to get involve more players with even more matches!

Cup Portal

tl;dr better overview. more matches, more prizes and removed wire anti-cheat usage


2012/11/18 - 21:38 - Comments (0) - nite

ACo> the movie by dezp

Remember this little preview a few days ago ? Well there she goes the movie made by dezp in association of pilman with the most enjoyable frags in duration of 9mins:52secs from ACo> with mostly Team Deathmatch owning.

Direct Download
Mirror #1
Mirror #2


2012/10/14 - 22:14 - Comments (41) - nite


The Draft will be on Sunday 14th. 20 CET on irc.utchat.com:6667 in channel: #2k4.draft
The Budget isnt final yet, but it will be around 4000$ -captain's prize and again it wont require any calculation profession since the Bot will help with the available player-pool based ony your remaining budget from round to round thus you can't run out of money. Captains can already join the channel to see how the bot works and do some test runs.

Note: After the Draft the teams have 1 practice week where they can train with their team before the MLUT S02 starts.

MLTDM 2k4 Europe II


2012/10/08 - 16:23 - Comments (6) - nite

ESL: Country Championship 2012 *UPDATED*

The 2nd Country Championship coming soon! The tradition of Team Deathmatch once again kicks in just like it did before in 2011 with rather great success that we should intend to continue with each passing year. Previously 11 country took part in but we are hope to see more and more nations to come!

Cup page
VOTE (!)


2012/09/21 - 14:21 - Comments (6) - nite

ESL: Autumn Leagues of 2012

Another season passed again so here it comes the Autumn along with its cup! Compared to the previous tournaments there no changes should be expected just the usual for now. Along with these cups theres something else coming soon that might be of interest as well.

1on1 Autumn League 2012 UT 2004
1on1 Autumn League 2012 UT 3


2012/09/20 - 20:03 - Comments (4) - nite



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