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UnrealNorth is looking for a designer

The current site has been around since the dawn of time. Unfortunately it did not age very well: it is quite slow (for what it does), some functionality is either broken or missing and the source code is an unmaintainable mess. To this end I spent the last couple of weeks implementing a new version of the site.

The one missing piece are proper graphics to polish up the site. Unfortunately my design skills are non-existent. The reason for this post is to find a pro bono designer that wants to help me with the final steps of the site. If you are interested either send me a message on this site, poke me on irc (you can find me at #unrealnorth on Quakenet) or send an email to resteven at vub dot ac dot be.

You can find more details inside the whole article.


2014/01/15 - 10:05 - Comments (3) - PissedNumlock

UnrealNorth is changing owners.

For the longest of times, UnrealNorth has been in the capable hands of NakedApe. He has been taking care of the server, and more importantly paying the bills. In the last two years I have been taking care of the server side of this website. Within a couple of Mark Rein-days the domainname will also be transferred to me, meaning I get to pay for everything. Time for celebration!

Read the whole story under read more.


2014/01/03 - 10:59 - Comments (13) - PissedNumlock to host $2000 DM 1vs1 tournament in 2014! announces that the target prize pool of $2000 for the 10 years of UT2004 event has been reached. A list of donators can be found on the cluex site.This means that this is the fifth largest prize pool in the history of UT2004.

For this event they have asked oldschool players to make a reappearance. They will be playing in Division Zero. You can find more information about this in the full article.



2013/12/26 - 00:00 - Comments (12) - ShX

ESL: 2on2 Christmas Cup!

The year is coming to its end, Christmas is approaching. A sufficient reason to host another Special Cup! As such the Cup is scheduled to cover this and the New Year when most of us hopefully rests at home and eats a lot. More infos inside.



2013/12/24 - 20:19 - Comments (1) - nite

10 years of UT2004 - DM 1vs1 - Falcon vs Hypno by

It's a great pleasure to announce the very first in a series of showmatches, which will promote the next duel event that will take place in 2014.

We will have a fantastic opportunity to see two players that have featured heavily in UT2004 over the years, namely Falcon and Hypno, who have both approved the invitation to join division zero in the main duel tournament. Both have been relatively inactive in the competitive scene from around 2006, but after a number of years in retirement they have decided to pick their weapons up once more and join the battlefield! For laughs, for competition, for prizes – regardless of their reasons, it's a pleasure to see them playing once more.

The match will start around 20:00 CET / 19:00 GMT on 08.12.2013 (Sunday) and the event will be streamed, courtesy by streaming champion Benczek and a motley crew of commentators including: miNo, ShX and skAven at There will also be a UTV server for the event at and will be managed by all-round nice guy mRd.

Update: Due to personal problems of Hypno, the match is not going to happen tomorrow and will be scheduled on a different date. It's a sad message, due to fact that both players were preparing a lot (Proof #1 & Proof #2) last 2 weeks for the show-match. We are just hoping that everything is going to be fine at Gaspars side!


Read more inside.


2013/11/16 - 15:00 - Comments (21) - ShX

ESL: 1on1 Autumn Cup 2013 - Playoffs *UPDATED*

As the "warm-up" ended so does the Playoffs have been started with the traditional Double Elimination trees which can be found under the links. Should some find himself to be left out feel free to contact us but the sooner the better.

Premier League
Second League

ACo- vs. astz: Sunday, 10/11/13 20:00 CET [x]
mino vs. zelvZZ: Tuesday, 12/11/13 21:00 CET [x]
Upcoming: ACo- vs. mino: Sunday, 24/11/13 19:30 CET


2013/10/14 - 21:04 - Comments (6) - nite

Movie: Crash Down by Alter

Alter has created another UT2004 movie named Crash Down. It features players such as ACo, F51, Inferion, ioX and many others. Alter mixes decent music, frags and effects into an enjoyable 6 minute frag movie.



2013/10/02 - 14:36 - Comments (7) - PissedNumlock

ESL: 1on1 Autumn Cup 2013 - Groups

It was a long time when we had less than 20 players to work with but nonetheless the group stage just started. This "warm-up" period will take 7 days before the playoff(s) kicks in with the double-elimination trees. Should someone feel like he forgot to sign up -as we already got some PM's about it- feel free to contact us.



2013/10/01 - 08:00 - Comments (0) - nite

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UT 2004: A Review by mAgix
As i asked a few guys to think back on UT 2004, i also asked mAgix to write about the stuff he has experienced with the Game. Well, he started writing and what came out was a really nice text about the time he spent with it and all the guys he met...

The Author:
Name: Sebastian "mAgix" Sansalone
Age: 23
Nationality: German
Current Clan: vnv
Clan History: Ocrana, shuuk, 3wD, aoc, vnv
Playing UT since: UT 99

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