I FUCKING HATE MY ISP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011/11/28 05:59:04 .haque.
/stabs at comcast with a rusty fork.

So I lost a 1v1 tonight (close fucking match) courtesy of getting faceraped by flak with my opponent teleporting right into me. Really fucking sick of this so I did a traceroute to the server. On one of the hops to it, I fucking ping over TWO HUNDRED!!! FAWFAK EHFQFEPI JALJK HBGIP#QU! Explains a LOT about why I'm missing shots when I shouldn't be.....


Posted: 2011/11/28 - 08:41

No big deal...sometimes i ping OVER 9000 !!!!!!111

Posted: 2011/11/28 - 13:55

Welcome to my world, circa 2007.

Posted: 2011/11/29 - 16:39

yo comeback

when your ping changes like this on nearly every server :)
48,72, 64, 52, 78, 56, 60, 44, 72 within a couple of mins, no chance to aim or preaim ;)

Posted: 2011/11/29 - 19:02

buy new inet,nubs

Posted: 2011/11/29 - 19:57

>Enable Enhanced Netcode


Posted: 2011/11/29 - 21:35

Newnet is for pussies and North Americans. Mostly NA'ers though ;)

Posted: 2011/12/01 - 07:44

Purchasing better internet is not an option TBH. I have two options: bad and worse. Currently I have the "bad" option.

Newnet is of minimal help when ur opponents are teleporting on ur screen constantly. As far as netcode being for NA'ers....

Stockholm to Aalborg. 631 Kilometers (392 miles)

Dallas to Chicago. 951 Miles

Helsinski to Madrid 3,757 Kilometers (2334 miles)

Los Angeles to New York. 2,760 Miles

Aaand just how often do players from Madrid vs with players from Helsinski over the internet? Not very often I'd wager. Except SoCal (LA area) players are somehow supposed to compete with NY players in the US.....

Posted: 2011/12/01 - 13:30

The thing is, Echo, there used to be quite a few East and West coast servers on tap when the community was still active. Now that it isn't the case you are no longer spoiled for choice on servers.

There's not much you can really do about it besides buying your own server close to you and *trying* to make it popular.

Posted: 2011/12/10 - 06:37

I'm honored you use my city as reference \o/

Posted: 2011/12/13 - 14:53

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