2011/09/29 04:33:51 .haque.
So I got my pc parts today, installed everything into my case after pulling out all the old stuff and my pc wouldn't boot up! >_<

I'm frantically trying to fix it, finally call my brother-in-law (who's more savvy on the troubleshooting than I am) and he suggest pulling out some of my RAM. So I go down from 8 GB to 2 GB, it boots (yay!).

Problem is after more testing and checking the board's specs (it can support 16 GB supposedly), I'm forced to conclude that the board is defective >:x

So I submit my return request to Newegg, and they do approve it, but I have to return the board before they will send me a new one. FFFFFUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted: 2011/09/29 - 05:17

Yeah mate, I know the feeling. :D
Hopefully it won't take more than two weeks for you, as it did me.
Good luck anyways. :)

Posted: 2011/09/29 - 08:04

You sure the board is defective? I mean, if with only 2 gb it boots and with all the ram stacks it doesnt, that could be a ram problem.

Maybe its a mobo defect ye but, the best way to comfirm it, is trying some well-known-and-working ram stacks and if it correctly boots, the mobo is ok.

Posted: 2011/09/29 - 13:49

Well I swapped out the 2 sticks I'm using for the 2 I could not load and it worked perfectly. :/

I find this ESPECIALLY frustrating since I kicked ass pretty hard last night online even without a perfectly adjusted sens (got a Razer Mamba as well). So this is rly annoying.

Posted: 2011/09/29 - 20:48

2k4 rly needs 16gb ram :D what on the Earth would use out 16gb ram atm ?

Posted: 2011/09/30 - 13:39

I hope you get it sorted soon :x

Posted: 2011/10/03 - 16:27

nite wrote:
2k4 rly needs 16gb ram :D what on the Earth would use out 16gb ram atm ?

Any profesisonal application for 3D or videoediting, and I'm sure there's plenty other things.

.hauge: if you've tested all the sticks, one by one and they work independently then it's likely to be a motherboard issue.... BUT it doesn't have to be just your board that's faulty, it might be a big in the whole productline, if that is so then you're better off getting some other RAM that actually works with your board.

Posted: 2011/10/03 - 18:50

Well the thing is, I followed a reference guide from tom's hardware:


For their $500 gaming pc, except I upped the RAM from 4GB to 8GB. Sooo unless they got the RAM wrong (unlikely) it should have worked with 8 GB. :\

I'm taking the pc offline this afternoon, decided no point in dismantling on Thursday last week since there's no mail over the weekend.

Posted: 2011/10/11 - 18:41

Well I got the new board and had the SAME DAMNED PROBLEM!?! >_< I posted on the site I got the specs from to try and figure out WTF is going on >:(

Posted: 2011/10/14 - 12:52

Echo - what OS are you trying to install/have you installed onto your PC? Have you tried using a different HD with an OS pre-installed?

Is there a dip switch on the mobo for it to take more RAM? or perhaps a BIOS setting of some sort?

Another thing if you can, is to try and flash the BIOS and see if that does the trick; though if you can't boot you'd be hard pressed to do that.

Hmm I'm having a hard time thinking of anything of use/help :/

Posted: 2011/10/14 - 15:15

Welp, I'm using Win 7 x64.

I've upped the voltage, flashed the latest BIOs onto the board, etc. Can't get ANYTHING to work. :/

I'll doublecheck and see if I missed anything in the manual about the default BIOs settings.


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