Wassup Peepz!
2011/09/16 06:58:46 .haque.
Long story short, I used to lurk on this site a few years ago, forgot my login info and made a new account. XD (old username: echohawk, doubt any of u remember me since I'm a nobody :P)

Been hella busy since I was last active here, been married for 2 years now, :D also going to college full-time (minimum of 4 classes a semester over here) and am working part-time in retail. XD Wife works part-time as a bank teller (lucky!) while she works on her Accounting degree. I am working on my Engineering Associates degree and we're looking at moving to Boston in a year so I can go to MIT for my bachelors and then my masters. :D

As far as UT goes, I was laming around in TAM for a long time since it's really all that's left besides the occasional 1v1 and extremely rare TDM match. D: Got addicted to semi-competitive play again recently after some hella fun TDM matches a week ago so now I'm lurking over here again since the NA community does not exist anymore. c.c

So wassup y'all and lets keep UT alive! ^_^


Posted: 2011/09/16 - 12:13

Echo! Ridiculously long time no see!

Posted: 2011/09/16 - 17:10

Hey echohawk, good to see some blog posts being made here now and then. Looks like you have a wonderful journey ahead of you! If you make it to Boston don't forget to head to a hockey match to watch the bruins play :]

Posted: 2011/09/17 - 04:55

Zomg, hai DSK! :O

Thx iox. =) I'll keep what you said in mind.

Posted: 2011/09/18 - 18:17

I remember you echo ;)

Posted: 2011/09/19 - 04:23


You would. =p Since I had the distinctly dubious honor getting hs'ed around 13 times in 1 match by you. -_-

One of these days, I swear I'm gonna get good enough to pay you back for that. >;p

Posted: 2011/09/19 - 10:56

even i remember that nick, i think :)

hey and wb! :)

Posted: 2011/09/19 - 13:16

Hope life is treating you good, dude :D

Posted: 2011/09/19 - 18:23

Thx rmzs, I'm astounded u remember me tho. XD

Life's going great, I'm getting the remainder of my student aid at the end of the week and sinking $600 into doing a full-on upgrade on my pc. Looking forward to having a quad core instead of a single. :D

Posted: 2011/09/26 - 19:07

sounds like well spent student aid ;)

Posted: 2011/09/27 - 04:58

Ikr. xD :D


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