UN & UT2004; the futur?
2011/03/05 01:41:58 zelvZ
Hello allz!

It is 1AM and I'm uberbored so I looked at some great oldforumtopics. I really laughed -again- when I re-read some topic like luxxiz getting caught by vYd or johannes going emo (even if hes a nice guy now :D) and I just realized how this community website is such a great thing to all ut players who still play this game coz they simply love it.

It really looks like a big family where we all know each other. That's a pure pleasure to play with both of ya, recently on #tdminvite or on some random server. I think that this game, this community deserve much more than they got at this moment and that's why I always wanted to create many events for it. I really want to bring back activity on this game and since some weeks it seems that the game is much more active. Dunno how it goes but rmzs probably got a major contribution in this. After some days, we had like +40 guys to play tdm pickup and it shows how the activity could come back faster. I'm convinced that this kind of "reborn" could grow and grow and that we could have some nice tournaments/lan again.
That's for this reason I recently joined a new E-sport league as a head admin on UT2004 and that's why i need help from both of you now. I would like you to reinstal our favorite game and play it again, just to show that this game and this community is still there. I know that we could have some nice tournaments with cashprize because if the community goes active, supports this new League and if the new League see it, i'll personally manage each news (and maybe major) events that this game could have. I can promise you that if this league see that the UT2004 community is very active they will give money as prize.
I dunno if it will works but i'm sure that you guys miss the old time ( that i personnatly didnt know). We have the possibility to give to this game another chance. Let's take it and lets play our favorite game again and again.

You will maybe find this blog useless or maybe you'll get pissed by all gramma error you will find in It (I really hope that lozzie won't read this :D) but I tried to explain in those words my feeling about this place, this game and all the impact we could have on his futur. I hope you will join every futur tournaments if you got time for some frags, i will keep informed the esport league about the activity on ut2004 and they will take some decisions really soon (They'll probably give a look to the zYme cup). The first project could be up soon if sponsors are agreed. We will maybe have a "zotac cup like".
Btw I won't work alone on this project. I searched Admins who might help me out in this job and I already found some players ( hypno , GoHLinK, eXen , ScrMz). If you think that you could help contact me on irc #ut.duell .

Peace all, sleeptime now :p



Posted: 2011/03/05 - 20:13

Yeah, its nice to see the community getting some life put back in again. Lots of old players seem to have come back or installing the game again for some fun matches. Playing TDM matches in #tdminvite is a lot of fun, altho I'm still rusty and suck at it :D

Who knows what UT2004 and UN will bring the future ;)

Posted: 2011/03/05 - 23:53

Hehe let's hope ut2004 will become active again :)

Posted: 2011/03/06 - 19:28

Epic or whoever has the rights of this game, should give it for free to download....
but then we would need a complet new anticheat (byebye guids etc.)

Posted: 2011/03/06 - 20:49

and here's the plan:
everyone gives 10€,so we can start a ~1000€ tourney. so many many other people will start playing ut and if they also give 10€ we can start a 100.000€ tourney...and so on..... so in a while everyone plays ut!

Posted: 2011/03/06 - 21:04

haha fiso^m :D I wish it could work like that ! afaik we can try to collect money during some month to create a cup this summer but I doubt people will agreed this :D

Posted: 2011/03/06 - 21:06

hell yeah zelvz :=) im enjoying my ass off playing this game! and im for sure gonna help u out in any way i can with that new league

Posted: 2011/03/07 - 11:47

What about UT3? Is it less alive than UT2k4? UN has always been an UT2004 site so there obviously is a lot of bias.

Posted: 2011/03/07 - 12:25

FliccC; UT3 is totally dead :s

Posted: 2011/03/07 - 14:00

thought so :P a shame, good game imo!

Posted: 2011/03/09 - 11:58

I like fiso´s suggestion

if we get 10 ppl who add à 10 euro we would have +100 euro for the zYme #2 cup (200euro then)

but i dont think that just 1v1 will bring baq ut in the sweet spot. we need good sponsord tdm

imo the esl 2v2 is fun but the prize (3or1 month premium) is really a joke

my impression is that the tdm part of ut was always the most popular.

if we can manage that there´s a similar prize pool and good promotion i´m very sure that we can bring baq ut

someone with good connections can handle something like that, we need someone who promote, organisate and collekt money for the prize pool. I personally dont have much connections for that and no time to handle that - but if there is someone who ( maybe zelvZ?! ;D )
promote what we r up to, collect money and organisate promotion writers, utv, SC and so on i would really add 10 euro from my own poket just to get it started!

hope there r some ppl like me who remember the old GOOD days of 1v1 and tdm tourneys, before ut3 and TAM sign up.....

Posted: 2011/03/09 - 14:55

das ist das erste mal,dass du IRGENDWAS von mir gut findest exarto....und dann nur son dummer joke :p

we need a promo-video, which explains why UT is such a great game and shows some crazy umpump-action. then we should get in contact with other huge gamer-bases (mb with the in-game sites) to spread this video to introduce UT to other gamers. we also could found the UT-school 2011, to teach stupid CSlers how to play UT.

Posted: 2011/03/09 - 20:01

haha geld regiert die welt! du schwimmputze ! :>

Posted: 2011/03/10 - 10:39

yeah, i really love the promo video thing! i can see it before my eyes; fast cutting between great frags/runs and interviews with players explaining why this game is so great :)

Posted: 2011/03/12 - 17:55

as you'll see later... Mojawi Gaming is going to stream 2 webtv every nights of the weeks for UT games.. news on UN soon guys ! ;)

Posted: 2011/03/12 - 18:33

Hell, this is a good news, need some shoutcasters now ! :o

Posted: 2011/03/13 - 08:45

thats really nice exen, TV/streams is where its at :)

Posted: 2011/03/14 - 11:16

rmzs for shoutcasting !!!!!!! ;p

Posted: 2011/03/15 - 13:18

reccurent small cash prize "unreal"tournaments seems to be the best idea ever

i m also thinking about an ut2004 day
for example, each 20/04 at 20h04 and for 2 hours, community can pwn all the public servers

zelvz bisou, same passion

Posted: 2011/03/15 - 22:01

that date is taken


but yeah small cash tourneys are great, all we need now more or less is that one BIG one :)

hehe and about me shoutcasting, never done it :) mby i should try it out sometime tho!

Posted: 2011/06/04 - 22:38

Man I LIKE this. Kudos, zelvZ! It's quite some time since I actually played UT2004, but when I think about it, I ALWAYS had fun playing this game. Since I was inactive I have checked out many other games but no other FPS was as much fun as 2k4 in both duel and team deathmatch. Of all the competitive games I have ever played UT2004 is amongst the games that have the feel of completeness. Sure it's a matter of taste, but no one with a working brain could actually say that there's something utterly wrong about 2k4. Can't be, it simply rocks!

Why should such a great game go to waste? Let's keep it alive! We'll bite, claw, cry and scream until people realize what a great game this is! Nah, seriously: People and masses matter. If there's a new game, chances are that many people are interested in it, so guys who organize tournaments will likely choose that game in case it's suitable. Well, with that kind of logic I'd say that there's no hope for 2k4, but what about Counter Strike? Yeah, again what matters is the people. CS LIVES because so many people play it in so many different countries. If there was a way to to draw attention to 2K4 it would be beneficial for sure.

This promo video thing is indeed a good idea. Too bad I'm no good when it comes to this, because I'd do it :(


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