my lucky day?
2009/06/06 22:20:13 csm
i rarely get THIS lucky.

anyway i have a pretty funny story...

last year i bought 6 oasis tickets for june the following year. i'm an oasis fan and stuff, but i only bought them to profit cause im a cunt like that and i needed some ez cash and with it being:

A) a hometown manchester gig
B) the first gig of the tour
C) support from kasabian (lesta represent) and the enemy, 2 pretty big bands in their own right

that it would be guaranteed to sell out

anyway needless to say it did, pretty fast. the time comes and up till last week im starting to think fuck cause it had dawned on me i'd bought tickets for the thursday and everyone obviously didn't care all that much about the opening night and wanted the saturday gig instead. so i was struggling to get these fuckers sold.

infact, i had to get a female friend to mission up an entourage of friends who all agreed to buy the 6 tickets i'd purchased for face value (50 each).

anyway its 4 days before the gig and the tickets arrive. I open the envelope and theres 12 fucking tickets. "fuckin hell these mateys have sold me 12" i think to myself. but no, on double checking i was invoiced for 6 tickets so essentially i'd got an additional 6 FREE!

happy fucking days!

but then the task of selling these bad boys hit me. "bugger". BUT in the end albeit at a push, i did manage to get them all sold again for face value apart from my own which was well, now free. (Y)

so, i went to the gig with a bunch of people and despite the 30 mins time wasted due to "generator probs" it was pretty good despite shelling out 3.50 for a beer (expected) of which several were purchased.

however it doesn't stop there. early in their set liam gallagher then announces we can all get our money back because of the generator probs that pushed the gig over schedule, so i'm laughing and just took it as a tongue in cheek comment.

but i get home and apparently this shit is real, it even says on their website. so i'm now getting refunded for 12 tickets of which i only paid for 6 in the first place.

in short, i just got paid 600 to see oasis.


thankyou lord for britpop.


Posted: 2009/06/06 - 22:40

haha nice one :)

Posted: 2009/06/07 - 00:09

rofl :D the gl wishes in the ut matches finally got paid out ;D

Posted: 2009/06/07 - 02:38

this wasnt karma definetly :P

Posted: 2009/06/07 - 04:13

wow i'm speechless, that's just incredible. Look up the definition of "luck" and you'll find csm, i'm sure :)

Posted: 2009/06/07 - 09:25

Damn! :D Well sometimes things just go so well that it's really hard to understand why, but anyway, good for you man! It's always nice to see good things happen to good people. :)

Posted: 2009/06/07 - 12:14

good karma there :)
You should play the lotto^^

Posted: 2009/06/07 - 16:51

lucky strike

Posted: 2009/06/08 - 00:10

Quelle pwnage alors!

Posted: 2009/06/08 - 22:00

well in, was this at heaton park ?

Posted: 2009/06/09 - 15:35

Yesterday my mountainbike got stolen outside the pub. 3 Streets away I find it with 3 guys around it. I told them I was the mighty zkyp from UN. Now I have my bike back. Talk about luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

Posted: 2009/06/09 - 17:08

thats not luck zkyp. they simply fear your skill, thats all :P

Posted: 2009/06/11 - 23:49

Quelle pwnage alors!

Posted: 2009/06/12 - 23:52

haha you jammy git :D

Posted: 2009/06/13 - 02:49

......... u got 300 payed!!!!!! not 600 u noob! (also payed for 6....) ..... but still... ROFL!!!!!! :p nice going csm! .... maybe u can send some to buri? i bet he still lives as a bum on the streets?! ;p

Posted: 2009/06/13 - 15:47

paid 300 for 6

got 12

sold 12

got 600 (now 300 up)

refund on 12 tickets

get an extra 400 (you don't get the vat and extra fees refunded)

so i'm actually 700 up and saw the gig! heheeeeee

Posted: 2009/06/13 - 16:33

AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa and u didnt refund the people who bought the tickets from u?....... LOOOOOOOOOL ;p ..... thats really a nice story ;p

Posted: 2009/06/13 - 19:39

Haha nice one :D this made me laugh! good read

Posted: 2009/06/14 - 19:19

You weren't lucky at all, this was God's plan!

Posted: 2009/06/16 - 12:27

lol, money rain :< want


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