The Sad Human.
2009/06/04 21:46:36 ReNemesis
Hello to all of You.

My point in this blog is to appoint some unfortunate thoughts I've had for a long time now. Also I think this blog could be a some sort of status update for all of you who want to share something about your life.

The pace of life is so hectic nowdays that it's beyond my understanding. People are driving themselves crazy with massive amounts of work and then all this pressure about looking good and eating healthy has created it's own obstacles so that the human we know today is shackled in his/her daily routines and can not escape from it... this is getting people more aggressive towards each other in the shopping centers, restaurants, night clubs, hell.. even here in The only way I can see this, is that people are so unhappy about their lives that they have to find a person/community guilty in charge for their unhappiness.

Now probably some of you say that "well this is just a forum and we can spam and flame as much as we want", ok, but are you really that unhappy that you want to inflict your bad feeling to others by acting aggressively, or are you just seeking attention that people would listen? How about using some common sense - it is polite to act nicely towards each other. So why don't you do that if it's so easy to do. Or is it actually? From my experience people have a really hard time to say "thank you" or "goodbye and have a nice day". Why is it so hard if you KNOW that it would make person next to you so much more happier?

As I work in a local McDonald's restaurant, I've noticed how people are unsatisfied with their common situation. When they come to the restaurant their faces look like they wouldn't even want to come to buy hamburgers and meals. And still they do it. Most of the customers look away while making orders, won't say "thank you" or "goodbye"... it's like they don't want to confront another human being, they just want their fix (which is the hamburger in this case) with only minimum amount of human interaction as possible. Why have we become so distant to each other?

People lack creativity nowadays. Everything happens around the computer or at least around some sort of electronic device. People aren't thinking outside the box. I believe every person can think creatively if they just try. Why don't You try it out once in a while, you never know what could happen. I also think that it is imperative to stop for a moment and ask yourself "Am I happy? Am I doing exactly the thing I want to be? Am I a good human being? Would I like to be one?". Just think for yourself. Be reasonable. Don't inflict your bad feeling towards others. Treat others like you'd like to be treated.

And then for the status updates.

I just bought used MacBook from my friend and it's working nicely. I have a lot of work ahead of me for the whole summer in McD which I'm very grateful of. I've heard from many of my friends that they didn't get any summer jobs because of the current economic situation. I have three music projects at the moment and I'm making UT2k4 fragmovie every now and then when I have the time. I've also planned on buying a videocamera which can record 1080p footage. And for the first time in a long time, I feel really really good.

I'm sure many of you think I'm full of shit and that I don't know what I'm talking about after reading this blog. Thank you for your opinion. We all end up in the same place - in the grave, so let's just be honest to each other and enjoy the ride as long as it lasts.

This blog was inspired by a CD I recently bought, named Devin Townsend Project - Ki. It is filled with atmospheric, beautiful, calm, ethereal music, I recommend it to you all with warmth.

Enjoy life as it is, don't take it all too seriously - it's life,
Timo Tarvainen



Posted: 2009/06/04 - 22:37


When I finished to read this blog, I was like "oh shit, wtf?"

My english is not so nice, it will be hard for me to explain what I exactly think about this blog, but I'll try to do my best.

Firstly, this blog is really nice! I love subjects like this! :)

I'm happy if you, you can be happy at this time. I personnaly feel unhappy since few months, but I try to keep it for me only, looks like very hard...!
You're totally right, people have really hard time to say "thank you", I can see this from my own experience almost everyday...
I think several time about "Am I happy? Am I doing what I want?" or other things like that, and I just CAN'T tell what is the answer, sadly.

Then, pressure makes people sad, that's why they probably are agressive, and when they see something which don't work, they just are like "What? My life looks like hell, I can't do better" or this is what I can think about some people. But, everyone is different, you have to adapt yourself with them, or just ignore them. Peolple in streets, restaurants, shopping centers,... are like if they don't know you, they just ignore you, nothing else. You're not in their world, you're totally unknow for them, so why are they to say "Thank you" or "Sorry" when you help them.
They only do this if they see any interest, for example you're a men, a beautiful girls is in need of help, you probably help her, because in your head you're thinking "Maybe it can be more than foreign".

I'm trying to enjoy my life, just have to realise some things, like you said, "don't take it all too seriousle - it's life", you're right, the thing is to realise and do that, and there is very very hard to do!

(I'm atm listening Evermore - Truth of the world, it's so nice, some musics makes me happy, some makes me thinking, I'm looking like if I'm alone in my world, to think "What about me? What I'm doing?")

Enjoy your actual status, I hope mine comes better soon! :)

EDIT: \o/

Posted: 2009/06/05 - 07:04

peace love and rock'n'roll

thx guys, i love you all, and i love this community

have a nice day

Posted: 2009/06/05 - 09:06

the common say after you eat macdonalds :

it tastes ok but after you feel fat, abused and your still hungry

for de the dutchies : vies,vatzig, gebruikt en nog steeds honger na 10 min :P

Posted: 2009/06/05 - 10:51

Enjoy life as it is, don't take it all too seriously - it's life

totally agree with that statement mate, probably why i've been acting like a tit recently online so sorry to all i may have 'hurt' if they take me serious but im goin for a while soonish;) xxxx

Posted: 2009/06/05 - 11:42

You should feel blessed that you are atleast able to recognize such things.
I do and i act according to this which makes the people around me to look up.

All the best

Posted: 2009/06/05 - 12:47

Ask yourself whether you are happy and you cease to be so. ~ John Stuart Mill

...also Devin Townsend Project - Ki \m/\m/

Posted: 2009/06/05 - 14:12

I've always been a really positive person and I often feel like an outsider because of it :F
I just had that feeling again in the last couple of days and weeks when talking about the upcoming elections.

Posted: 2009/06/05 - 18:27

what you said is truth.
Really enjoyed to read this blog dude. Atleast this one is quite useful :)

Posted: 2009/06/05 - 19:45

It's strange, i always get to hear i should take life more serious because i'm too unserious :D

Posted: 2009/06/05 - 20:02

Its the discontent that drives people forward. Lets take those freaky buddhist munks for instance, who sit all day in their abbey and meditate about life and smile 24/7. They might have a nice life to live, but does their existance change anything for the better? Does their life have any meaning at all?

I am convinced that, mortal as we are, the only way to give life a meaning is to be part of something that is actually bigger than you, something that will still exist a long time after you've died and rot to a shovel of earth. So, to put it short, life needs a meaning beyond selfcontent.

Todays people dont think about this and seek their fortune in materialism and overall wealth. You described yourself how well this works out.

Large parts of your observations, though, are something which I would think are specific for Finns. I've studied in Finland for a while and people thought I was crazy when I attempted to shake their hand as salutation for example. Also the use of communication tools seems to be quite excessive in Finland. Not that it would be MUCH better elsewhere, but eventually less extreme.

Posted: 2009/06/07 - 14:43

Its very common to actually focus on things that will be left behind you even when you are dead. But this whole thing of change anything for the better... You might change something, but eventually in X years, everybody will be dead. So it doesnt really make do much better if you look at this way :D.

Im all for living for things that are beyond selfcontent, but thats just because they give you a better feeling than if you do things that are for your own self content only (meaning having a lot of money etc). So in the end, you end up doing pretty much everything for yourself, you might feel like it sucks to buy some expensive toy for your child, but you'll end up buying it for your own self content, because it makes you happy that your child has a toy - its just a different type of self content.

It just matters which type makes you happier, some people find it useless to live alone, and just do shit your whole life, without having a family, while some find this the best thing to do.

I think a nice balance of doing things for your self only and for others is the best way to go, eventhough neither really has a meaning, its both just for me :D

Posted: 2009/06/08 - 08:15

I don't believe in the story about life needs to be about making things better. In my eyes having a great summer with your girlfriend, is way better and way more important than having worked on a space craft, in a parliament or anything alike. I don't want to spill the joy of those people who actually GET joy out of their work at the space craft. For me however what really makes you happy are the things inbetween. The amount of extra time that you didn't expect. The steps you take on your way to yourself.

I believe that every medal you won and every achievement in general doesn't matter at the end. And actually I feel the opposite of what Guest said, I feel that people are thinking pretty much about leaving something behind, about reaching something beyond death. And that they should think less about it. Life ends with death, nothing more. That's the story. I believe life is a struggle in accepting that truth. And once you let go, you are happy.

Posted: 2009/06/08 - 13:45

It's obvious that life ends with death and if you just accept it and draw no consequence there is no imperative in your life at all. Whats the guidance in such a life, where the only thing that matters is your own enjoyment? This is even far beyond hedonism, its sheer decadency...

Posted: 2009/06/08 - 15:24

Enjoyment is not the term that I would use. If one dedicates his life to happiness that doesn't mean there is no guidance in his or her life. If one feels appointed to become a poet, an artist, an athlet or a tailor he should do so, if it's the thing that brings him felicity. There are achievements in such a life as well.

If you draw the consequences which you speak of you will only end up beeing sad and constantly under pressure during your life. If you're busy fulfilling the tasks you're given just so you don't end up wasting your time on earth you will end up spilling your life in sadness. Which brings us back to the topic of the discussion. I believe this is the reason for human beeings in our time and system beeing so sad and unsatisfied. It is the idea first introduced by the church that you have to follow rules to give your life meaning (letters of indulgence). After the reformation this idea was drastically changed to: "don't worry about the rules, that's just a lousy thing introduced by the church. You have to work hard until you die, to give your life meaning." And I believe that idea builded the basis of our world-system now, which we call Capitalism with a capital C.

And in my eyes it is the thing that makes so much people sad. It's the thing that needs to be changed. To have a job which makes you happy is a luxury nowadays, people rarely feel appointed to anything anymore. People rarely choose the way they want to live, most of us simply have to adapt in order to survive. This only spoon-feeds the feeling of a wasteless, unfulfilled life and thus makes people sad, angry and despaired. End of conclusion. :P

Of course you could argue that this system needs sad, angry, despaired and best dumb human beeings in order to run. But that's something I don't want to come to terms with.

Posted: 2009/06/08 - 17:58

I should have used different words.

I was trying to say, that living for others is better, because its more fulfilling, but you end up doing it for yourself, for your own fulfillment. It might require more commitment and work, but that doesnt mean it should not make you happy. It might even be annoying at times, but in the end its more fulfilling, which should be your primary goal in life in my opinion.

Say you work 10hours a day to get enough money to buy this toy/whatever for your kid, you might say "hey if I was to choose what I want to do, without caring about others, I would do something different", but I dont think its true. You actually want to work, because giving your child a toy will make you happier and more fulfilled.

Concerning meaning, I would say both is meaningless, but living for others is more fulfilling.

Posted: 2009/06/09 - 20:53

Renemesis wrote:

Enjoy life as it is, don't take it all too seriously - it's life,

easier said then done :)

this thing with finding happiness is extremely hard, at least for me. I have no idea what makes me happy and what not, I just live my life, do my share and will eventually one day fade away.
I am not saying I don't stop to think about my life time to time, I do, I just can't come to any kind of conclusions. If I knew what is for me I would probably go for it though.

Posted: 2009/06/13 - 13:03

Ive got smt for you huxflux!! :)

Posted: 2009/06/13 - 14:37

I agree with guest, I'd just like to ass something.. I mean add!
Well I guess I already did, since I was gonna add ass :/

Posted: 2009/06/14 - 00:44

Sarge wrote:

Ive got smt for you huxflux!! :)

nice piece of tune, i liked it much, but didn't see the resembles with my situation, perhaps i am slow or something :)


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