UT4 will be..
2009/05/05 11:10:23 tommy
Hi everyone,
i was having a brakfast in my work as usuall, reading UN news and forum as usuall and jstxs question: ,,whens ut4 coming out? ,, forced me to take a closer look for the new seriers. So ive used almighty Google and first I was happy coz the series will continue with UT4 orly! BUT what i have read next rly made me sick:

UT4 will be mainstreamed for CONSOLE gaming!

Theyre developing Unreal 4.0 Engine which will suit to next-gen consoles. Unreal creator Tim Sweeney said:

,, There are many overpriced computers out there. It's like sports cars. They are everywhere, everybody writes about them, but there are only a few who can afford them. There isn't a great amount of people that will spend large amounts of money on that. In the case of PCs, they mostly don't deliver that amount of performance that you would expect to justify that cost. You pay twice as much money for 30% more performance... That is just not right. ,,

Cry or laugh to the creators ?
Well I had a dream that Unreal Tournament 4 will be the same like UT2k4 just better looking and a bit tweaked (Sorry UT99/UT3 players, but i just love the movement and weapon balance in UT2k4). Ive reconciled with fact that there wont be more games like 2k4 because of ppl acting like consumer zombies:
- Buy ; play a week ; finished or not ; Buy next one fast coz it has better graphics ; play a week ; .. -
Do you remember the game past 2 or 3 years which you werent able to play till the end without an help or guide ? I dont. Ive recocnciled with this too.
BUT i cant get over that they are mainstreaming my fav game series to consoles, AMAGAD! Whata hell?! This infomartion definetly killed my dream at all.

Sorry no further info googled, i have to work :-)

So we Unreal Tournament (99,2k4,3) lovers are forced to play the old series till the end :D Dont tell me that they will release PC ver. I know they will.. but console FPS games always sucks ballz!

And one more qoute from our beloved unreal creator Tim Sweeney:
"PCs are good for anything, just not games

Sorry for my bad english. Source google and TGdaily server. Any comments are welcome.


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Posted: 2009/05/05 - 11:13

pointless blog. bai

Posted: 2009/05/05 - 11:17

if you cant finish a game without using a guide or whatnot the problem lies with YOU!

and dont worry im pretty sure ut wil be on pc as always and ifnot. console time.

and not all people are graphic whores:P i buy alot of games but i prefer a good story over all.

final fantasy 7 anyone?

oh and p.s. my comment was high on the sarcasm.

Posted: 2009/05/05 - 12:17

I CAN finish every game without guide!! That was the point. Said sorry for my bad english .-) :x

Posted: 2009/05/05 - 13:32

What kinda fubar point is that, EVERY game I've played I can finish without a guide.

Oh, and here's something else for you, Unreal Engine 4 is not the same as Unreal Tournament 4. And of course they will tailor UE4 for console, it's where the money is at and no matter how hard it is to believe, Epic is in it for the money.

Posted: 2009/05/05 - 13:42

I don't think there will be an UT4, atleast not in the next years.
But i think there will be an Unreal3. I don't know if you know it, but Gears of War was at the beginning of the development supposed to become Unreal3.
Also Midway bought the rights for more Unreal-titles, but who knows what that means by now.
I'm pretty sure they are working on atleast one Unreal-title right now, just because Epic is a big company, and having only one series (Gears) is just not enough for them.

And another point: Unreal Engine 3 is also made for consoles mostly. Just have a look at Gears2 on the 360. It looks amazing, no other engine squeezes out so much off that little box.
To me that's a big indicator, that it was their main target.

And tbh, I don't need another UT-title on the PC soon. It just doesn't seem to work these days.
But I've been playing gears1 and 2 and no matter what CliffyB is involved next, I'll get it, because since I played gears i realised, that he is what made UT that good and the only one he was not involved (UT3) just doesn't do it for me.
(I hope for it to be Unreal3, though.)

edit: And Sweeney is right, just by sheer numbers, the consoles outplay similiar powerful PCs easily. From a companys point of view, it is totally easy to understand. I wouldn't even make a PC-port today. But we will see what will happen. I think powerful PCs have become cheaper since multi-core CPUs, the cheap RAM and the last graphicscard-generations came out, mybe the trend is changing again.

edit2: And eating on your PC sucks, go outside or whatever for breakfast :F

Posted: 2009/05/05 - 13:46

If UT4 is what your dreams are about you need a life, seriously.

Posted: 2009/05/05 - 15:14

now now. and yeah gears > ut3 ez

Posted: 2009/05/05 - 15:21

@ dC! sure its about money, thats why i complain about it, Games are supposed to generate fun and money ofcourse but not like 2% fun and 98% money.

@ mnzy its planned for next-gen consoles ( PS 6, 7 ; xbox 720 ?) wasnt talking about present time.
edit2 , i get up at 6am.. and im not hungry that time, so im having braeakfast when i get to work and reading news at PC coz i work with PCs..

@ darQ this is forum about unreal games right ? Do not judge me after single sentence pls, yes i like playing ut very much ,for me its best game ever made, true and im not ashamed. Im playing it since 2004 and still suck or midsuck whatever but only because im playing it for fun! I have work,flat and gf dun worry im not that kind of gamer who you think im.

Posted: 2009/05/05 - 15:29

I just wanted to show, that what you described is already here. UT3 is a console-game ported to the PC and the Unreal Engine 3 is a console-engine.
And @edit2: I know, i do the same, and it makes it even worse to have your breakes on the PC, too.

And PS6,7? They are planning roughly about 10 years with the PS3, so you are talking about 2050? :D

Posted: 2009/05/05 - 15:41

okay :-) youre right..
since ive seen prototype of googles which u can play fps games with.. i dont think so that single type of console can hold for a 10 yrs :-)

Posted: 2009/05/05 - 16:13

Yea, i've played with 3D-glasses in 2001, prototypes don't mean anything.
Still, it is their plan.

Posted: 2009/05/05 - 16:48


Posted: 2009/05/05 - 21:36

dobry no, je to v prdeli

Posted: 2009/05/05 - 22:01

Well ut and pc games are screwed anyway, no suprise there - only reason Ill keep playing pc is for my favourite oldgames when I feel like them - morrowind,deusex,neverwinter nights,baldursgate series etc... they wont make those games for consoles better, and I doubt they'll make games like these in the future anyway. It happens with everything, movies, games... sometimes I feel like its just me, but it seems to me like the old games and old movies where way better than the new ones.

But ut as a console game has some future in it, if they put it in gears of war3 as its multiplayer, or release unreal3 for consoles...

Posted: 2009/05/06 - 01:19

and uh wakeup call games nowadays ESPECIALLY now with the nice recession and all you can bet games are 98% money based.

Posted: 2009/05/06 - 09:17

quakelive, suckas :D

Posted: 2009/05/06 - 15:44

which brings us back to the accesabillty of a game like that. hence not alot of people will be playing it 2 hard etc etc.

and yeah with the exception of free flash games etc.

Posted: 2009/05/06 - 21:34

dezp: gears2 has a really good multiplayer, it is actually mostly an mp-game. I doubt they'll change that.

Posted: 2009/05/07 - 13:59

ut4 will be called unreal live, and it will come out next year right after the succes of quake live and the major succes of counterstrike live.
they will think they have to bring out a browser version of ut to not fall behind other shooters, but they will fail horribly, because the community management will be the same like it is right now.
they will ask themself "whut has we did wrongz?" , they will never find out and never ever gonna produce a competitively successful ut anymore.

Posted: 2009/05/07 - 17:46


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