What are the oldies doing?
2009/02/23 11:24:45 Beliavski
What are the oldies up to.

My gf is having our first kidd in just a few days, so I am going to be a daddy. Still working at the same company workig my way up :)
I spend alot of my free time playing NHL09 on the xbox360. I also try and play the best games for that consol. Like GTA IV, Fallout3, Gears of war and any other high quality game. The only game i play online against others is NHL09.
I guess you can say that I have left the pc gaming for the console gaming. Its like going back to the old ways when u was playing SNES on your tv. My brother is forcing me to pick up Left 4 dead on the PC so I will be trying that out with his friends.
And have played just a few maps of UT2004 and UT3 over the last 7-8 months or so.


and the list goes on.

So if you read this and u are old UT player, what r u doing.

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Posted: 2009/02/23 - 12:16

congratz new daddy :D
can't answer to the article though cause my life is all about studying atm and gaming is past for me.
Although i'm on holidays so I can play some games when I got spare time.
That's it. :F

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 12:18

Depends what you mean by old, age wise or just been playing the game ut when it came out :) the first one of course. I'm only 23, turning 24 this year and I have been playing ut since the first day it came out. Been to swiss lan parties and started to notice that bobbing and weapon view is not that much of a help :) since then I've been playing ut and I actually still do. One of my addictions. Not as bad as smoking or drinking too much on the weekends. But I do sometimes have the urge to do something better with my spare time. What I am doing now:

- working in the IT section ( i hate work in general, but I hate supporting even more. I don't know how long I'll be doing this work. Wanna save up and go study. But kinda hard to do since I now moved out)

- train 3 times a week (no im not fat I do this cause I skateboarded 6 years of my life and now I sadly don't have enough time for it anymore :( I just need to get rid of that energy )

- go out about 2 times during the week to meet up with old school m8s or just m8s in general and then of course party friday and saturday

- Listen to a lot of music, download movies and watch them on the big bad ass tv we got. (i moved out with 2 m8s so Im not all alone and have more luxury :) )

- chores etc.

This is my winter life style. In summers it'll of course be a lot of grilling and spend more time outside again :) enjoy nature a bit and then sit in front of the pc again once it's dark.

allright back to work :(

almost forgot, also congratulations to being a daddy soon :) I wont bother with the thought about children till im 30 ;) I'm too immature!

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 12:24

Firstly congratulations with your first child! I guess turning into a daddy is probably the best thing that can happen to a guy. Secondly how do you define "old UT player"?

It's good to hear from you though! Looks like you have been quite busy with the console gaming. As for now I haven't really encountered the console gaming industry probably because I just lack of time. However the games you name do get me somewhat excited, especially NHL09. Do or did you play ice hockey yourself? Ever since I got back from my trip to the USA I am hooked on the sport. GO DETROIT RED WINGS!!

I don't want to steal your blog but if you wanna know what I've been up to read the o/ blog ;)

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 14:12

gratz =)

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 14:42

i aint old ut player.. only 2,5 years of gathering experience. Congratz for being daddy quite soon.. i wouldnt like to tbh ;p
At this particular period of my life, im not really studing for the university, but mostly i play duels in 2k4... ;ppp

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 14:43

ioX . Then u should buy tickets to Detroit-St Louis.
They play the NHL premiere game in stockholm,sweden this fall.
Tickets are out on Wednesday
Well old n old .) If u used to play UT but maybe now not so much. Then u can write.
I have played some form of hockey and i try and skate a few times each winter. Have a rink 100 meters from my house.

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 16:18

Beli! :D

I went back to school pending judgement from the police :)

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 17:15

Yo Beli!
xen° is working at his new job as a computer technician.
I'm also finally getting ready to get my driving licence , only the "upkörning" kvar:)
And rriting and recording new stuff with the band and unfortunately haven´t played at all since I went inactive.
Other than that life is treating me good, allthough I gotta admit I miss the oldschool days of UT :(
What r u doing Belli!! ??


Posted: 2009/02/23 - 17:24

@IOX: Fuck Red Wings! GO AVS!!!!!!!

@Beli: Dac and Yatja are here form time to time, Nosnos is inactive sine early 2007 afaik, i've seen Cristal a few times, brutto is totally lost and NA is still around :)

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 19:08

I have brutto on my xbox live friend list. he is online from time to time playing some games..

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 20:55

started playing quakelive :)

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 21:11

started playing street fighter IV enjoying life and earning MONEH.

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 21:54

got 1.5 year left of my dental studies...still playing some pickup games in UT2k4.
Got singel this autum so women is a new hobby:)
And just started wrestling, its insane good training. so the days are school..training reading and working every second weekend on a acute mental hospital.

So if it just stopped raining life would be great!

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 21:55

Not doing much, i'm out of a job these days.

I play whatever i get my hands on, hoping that Quake live will boom "competitively" but the server restrictions being what they are i think it'll be somewhat limited. I also go for a couple of games of UT2K4/UT3 every now and then, mostly UT2K4. Also looking forward to a few console titles like killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5, whenever i got time to kill, and that's alot these days :)

And before i forget, congratulations in advance yet again to your soon to be first-born!

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 21:55

when having this kiddo your gaming will shorten dramatically, so my tip is to start playing ut2004. There you can have short games of aprox 20 minutes when in instant need of getting out of the house ;)

My co-worker told me he just started left 4 dead on xbox360 with his bro. Perhaps that would be something for you guys?

Hope everything goes well at BB, try to keep your head cool, its her giving birth and your there only as support :)
Anyway, bestest luck to you and your gf, i hope to see a new blog about the new coming soon :)

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 22:37

yatja the current server situation will all change shortly:

Traditionally, the process of letting players rent private servers is something that is handed off to various game server providers (GSPs). Each of these GSPs sets their own prices, which are typically anywhere from about $15-$30/month for 16 player slots in a single, fixed location. Each GSP also typically has it's own interface for managing a server that in no way is integrated with the game.
Our plan however, is to completely integrate the ability to start and manage private games directly through QUAKE LIVE, utilizing all of the friends, awareness and notification features we have available through the site. This ability will be the cornerstone of a QUAKE LIVE Premium Service that will be offered for a small monthly fee (likely less than $5 per month). So, for 1/3 to 1/6 the price that it normally costs to run a private match, we'll be offering players the ability to easily start a private match with these benefits:
--On demand - whenever you want to play privately, you simply set it up, play, and when you're done, those slots go back into our "public pool." This is how we can offer it for a substantially lower cost than is typical.
--Each match you set up can be in a different location. For example, if you're in NY and you want to play a friend in CA, you can choose a neutral location in Illinois or Texas. If the next time you play, you want to invite a friend also on the east coast, then run the match close to both of you in Virginia.
--The interface is completely integrated into QUAKE LIVE and uses all of the back-end friends and friend awareness systems that we have at our disposal. So, when setting up a match, you'll be able to select the friends you want to invite and have a pop-up automatically alert them to your invitation - allowing them to join with a single click.
--Private matches will also have access to more competitive game features that can not be practically used for public matches - like locked teams, timeouts, substitutions, etc. (more on this below).

Posted: 2009/02/23 - 22:38

i got a funny one about my wife when we got our second kid, she yelled so loud at the hospital, being all red in the head

"i gotta make puhpuh" allmost the hole hall could hear it, man i laughed so much,,and i got a picture of it aswell....
where she lean up on the bed, looking like her head is about to explode..

i know... not much answer about what ya doing, but im new so you dont know me anyway, i just thought i would share it with you guys, being a dad is a gr8 experience, good luck n all

Posted: 2009/02/24 - 00:21

BronsoN wrote:
"i gotta make puhpuh" allmost the hole hall could hear it, man i laughed so much,,and i got a picture of it aswell....
I can't stop laughing..

Oh and let me know when you get L4D and we'll play a couple of games together.

Posted: 2009/02/24 - 10:46


I personally just took the first step to falling into the "old" category - moved away from home around christmas, so that's really nice.

Atm I spend most of my time getting stuff i need (spent just a bit too much money the past two months (~5.500 €).

Other than that I have my fulltime job to attend, and I'ved started getting more exercise again, so I spend alot of time on that aswell ( aprox 60km bicycling, 2 hours running, 4 hours workout - a week).

Other than that it's just the usual stuff, hanging out with friends, girlfriend, family, etc. slowly trying to figure out if I should go to uni, and if so, what I should pick.

Posted: 2009/02/24 - 15:49

Beli where can I get more information about that game? I would love to go!!

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