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2009/02/16 20:00:29 DeLzy
Like 3 month ago i wrote a blog about my musical project. A one-man-band has now become a fully functional, consisting of me-guitar, another guitarist, drummer and a vocalist. For those who are interested check 2 of the new recording we made (2 guitars, automatic drumms, no vocals yet..), the other 2 are 4 months old made by me only.


Oh yeah, it's black metal so most of you will not like it ;-)


Posted: 2009/02/17 - 08:21

there were guitars? :>

Posted: 2009/02/17 - 11:59

i don't hear the black in your metal. sounds like hard hardrock with some double bass..

Posted: 2009/02/17 - 16:12

then you obviously dont understand the music :)

Posted: 2009/02/17 - 19:58

Descent but kinda flat and repeatable. Would have liked some more variation and melody, but maybe thats not black enough.

Posted: 2009/02/17 - 23:51

grey metal ftw !

Posted: 2009/02/18 - 01:23

I like the music, but I feel I should write some personal observations about it and its "followers".

Black metal shows only one side of emotions. There aren't anything wrong with it, but people who listen to it tend to forget that there are another one, which is also part of their lives. Teenagers think that it's "cool", so they join the scene and follow all unwritten laws.
There is a little paradox, because black metal advertises to be individualities, to be out of the many, but once you have disproved any of THEIR policies, you become a faggot, who knows nothing about the style.

Posted: 2009/02/19 - 08:14

satanic O

Posted: 2009/02/19 - 16:33

Its repetitive, maybe its supposed to be that way. But to me it felt boring, its just not catchy enough for me to listen to it more than once. Then again theres not many metal ( and even less black metal, if any) songs that I like. Still it felt quite boring,repetitive and not very catchy, for a band with the little experience it has, I think its quite an achievement since its not horrible, annoying music that I want to turn off after 10 seconds.

Posted: 2009/02/20 - 19:32


Posted: 2009/02/22 - 15:31

dnno, think the guitars are too clean and I have the feelings you are not following the drums, but just added them afterwards. Had a "hard" time following the rhythm, didn't know where the beat started (dnno how else to express this). Normally you put an accent on the 1st and 3rd thingy in one measure (at least for this genre). But wasn't too bad

Posted: 2009/02/28 - 15:44

The rythm is ok, recorded drums first, then guitars with drum background.

Posted: 2009/03/21 - 12:23


Posted: 2009/03/24 - 17:29

I have no idea how this music should sound but from the strictly technical side:
What you need is a proper mixing and effects. And you also need a bass. The recordings sound ok.
Most of the time the drums are too loud - especially the hi hats. You also need compressors for Bassdrum and Snare to increase their pressure. They sound too weak. The guitars need some EQing to make them sound more fat.


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