Zeitgeist - Addendum
2009/02/08 20:38:03 nite
If u don't see this document film already, than do so. So true, and people have to open his own eyes.

Everything is up to u / us

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Posted: 2009/02/08 - 23:13

not a blog. kthxbai.

Posted: 2009/02/08 - 23:58

If it's anything like the first one, it's everything but the truth ;)

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 01:11

I hope it has spooky music and quotes taken out of context.

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 03:42

I haven't seen it yet, but my eyes are open, I'm pretty sure.

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 07:04

While watching Zeitgeist I always have to close my eyes, otherwise i get overcraped. They do these documents just to "shock", plenty of bullshits and lies.

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 10:37

any links? torrents?

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 10:48

havent watched this one, but the original had some interesting but farfetched facts

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 12:13

Addendum, is about monetary globalization. You would suprised how things are woork in the world

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 12:34


Posted: 2009/02/09 - 13:07

If you would have done a little research on your own you would have come to the conclusion that Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum are both huge piles of shit. The part on religion in the first part was quite decent (though many inconsistencies in there as well), the rest is just inaccurate propaganda.

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 13:19

well i dunno, did you ever herad of IMF ? Because i did since Hungary turns to IMF to get money BUT why? I don't get it. We are in the EU, if we really need some money for financing many things why wouldn't we turn to EU where the payback rate is faaar more acceptable?

If you would see this part of the film, and u would live here, and u would follow the news, u would put the puzzle together just as i put.

"Someone" corrupted "someone" to request money from IMF, for what? Go watch the film and u may understand.

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 13:26

Because the IMF is an institution specifically created to assist poorer countries., the EU isn"t. I doubt any EU country would accept giving you money for problems you yourself created.
Btw, I have seen both films.

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 15:22

lg, if the IMF is made to help poorer countries, than why did Hungary (one of the biggest victim of the global economic crisis), get a loan from them with the biggest interest?
because you don't know what you are talking about the IMF, my friend.

but seriously, the EU doesnt really give a shit about Hungary, or its newer, smaller members, as long as they are working as a marketplace, as intended.

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 17:25

Its simple economics, really. The interest rates are high because it is risky to loan money to a country like Hungary. Obviously they are not going to just give it to you (which is good). Regardless of the interest rates, without the IMF Hungary will be bankrupt (if it isn't already). Also, always describing oneself as the "victim" doesn't really get you anywhere. There are countries that have been hard hit and countries that haven't been hit so hard.

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 18:15

lg, seem u know nothing just throwing empty words around. So how about not writeing full of bullshits, and find a better place to talk crap?

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 19:40


Hungary, along with Bulgaria and Romania has the worst Credit Rating in the EU. Its only natural that money is being loaned to Hungary with high interest rates because the danger of not being able to pay back the money is too high. If Hungary asked the EU for money (which it probably will eventually, anyways) you will have vetoes and lawsuits comming out of your ass in no time, since every country is having economic difficulties right now and the EU can't afford to just give out money.

edit: http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/survey/so/2008/CAR110608A.htm

The EU did contribute 6,5 billion euros additionally to the IMF and World Bank loan.

Posted: 2009/02/09 - 20:53

lg, u still dont understand :/ and i will waste no words to make a light in your head, sry

Posted: 2009/02/10 - 00:29

What does lg not understand? Please state your case, nite.

Posted: 2009/02/10 - 09:39

check out the covumentary called the big sellout. then you will see what the IMF is doing, though there is some bullshit in that film too :P

Posted: 2009/02/10 - 11:57

the world is fucked thats for sure, like ive said before lets all demonstrate against the world leaders, which like the profit so much...tbh i wish i was an indian living in the rainforest, all they care for is how to get food on the table...they seem to know what life is all about...the only thing they work for is food..they seem to know how to get the best out of nature instead of destroying it, with huge cars using so much oil, electricity and so on...

man like the medicine companies which sit on all the drugs that could save thousends of ppl everyday, but they dont because its not in their interrest, their interest is in 1 thing and that is money, it makes me throw up tbfh

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