Quake Live
2009/01/27 06:42:04 csm

who's playing? or intends to play?

i think the whole system is brilliant and ID have gone completely the right way about it.

the matchmaking system, buddies, integrated stats, just general seamlessness and ease of use. the netcode is fantastic and the game runs incredibly smooth considering its run via a web browser.

epic should take some field notes!

csm wrote:

anyone wanting invites please leave the following info:
1. Name (First, Last)
2. Email
3. Skill (Not sure, Beginner, Intermediate, Expert... its for QL matchmaking purposes)

once you've been invited edit your post to say so, it'll save time.

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Posted: 2009/01/27 - 08:56

I agree 100%

you can run it in fullscreen (crtl+return), though =}

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 10:35


the idea is fantastic

i received a beta account like 3 weeks ago...... i was kinda dissapointed about the amount of ppl who were playin it though..... wasnt that much.... maybe that will change when its not beta anymore :p ..... however i think most ppl who intented to play quake live got a beta key by now

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 11:51

i want to play too :( ...

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 13:22

add me: Fiso

want to play some duells, but i'm nub
instagib is great fun imo

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 13:28

I do not have any key to play it... but I will probably try it later. Anyway, if it is the same like Q3, I will not like it, probably :)

Anyone can make a movie? ;)

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 13:34

They've really got it down well in quake live been playing it a bit and its great fun, just need to get better :D

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 13:42

ye, playing it also ;p

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 13:58

its an awesome game :)

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 13:59

what is this? Quake III in a web browser? What did they change about the game?

Great initiative to make a game like this accessible to everyone via a webbrowser!

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 14:01

spam game imo,i rly dont like it..but yes it runs ok...

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 14:41

Simply Quake3 in a browser, it's fun but stay a spam game. Anyway if someone wants an invit send me a pm.

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 14:49

ut is a spam game also. you just dont know how to play it properly bronz when you get better at it you will understand the game better

oh and i havent gotten a beta account and i tried signing up atleast 6 times now. fuck me. whens this coming out officially?

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 15:39

You must not know enough people jstx :P

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 17:07

Don't give too much credit to id. With the progress this game is making, it can only be a pet project by some intern, not something they REALLY care about.

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 17:09

It/ID rocks :)...

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 19:45

i play it :) add me "elkarim" but im not that good in quake :>

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 20:46

do a add friend to quakelive thread tbh, ;) Hijack
add Recoily :X:X:X

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 21:22

What about fakenicking? Still possible? :F

Posted: 2009/01/27 - 22:06

LOL spamgame. the most balanced 1on1 fps ever made.

Posted: 2009/01/28 - 00:29

boring, no priv servers sux

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