Decline of the West
2009/01/16 14:04:53 GUESTLORE
The end is near... it's near and it cant take long till it's here. The cultural demise of the West is no longer a subject of literature and philosophy: It's real, it's here and it's now.

So today I've read this coverage in a german newspaper about the situation of homosexuals in the world, and that its all so bad for them and that they are prosecuted by law or the populace in almost 90 countries of the world.

Now the thing that literally knocked me off the chair is: If youre gay and live in one of those 90 countries youre entitled for an asylum in my country and I wouldnt wonder if the EU states would have a different ruleset. Means: Be gay, come to Germany/EU, act out on your gayness on the expense of the taxpayer and a fair share of my fellow countrymen even act in favor of this idiocy.

It's obviously impossible that ppl in countries who's name most ppl havent heard at least once before can control their drives even if they put their life at risk but need to do it here because we are oh so tolerant and joyfully fund the godless frivolity of ppl we have nothing in common with.

For the first time ever I thought about expatriating myself in a serious manner. I mean: Where is this heading to and what's next? I havent been as shocked about a newspaper article ever I think.

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Posted: 2009/01/16 - 14:43

So if thei're hunted, expelled and outlawed in their own countries isn't that enough for us to grant them asylum? Would you send them back to their countries? Very humanitarian and sympathetic of you...

What if Germany would pick on you because you're heterosexual (as I think is the case after reading your post...), imagine you get pursued and humiliated. Not free to live as you want in the way that you want? In that case maybe I would consider "expatriating" myself and turn to other more tolerant countries.

But if you don't like tolerance and humanitarian ideas, maybe you should really "expatriate" yourself and join less tolerant countries, like the 90 countries you were talking about, how about afghanistan? But be careful, they might not grant you asylum in this case!!

EDIT: I just realized that you typed "godless frivolity". Lol where do you come from? The middle-age?

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 14:46

Help me, the homos are coming!
Just chill, they are great barbers.
I know your right conservative attitude, but that's hillarious!

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 14:57

GUESTLORE: You must be a homo but with no boyfriend... that is why you complain... isnt it so?
Otherwise I do not understand your intolerance

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 15:01

please expatriate to a country that doesn't have internet or suicide, thx.

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 15:19

monz & psi: Germany already picks on me beyond what a man can take with ppl like you and their wellmeaning-idealistic yet mindless views... If you want to be humanitarian, have your neighborhood crowded with homos from underdeveloped countries and pay for their needs: Sure, feel free to. Work an hour longer each day so they can live their sexual orientation without any hassle, have food, a nice flat, some pocketmoney, etc. but let me guess: That's not what you guys had in mind? You thought more that "the society" or "others" should do that, right?

Engisan & Gohlink: You guys behave even less tolerant than me on views other then your own and I am quite a benchmark in this regard... So how are you more tolerant then me which would entitle you to comment on my intolerancy?

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 15:24

i can understand your points Guest (I hope correctly too). Such people should give back something for being taken into refuge, not just syphon taxpayer's money.

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 15:27

"You thought more that "the society" or "others" should do that, right? "

No, i'm happy to live in a country that has values higher than that of the middle ages and by that accepting some high taxes. It's actually an insult, because it would mean, that those few bucks are for us higher rated than humanity, which obviously isn't.
Your approach is wrong, too.
Foreigners also work, study and pay their taxes. (I know there are limitations for people taken into political asylum, but that is because people out of your political corner like to shout the phrase "they take our jobs" and because of that can't work like normal people do, forced by the law.)
There are various studies proving that immigrants "bring more to the table" than they cost, if that is your problem.
Also my recommendation to you: don't get yourself scared over articles and theories somebody pukes off his mind, go outside and look at how it really is.
The regulations you are talking about are in force for decades. So where are all my "homos from underdeveloped countries"-neighbours? I don't see them.

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 15:33

I have heard of this. Germany (and Austria) take more refugees in (per Capita) than any other country, and we alread have overburdened welfare systems. Many from the third world are going to use this as an excuse to enter the first world, even if they are not homosexual. I don't have anything against homosexuals (as long as they do whatever they do in their home) but granting asylum because of this is quite ridiculous.

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 15:39

"There are various studies proving that immigrants "bring more to the table" than they cost, if that is your problem."

Show me one. Granted, we need foreign workers, we needed them after the war and we still do if we want to stay competitive in a globalised world. But, unemployment tends to be much higher among foreigners, they are more likely to commit crime, they depend more on social services and government transfers than do natives, they tend to be less educated, they often bring their backwards, patriarchal, women-hating cultures with them (honor killings, anti-western life style etc), the list goes on.

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 15:41

its about your intolerence but not only. The thing you wrote is just so stupid i just don't even see how can ppl think like this if they live in our world. People are always complaining about taxes or whatever shit that is for but most of the time they do nothing to any community or even their country (except working). I mean is it really gonna cost you so much to help this kinda ppl (if by some weird way they all come to your country/europe). So once again its the stuff about other ppl "we have nothing in common with" (seriously 2009 i can't believe it)
They are dogs just let them die.

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 15:45

"they often bring their backwards, patriarchal, women-hating cultures with them (honor killings, anti-western life style etc), the list goes on. " WAY TO GO SON !

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 16:01

"Show me one"
or here
There are so many...just google.
Also you wrote another wrong thing down. We don't need foreign people as cheap workers as you said (again, not the middle ages!), but, best written down in my first link, most of them are more active in founding in the small firm sector than germans are.
But this is off the topic, it was about guests fear of being flirted at by a man in a bar

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 16:19

Your links don't prove anything and don't have anything to do with what I said about foreigners (not asylum seekers). Sure there are alot of immigrant businesses (mostly Doenershops and dubious call shops and betting agencies), additionally most of them are complete debt traps. I said umemployment among them is higher (take Berlin or Vienna, 25+% of the population is foreign, extraordinarily high unemployment), and they depend more on social services and transfers ( They are also more likely to commit crimes ( 30% of all crimes committed in Austria were done by foreigners, additionally another 50% are committed by Austrian citizens with immigrant background.
I am well aware of the fact that asylum seekers are not allowed to work and it should be changed.

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 16:34

Actually they are, after a year or so, it has been more restricted.
And i know that problems within foreigners are different and some are worse, but that is not all their fault.
Most is caused by bad integration politics and isolation, giving them far worse possibilities to start from and enabling the creation of ghetto-like city parts.
And don't get me wrong, i'm not a friend of what happens in parts of berlin for example and i know that our system is obviously overstressed with some issues (education), but what guest wrote in his first post is just so ridiculous and unworldly (weltfremd!?) that i had to atleast try to be a counter part.
It is this talking to your animalistis fears that i dislike the most when it comes to conservative rights, it's just so easy. In reality, overall criminality is going down for years now, but you haven't heard this in any news, have you? Because it is not helping their goals.
Like i said: this topic wasn't about immigrants in general.
Also i don't know what has to drive you to open a blog like this in a gaming-forum.

edit: Also i don't care about austria. Germany is in a different situation. I know your right wings are really strong, it's frightening.

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 16:44

I know this has all been off-topic, the last thing I will say is that to a great extent foreigners are to blame for their situation (not a 100%, but close to). They live in ghetto like city parts because they think they can behave like they did back in their countries, driving out natives of the particular appartment building or part of the city. They think they dont have to assimilate and only interact with people of their own cultures. Natives begin to feel resentment towards foreigners for their unwillingness to assimilate and the result was seen at the last Austrian election. (30% of all voters chose right wing nationalist parties).

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 16:51

monz wrote:
Also i don't know what has to drive you to open a blog like this in a gaming-forum.

It's a blog, you know? It's about what keeps my mind busy and what affects me. It's about what I think of random stuff and it's about exchanging views with ppl from europe and some other parts of the world. I was and still am interested in what other ppl think about the basic topic of the blog that ppl are allowed to live of wellfare in Germany / the whole EU just because they are gay which is obviously a violation of the cultural habits of their original societies. I also raised the question wether its reasonable that the taxpayer has to work harder so random ppl can be gay freely.

I sort of disapprove that the topic has been hijacked and became a "immigrants suck / immigrants rule" as this was not intended.

Posted: 2009/01/16 - 20:26

why do keep your mind busy with this? I mean honestly? The whole idea of granting people in need asylum is a good idea and it is in fact a very good thing we have that. Why don't you keep your mind busy with let's say global warming, global crowding, scarcity of resources. Don't we have bigger problems than shouting OH MY GOD FOREIGNERS!!!!!

In my eyes that's just a way to escape from the problems that really matter. How many unfriendly, gay, money greeding foreigners do you meet each day? Let me tell you: none!

Posted: 2009/01/17 - 13:16

Well despite the difference in opinions here and I understand both 'sides' but I think we can all agree (should be able to atleast) that noone has a problem with foreigners entering the first world countries as long as they work just as hard as we do to make it a better place for everyone. We should also be able to agree that the foreigners who come here only to have their entire families on wellfare and doing sporadic crime and never even bother to learn the language or integrate in the community should be sent back to the fucking jungle they come from (gay or not gay).

@ the asylum aspect. I think those rules are so retarded (atleast in Denmark) where the asylum peeps spend up to 10 years here for their case to be resolved but are still not allowed to take a job during their stay here.

Posted: 2009/01/17 - 18:09

ye, same in the netherlands! If you are an asylum seeker they expect you to include yourself in society, learn the language etc. BUT they're NOT allowed to take a job. I mean how are you supposed to integrate yourself if you're not even allowed to work?? You won't learn the language nor the culture by sitting at home.

Posted: 2009/01/18 - 17:29

what do you mean not allowed to take a job. plenty of foreigners that came for asylum working here.

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