My new video-website \o/
2009/01/13 23:56:54 FliccC

let me tell you what this is about. I recently followed a discussion here on the forums and I recognized that there isnít any remarkable hosting site left for hosting UT Movies. The best ones I can think of went offline. Just think of badct or levitation, the only movie sites left for hosting UT sites have a lot of dead mirrors (like own-age or planet-videos).

So I decided to upload my collection of UT Movies and make some kind of blog to make it accessible for everyone here is the link. I will upload at least one movie a day, among them youíll find some of the best as well as some of the worst UT movies ever made. Allthough this is an attempt to have a very broad collection of movies, most of the movies I can upload will be UT2004 movies. If anyone can provide additional movies donít hesitate and drop me a link or send them to me, I will upload anything if it has to do with UT, UT2003, UT2004 or UT3. Heck, if there are Unreal, Unreal II movies worth mentionable Iíd like to upload those as well!

I already uploaded about 50 movies so far, only thing I need now, are visitors \o/

Since most of you, the moviemakers are not easy to contact, I missed the opportunity to ask all of you personally for permission for an upload. If you donít like to see your movie listed there please send me an email and Iíll remove it.

If anyone needs to contact me you can do so by commenting to any post on the page of course but Iíll also provide my email just in case:

You can contact me in whatever language you like. Iíll understand it sooner or later.

Please have a look around, click Umovies. I hope you like it!



Posted: 2009/01/14 - 00:06

gr8 idea

show your shit ladies

Posted: 2009/01/14 - 08:52

HAHAHAHA. Oh man, you gotta be kidding me :-D I even deleted that movie from my hard drive.

Disclaimer: I had no idea what I was doing with that movie and it's not recommended to anyone. It looks like shit and was made for shits and giggles. The lack of computer space + time made this into a half-assed attempt at a frag movie. But still cool for covering it PSI.

And, great initiative.

Posted: 2009/01/14 - 13:09

haha :D it really looks like an awkward attempt, however it's still a cool movie ^^. If you want me to putt it off the site, just tell me :P

Posted: 2009/01/14 - 21:30

Great initiative. I have about 40 GB of Unreal related movies. Will look through what you got.

Posted: 2009/01/21 - 19:13

great job. i actually downloaded a few videos that i havent seen earlier :D
pimppsi :heart: !

Posted: 2009/01/21 - 22:39

nice! And there will be more coming of course :)

Posted: 2009/01/25 - 19:02

PSI great work on the site! I've spent the last hour searching through dead link after dead link on and was almost ready to give up until i remembered seeing you mention the site.

I've now got 8 movies queued up ready for download and my enjoyment! I think you could do with some extra mirrors mind you. MegaUpload is very limiting if your not a member. If you want I could help with uploading mirrors. (After i download them of course).

Posted: 2009/01/26 - 18:34

ye, please drop me a line somewhere if you got a new mirror for a movie you like :)

megaupload at least is really fast compared to other providers, the only problem is that you have to wait ~40 seconds.


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