ESL hates me
2008/12/17 20:28:24 mnzy
--- This is a rage blog ---

Ok, the last few days i thought it was funny, but now the ESL support just pisses me off by insulting me so i have to write it down somewhere.
A few days ago, i could not log in into my ESL-account and by clicking around i realised: "Hey, it's deleted."
See here for yourself (or not):

I'm not really active and i only look around there sometimes, but this account is nearly eight years old and it's kinda nostaligic to me, so i wrote to the support.
What they told me blew me away:

"Hallo ,
Gelöscht wurde er, weil du schon einen hast. Benutz den doch einfach weiter.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
mercury, ESL Admin"

Which basically means that they say I'm an 18 year old cheating CS-player who is using another account (my real one) to screw over the ESL.
So i thought: "Well, must be a simple mistake, let me explain to them, that they are wrong in about 200 words."

The response:

"Hallo ,
Das ist ziemlich lächerlich von dir, wir können beweisen dass du da mit dem anderen Account versucht hast deine Cheatsperre zu umgehen, deswegen bleibt der natürlich auch gelöscht.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
mercury, ESL Admin"

So now he calls me a ridiculous lying cheating impostor after i really calmly described him that they are wrong, so i did the same again.
The response came quick:

"Hallo ,
wie der andere Admin schon sagte hast du ja noch
Account und kannst ihn benutzen. Es wird kein Admin ohne Beweise irgend einen Account löschen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Dr. House, ESL Admin"

So now i'm just a retard because after telling them about five times that this is not me, he says: "Hey, this is you, why are you still talking?".

What i still don't get is why they think it's me, because they never told me. Also i don't understand how somebody who cheated can go back eight years in time to create my account.

Just had to share this.
If anybody reads this and has a little say at the ESL-idiot-headquarters, please help me. Thanks.

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Posted: 2008/12/17 - 20:46

mercury sux^^ :D

Posted: 2008/12/17 - 20:53

why so negative? why aint you a happy fella because the esl answered you at least and tried to explain you BLOODY FIVE TIMES why your account was deleted and that they are right while you are wrong? if I was an ESL admin I would prolly delete your account and ignore your support requests, so these adminds have quite a service oriented approach imo

Posted: 2008/12/17 - 20:59

ESL -headquarter

besteht doch seit jahren schon aus hartz4 alkis..

englisch translation :
ESL sucks!

Posted: 2008/12/17 - 21:03

kaum is gam weg , passiert das ! UL!
back to topic : verklagen ! alle !

Posted: 2008/12/17 - 21:05

guest: the only reason they answer me is because they can click "ticket done" afterwards. more done tickets mean they worked more. They obviously put no effort into it.

And you can easily see that their site isn't working correctly because i'm still on the "recent visitors" list on all pages i visit at the moment eventhough i'm not logged in and THE ACCOUNT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST ANYMORE. So maybe they should check their buggy page first before using it as evidence.

Posted: 2008/12/17 - 21:07

monz cs cheater noob

Posted: 2008/12/17 - 21:30

monz haste schon das cs kidi angeschrieben?

Posted: 2008/12/17 - 21:41

Typisch ESL

Da bist du Einer unter Vielen,monz =/
Hast du nicht mal nach den angeblichen "Beweisen" gefragt ?

Posted: 2008/12/17 - 21:57

I never liked the esl.
I dont understan how they become so big. Just a bunch of small Cups and ladders

Posted: 2008/12/17 - 22:19

they got the cash! :D

Posted: 2008/12/17 - 22:51

wow, I thougt biased and stupid admins are only on cb.

Posted: 2008/12/18 - 00:54

;) np im inet

grade der punkt " absolut clean keine boost gefahr " sollte für dich interessant sein !

Posted: 2008/12/18 - 06:34

I always knew that you are a cheating CS nerd! No seriously, thats laughable, i never thought that some ESL admins can be more retarded than CB admins! By the way, why is the VnV team deleted? :((( What a joke.

Oh and what kind of evidence do they have?

Posted: 2008/12/18 - 11:35

hahaha gr8 story

once in farcry, me and some danish friends played a clanwar vs a german clan, we won the match but the german team decided to fake the ss, and upload them, we did a complain to an admin about the fake ss...did it help, no the admin says the ss are real, and the funny thing is that it was so easy to see there was some pieces that have been replaced from some other ss,, and even more when you took all the players from the german team and said like

these players are not the right ones, i cant remember there names sry

monz: 22 kills
zech:19 kills
xtc: 14 kills

overall score was 55, but in the upper corners each side of the ss there was the overall score not matching the players individual scores

since that time all esl admins can kick my white ass

man i wish that i could post that old ss if i still had it on my hd, but sorry, i can only give my story about esl...but damn i roflled

Posted: 2008/12/18 - 15:35

ask Ron then...

Posted: 2008/12/18 - 16:26

ESL = morons, have been since the start, will be in the future.


Posted: 2008/12/18 - 16:41

xtp: w00t, now i want it even more, so i can sell it on eBay! :D

spla: No, i don't know the guy, what should i ask him anyway? Maybe he tried to hack my account or something, but he would never tell me.

zech:'re right, they deleted the vnv-team, too. Maybe it has something to do with what happened to me.

darQ: I'm not in contact to Ron, but i think insi sent him a link :P

Posted: 2008/12/19 - 00:47

after the blog's titile, one thing got to my mind : "God hates us all" :)

(if someone does not know, its from the series titled Californication - one of the best ones out there atm:P)

Posted: 2008/12/19 - 08:59

they dont like ut players ^^

Posted: 2008/12/19 - 19:06

yeah... ask ron... i´m sure he can do this

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