Gears of war 2
2008/11/17 12:48:11 Beliavski
Funny review found here

I have played it and its AWESOME :)
Currently replaying it in co-op with swedish UT legend ;) Fargo.

But overall its a really easy game. All you have to to is stand behind a cover and shoot until everybody is dead. They should have made more "in your face action" Locust in your face so you have to show of your sweet skills.
I think Gears 1 had more of that.
Graphics of the game really pretty but whenever i play Gears 1 or 2 i never feel like I am actually in the game. I feel like the graphics looks plastic photos that i cant really "feel". It looks pretty but ..there is just something off with the gears graphics.. the feel to it.

I haven't tried the multilayer yet. I am not really interested in doing any form of Deathmatch or TDM with a controler on a console.
I do get my sare of online gaming from NHL09. Damn good game. But whenever you have to rely on a AI controlled goalie with flaws u are sure to run into people taking advantage of the exploits given.


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Posted: 2008/11/17 - 13:26

in pov of coop gameplay: Left 4 Dead > all (GoW 1 aswell). it's simply a must-have game.
L4D is 90% in your face action, believe me. try the demo on steam, or xbox live, it's worth it.

Posted: 2008/11/17 - 13:36


Posted: 2008/11/17 - 13:56

I really don't get whats so awesome about the gears of war series, the games are slightly above mediocre in terms of singleplayer and it's replayability. Multiplayer seems fun, but i'm having a hard time wrapping myself around a controller for multiplaying on console, especially when you'll need precision.

The graphics are quickly becoming outdated (especially the sharpness of the textures on their 360 release) since the introduction of good ol' Crysis and the significantly newer Metal Gear Solid 4.

They try to make the game a little bit trickier by utilizing all these kind covers, but somewhere along the road they got lost and began putting up covers in the most ridiculous of situations. This was most notable to me close to the end where you can pull levers practically everywhere (some covers are even automated) to get behind cover if ambushed.

Just like it's predecessor they continued with this macho bullshit aswell, making it an awkward experience everytime the generalized "cole train" opens his mouth, and they even included a wise guy in Baird. Two flies in one hit :)

Posted: 2008/11/17 - 14:22

I think it might be the blury textures that bothers me a little. Makes me feel like i am not there.
l4d might be good in co-op. It was boring as shit in demo when playing alone.
But I do see the potential in it.

Posted: 2008/11/17 - 14:51

L4D is not to be played alone, rather with 3 friends the dark. Now that's good fun! :D

Posted: 2008/11/17 - 14:58

controller whine needs to stop i agree that keyboard and mouse are alot better but a controller works fine and if your having trouble with it its basicly your own fault. watch one of them pro teams in gow or halo and tell them its not accurate.

Posted: 2008/11/17 - 16:24

dont the pro teams in GOW or halo play with the keyboard and mouse adapter?

Posted: 2008/11/17 - 16:36

Not playing gears2 yet, cause i barely started gears1 :)
This is where Epic is really good at atm, making two solid ~93/100 games.

Butn i gotta say: I hate L4D, imho it's absolut crap. Tried the demo 4 times with 4 ppl coop since everybody seemed so hyped, but it's still crap :>
Reminds me of an old PS1 game where you always had to move from one room to another, beating everbody up with baseball bats and rods.
Also what's up with all those opponents killing you instantly? It's just been frustrating and you have nearly no chance of avoiding them. And it's also not scarry at all, because there is no surprise...zombies are everywhere.

Posted: 2008/11/17 - 19:09

GoW2 is awesome! Love the characters with their over the top macho style! COLE TRAIN BABY! Overall it's a nice singelplayer experience, both in COOP and solo. :)

Posted: 2008/11/17 - 20:00

dont the pro teams in GOW or halo play with the keyboard and mouse adapter?


Posted: 2008/11/17 - 22:38

monz: that is great in L4D. there are ber.zombies, and in expert difficulty, you cant move without them. coordination is needed. so, maybe you didnt like it, caouse you didnt play it with the correct mates :P or it's simply not made for you. about the hype: in hungary there was absolutely zero hype, and lots of ppl like it, that may mean something :) but it's a question of taste, again.

Posted: 2008/11/18 - 13:59

awesome game and jstx is right, The top teams have insane aims even tho they are on a pad.

Posted: 2008/11/18 - 14:54

bring me the gaming videos of awesome frags from gears of war / halo 3 matches..

Posted: 2008/11/18 - 16:05

Halo3 VODs from WCG 2008. I have to watch it in IE, cant get it to work in firefox.
You have to make a account. But it's easy :)

Posted: 2008/11/18 - 19:28

what they do might not be awesome in your eyes but i find it awesome to see how accurate they are with the controllers mid air sniper shots in halo etc. and you should be able to find some good matches on wcg idd maybe on quadv dunno if they re-uploaded the old content again.

Posted: 2008/11/18 - 21:12

Yeah co-op rules. Last weekend myself and my 9 year old bro were MERCING it up in GoW1 and Halo 3 (I hate the game, but he loves it).

Looking forwarsd to horde mode in GoW2 but I'll get it when it goes down in price as I need to save up :`(

Posted: 2008/11/19 - 00:03

Jstx. I am sure they are really good.

I cant seem to but write what i am thinking in a good way. I just think that if the evolution was going in the right way we would have started up with controlers and then evolved into using keyboard and mouse so what players are able to exectue what they are thinking and needs to be done in the fastest possible way. And preferable in a fast game.

That said I sure that the teams playing in halo or gears at top level are really really good and could problably move on to play with a mouse at high level..most likely they started out that way. But in the end they can never do things as fast and good with a controler as they would be able to do it if they used a mouse and keyboard.

Posted: 2008/11/19 - 13:35

thats what seperates pc gaming from console gaming i prefer console gaming to be on controllers and pc gaming on mouse and keyboards. simple as that.

and dont worry i respect your opinion, to each their own.

Posted: 2008/11/20 - 10:52

i wish a console would come out with real mouse + keyboard support similar to that of a pc. I'd move over in a flash. One time 300 investment for the machine then everyones on same hardware as well. I don't know what the situation is with dedicated servers tho.

Posted: 2008/11/20 - 19:59

think servers like that especially for xbox should be easily arranged its M$

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