2008/10/13 16:12:30 ion.
Ok, i mean i hear it nearly every few days, the bad germans, use minigun only, oh the bad germans always take defwin etc.
this is the second time i got REALLY fucked by clanbase, because of guys from other countrys.
The first time i was playing in dm 1on1 cup div1, it was an important match for me, and i was like 5minutes too late because i had problems with my girlfriend. the enemy took defwin. ok... i mean yeah, i should have said to my girlfriend hey sorry also we have to talk about problems here and now, it would be better i go and play my 1on1.
- Sorry, but somebody who can`t understand this, has no life
The second time , we had a match against a team which we owned in practise matches like 90:10 or sth. first thing is , that the match was forced Saturday 00:00 CET. i mean sorry? But i have other things to do than playing at 00:00 CET at saturday. i couldnt take this very serious, because i thought the enemy wouldn`t, too and i wanted to talk with them about another date. They were there at 00:00 CET saturday, waiting in irc to play, but we werent there, and they took defwin.
- Sorry, but somebody who can`t understand this, has already lost his life.
That werent the only two defwins people took, but one of the most annoying.

Next time i take defwin, because the enemy was 3 hours too late at a normal play time, and the enemy is again complaining about OH BAD GERMANS BAD GERMANS i will puke.
hf continue playing on night having no life and taking defwins for SHIT on a funcup where you cant win anything, bye

[Rage ends]

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Posted: 2008/10/13 - 16:27

true, glad someone had the nerve to say it lol

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 17:02

rage posts. i love it.

5 minutes too late and defwin? wow thats idiotic. cant be :/

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 17:48

post 1, what's defwin?

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 17:48

post2, nevermind

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 17:49

post3, o/\o

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 17:56

wow multipost. gj!

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 18:25

basically u cant take defwin if ur oponent is 5 mins late, u need to wait 15 mins at least so ur lying
secondly I can understand pretty well why ppl take defwins, because I cant stay 2 hours in a row in front of my computer waiting for my oponent to kiss his girlfriend.. so if ur late, its ur fault, and your oponent can do something else.
And last but not least, why most of gamers are saying that saturday night is a bad time for playing? I wanst ur oponent but if I had to schedule a war, saturday midnight is ok for me. Cant you realise that some ppl do have a life, a family, and work so hard that its almost impossible to play during the week, and when they go out on weekends, they come back around midnight because they cant get drunk like a stupid kid,have to play a football match on sunday and work hard after their match again?
anyway thats not my p^roblem but I seriously hate players/teams asking for a reschedule, so much time wasted!

edit : I know who where your oponents and im 1000% sure u wouldnt own them, and they told me the match was friday, not saturday, so they waited u friday saturday and sunday, then decided to take defwin.

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 18:26

Since I play games online I have had this annoyance a few times maybe, but since the people in question were morons arcross the board I refused to bother too much.

I advise you to take it as a compliment that people take a defwin instead to play you, that people call you a lamer because they cant deal with one strong weapon or two themselfs.

The whole issue is not rly worth the hassle.

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 18:28

Leben is kein Ponnyhof!!

Always take defwin,because your enemy would do it,too :P
especially a "we-owned-them-90-10-before"-enemy

all germans are drunk like wruaaaaaa on saturday night

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 18:31

germans can only blame themselves for the stereotype. whether thats fair or not is neither here or there. in my experience its true anyway, i only ever have big problems with german teams and the biggest idiots/lamest players always tend to be german.

but then again look at it from another point of view (and this one is probably the most logical)... statistically in ut german players make up by far the majority of the community, so if we are talking about cunts statistically in this respect, common sense suggests in this big group of cunts, the majority of these cunts are going to be german.

so yes, fair or not, its true. germans are BAD!!11.

you guys are just gonna have to accept being the scapegoat of ut, atleast for the forseeable future :(

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 19:18

boNz, friday to saturday. that is saturday 00:00 cet or im understanding something wrong? and ok, im not sure we would have owned them, nobody can say that, we just did in practise matches. sorry for that.
maybe you know these guys better than me, and they are nice guys then im feeling sorry, i just knew them from our match and they were flaming like hell.

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 20:04


Posted: 2008/10/13 - 20:41

"stupid little drunk kid"
The nice way of saying that is "having a good time while your young"

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 21:01

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 22:00

austrian ftw :p

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 22:09

this "nolifer" crap is as pathetic as your cryin'

Posted: 2008/10/13 - 23:18 :f

Posted: 2008/10/14 - 05:15

Posted: 2008/10/14 - 08:40

hahaha, ClanBase and their admins fucking own!!! Oh and i blame daddy for the myth that germans are minigun only, i mean he used the weapon so often in both TDM and duel matches, hell, he used to rape every1 with the minigun (except me) ;) Irgendwie kaputt machen

personally i like ut stereotypes... Germans are minigun only, french are aim only and cba to talk english, people from eastern europe cant communicate in proper english and use ugly smileys ;-)))DD)>)D)):), wingz has no Rlife, astz wins eswc, varagh always whines about his ping, rmzs has PL on LAN etc.

Posted: 2008/10/14 - 08:44

oh man, cb didnt have good admins since... euhm... three years? Maybe four.

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