last beta
2008/10/08 16:09:24 faust
-added spectator view switch by left mouse.
-added "join" button for spectator.
-added autopause voting.
-added on/off ping compensation switch for self.
-added kickvoting through menu.
-added brightskins in demo.
-one spectator now can vote.
-fixed bug when player dont change team, and team beacon on dead in demoplay.
-fixed bugs with pickup ammo when enabled ping compensation.
-again fixed bug with drop weapon :b

Download link

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Posted: 2008/10/08 - 19:07

Thank you

Posted: 2008/10/09 - 01:40

as usual, good job.

Posted: 2008/10/09 - 13:12

*thumbs up* THX

Posted: 2008/10/09 - 17:13


Posted: 2008/10/10 - 00:25

i vvant aimbawt, code for me pweese? ;]

Posted: 2008/10/10 - 15:47

now all we need is a few thousand players for ut3 =)

good job, though i'm afraid it wont revive ut3 =(

Posted: 2008/10/10 - 16:27

In a way it makes me think about ut3 that there are hardly any discussions about this competition mod at all. I remember when ut2k4 was released there were myriads of threads and posts who were pro brightskins, contra variable pitch hitsounds and vice versa. I havent read a single thread about this in regard to ut3 which makes me think, believe... know, that there cant be much new players (newbees) in ut3.

Posted: 2008/10/10 - 18:42

you havent noticed how dead ut is until now guest? ;)
Edit: To avoid flame comments...:
you havent noticed how dead fps games are until now guest? ;)

Posted: 2008/10/10 - 18:49

Obvious guest is obvious :>

Going to test this, i just installed ut3 again and i already found a positive change: copy&paste works.

Posted: 2008/10/11 - 03:08

"bEnableKickVoting=True" , but players cant vote, because dropdownmenue and kickvote are grey. When log in as admin it works. Also you cant see all players for kickvote, because dropdownmenue goes to much down and cut the list.

Thx for your work

Posted: 2008/10/11 - 09:33

Installed and testing right now.
Mokum-X FFA Server
Great job man

grtz Vage

Posted: 2008/10/11 - 10:36

Now online on Server, it works... but;

I just tested it and it still fills my log file with errors. It still carries mutators over from one gametype to the next. When you switch to a new gametype the HUD disappears and you have to disconnect and reconnect to get it back. The Duplicate Netindex errors in the logs are very numerous :(

Posted: 2008/10/12 - 00:49

cs + cod != dead

Posted: 2008/10/12 - 03:08

cs, wow = totally dead games!!!!!!!!!11

Posted: 2008/10/12 - 21:15

thank you

Posted: 2008/10/14 - 18:30

The fast growing logfile makes our server very laggy,after we downgrade to utcomp3v02d the lag was gone.

Posted: 2008/10/14 - 22:33

Below I have posted two of the gametypes in my UTComp3 ini. The first on is DM and the second one is BR.


VotingGametypes=(GametypeClass="UTGame.UTDeathmatc h",GameTypeName="DeathMatch",MapList=("DM"),ExtraO ptions="?EnableBrightSkins=1?EnableArmorStacking=1 ?Numplay=6?Mutator=UTMutator_FreeFOV.UTMutator_FreeFOV,JumpMod.JumpMo d,ApocMatrixMoves_v300.MutApocMatrixMoves,TalkingI con.TalkingIconMut,ServerAdverts.ServerAdverts,UTG ame.UTMutator_WeaponReplacement,BattleMOD.BattleMO D,MutTranslocatorPlus.MutTranslocatorPlus,RelicMad ness.UTMutator_XRelics")


VotingGametypes=(GametypeClass="BombingRun.UTBRGam e",GameTypeName="BomingRun",MapList=("BR"),ExtraOp tions="?EnableBrightSkins=1?EnableArmorStacking=1? Numplay=2?numbots=1")


Notice how the BR gametype has no mutators at all. If I play DM then vote for BR all the mutators from DM will load for BR. They should not do this! Then if I vote to go back to DM it will load all the DM mutators again so it's trying to run them twice causing the Duplicate Netindex errors that fills my logs. To me it seems that there should be a way for UTComp3 to clear out the mutators between gametypes so that these problems don't happen.

Posted: 2008/10/20 - 18:06

Hello, anyone here?

Posted: 2008/10/21 - 01:04

A player ask me if its possible to change the colors with utcomp for custom skins too?

Posted: 2008/10/21 - 11:57

yeah get your self a partner faust, the guy who made bta, some options from that mod could be useful in utcomp imo

like the other skins, and fov 80-120

fov 120 makes the game crazy fast on a 1680x1080 monitor, so funny imo

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