Trash talk add-on
2008/09/05 13:23:26 Beliavski
Found an amazing produkt while surfing the brilliant webb.

This is a produkt that allows to record your own flame messages for use while playing online games on the xbox360. Man that is just ...AWESOME :)

" Trash Talk gives you a bank of buttons which activate pre-recorded sound clips, letting you assemble your own messages and activate them at will. Itīs the ultimate weapon to flame your buddies over Xbox Live."

read more about it here

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Posted: 2008/09/05 - 13:34

Lets play some 360 beli: mnzy is my ID, just add.
You can even trashtalk me ;)

Posted: 2008/09/05 - 13:43

Oki monz. Maybe we can play some UT3 on it ! :p

Posted: 2008/09/05 - 14:30

lil bit ot but any of you guys (or someone else with a 360) got "Mercenaries 2" ?
ID: darQrrR btw ;)

Posted: 2008/09/05 - 14:52

Wonder how many peolpe play UT3 online on ps3 and xbxox360 compared to on the PC. Somebody go get the info I am busy working ;)

Posted: 2008/09/05 - 15:12

Hf console geeks

Posted: 2008/09/05 - 15:13

maybe you can end on a most hated list as you did in ut1 beli :)

Posted: 2008/09/05 - 15:22

Fargo, welcome back to unrealnorth! Rumors has it that u haven't been in here in 6 months..

Console is the future. UT2010 on xbox360 with keyboard and mouse will be teh next big thing in online gaming!

Posted: 2008/09/06 - 06:37

Sad but true beliavski, there's 3 copies of UT3 in this household. One for my PC, one for my xbox360 and one for my brothers PS3 :D

Beli, have you gotten Too human? Maybe you'd fancy having a go if you do?

Posted: 2008/09/06 - 15:50

flames are so much more meaningful when they come from the heart at the spur of the moment! (see: varagh)

Posted: 2008/09/06 - 19:53

im probably getting a 360 somewhere this month

Posted: 2008/09/06 - 21:04

Too Human have not had any nice reviews on it so i will not get it. And also i dont like hack n slash ninja gaiden.

Posted: 2008/09/07 - 00:25

lost oddyssey

Posted: 2008/09/08 - 10:55

lol jstx, you still banging on about that game?!

Posted: 2008/09/09 - 00:08

Beli, get yourself castle crashers, it's fun and the coop is great :)

Posted: 2008/09/09 - 14:06

got my 360. aint got no live yet though. got project gotham racing 4, gears of war and lost odyssey.

Posted: 2008/09/09 - 14:26

monz i actually tried caslte crashers but found it boring. Jus tapping the button made it boring. I might try it again cause some peolpe say it has humor in it.

But monz i hope u have already played bionic commando.
Man thats just an awesome game.
If you have played the original you might even blow a big load in your little panties ;)

Posted: 2008/09/09 - 19:03

Yeah it's funny, got a bit of "anal"humour :>
check out the review: (check out the owl at the end ;))
But i guess it's not for everyone.

Posted: 2008/09/10 - 03:09

i want one so bad, i would be the flamer of the flamers with my flamer tool.

Posted: 2008/09/10 - 15:38

duh you're american.

Posted: 2008/09/14 - 20:42

We need new blogs :>

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