A new utcomp3 beta.
2008/08/31 22:10:42 faust
because i got no bugreports about last beta, i decide make something more and upload it before i drown in other demo shit..

Now utcomp features should work during demo playback.


Posted: 2008/09/01 - 12:16

nice work faust !

Posted: 2008/09/01 - 14:04

ye faust really does a good job :))

Posted: 2008/09/01 - 14:09

faust for pres

Posted: 2008/09/01 - 15:18

faust > arnold

Posted: 2008/09/01 - 16:30


Posted: 2008/09/01 - 16:49

It works fine for me

I don't know if it depens on UTCOMP, but on a linux 1.3 beta server It crashes by switching map to Flustered-le and some other custom maps...

Anyone experienced that?

Posted: 2008/09/01 - 19:21

faust > epic

Posted: 2008/09/02 - 00:12

ok so i just tried the clientside demo rec out following a practise game and im loving it! very impressive work. no weapon models but what you've achieved so far is awesome. having to rely on serverside demos all the time was a royal pita, especially when playing on servers that you don't have control of/ftp access.

ut3 + ut3comp is in a great state now with most of the games original issues having now been fixed, i just hope its enough motivation to get more teams to make the move to tdm and we can have some decent cups again.

anyway i urge you all to try the new stuff out.

Posted: 2008/09/03 - 00:59

csm wrote:

having to rely on serverside demos all the time was a royal pita, especially when playing on servers that you don't have control of/ftp access.

tell me about it. from a moviemaker's point of view, it's a NIGHTMARE (since i love the looks of ut3, i'd like to make another movie, but without demos, that would have been hard, until now :P)

Posted: 2008/09/09 - 01:01

I guess i found a bug.

When i enable ping compensate, my crosshairs returns to default even they seem ok in crosshair tab on utcomp menu. And when i disable compensate, my crosshairs goes to normal.

The weird thing is, it happened same on tweakd's competitive mutator plus utcomp(Utcomp3 v2d). I am noob on these coding thing but it seems enabling 2 mutators on the same time can mess crosshairs somehow :X

Posted: 2008/09/11 - 03:49

Nice that you bring a new Version. I saw that today. Somewhere should be a Forumthread only for UTcomp where people can go everytime to check how the status is and see if a new version out. If someone found a bug where he should write it...by the blog from v1, v2 or v3? Its confusing.

Posted: 2008/09/11 - 14:59

The message that "UTcomp ping compensation v01 is enabled" shows up nearly every minute and itīs really annoying. This message should only show one time, maybe when a new match (map) starts.
The "ingame menu now closeable after game ended" is working for standard games, but not in BTA.
Anyone else have the problem when "bPlayersMustBeReady=True" and a new match will start that some player canīt be ready? It happens to me also some times. It shows you must click fire to be ready, but when you click fire, nothing happens. This happens to different players.
Faust, maybe you can make a option when a admin is logged in that he can set inside the UTComp menue "players must be ready". That would be great, because setting it over webadmin overwrite you some settings when customgametypes are running.

Posted: 2008/09/11 - 17:34

Agree to big_deal, ping compensation message is really annoying. And it would be cool if we can see mutator config(Brightskins, hit sounds, ping compensation status etc) when we press f5 in game.

Posted: 2008/09/11 - 21:03

When a vote is start for disable or enable ping comepensation the players get the message that there is a vote...they press f5, but there is no text what explain for what the should vote.

Posted: 2008/09/12 - 12:49

there is definately a bug regarding custom xhairs (moreover having weap specific xhairs). didn't know it was to do with ping compensation though.

can we have ping compensation off as default? i fucking hate that sort of shit.

Posted: 2008/09/13 - 00:43

Hi Faust,

I've got a couple of bugs to discuss -

a) UTComp xhairs not showing despite setting them up and previous UTComps working
b) Random bug where people are being telefragged

Can we discuss on MSN or something?



MSN: raakshasa@hotmail.com


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