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2008/08/16 23:15:21 vYd!
Ok, so I'm at a funny point in my life really. I quit uni after 1 year and 1 term at Bristol, but continued to live their with students, not doing much apart from sleeping and partying, but since the summer has started I've lived back at home. And to be honest, I really don't like it, not compared to living in Bristol. I felt a bit lost though, as I don't really wanna get a fulltime job and start my career for my life yet, I'm only 20! I also knew that all my mates would be back at Uni in September and I'd be left at home.

So I decided I needed to do something a bit different and something to prevent me from having to think about real life too much. I decided I wanted to go and work in Japan, in the Ski resorts, over the winter season. I've been learning a little Japanese and am fascinated by the country, so I thought why not. I found a company to go through and completed a telephone interview etc and I'm happy to say that this morning I recieved a job offer! It really shocked me, because I was expecting to get one in a month or so (if at all). Now comes the problem. In order to be allowed a visa to work in Japan you need 2500 in your bank account. Which I don't have. And since I dont have a job atm, I might struggle to get. I'm looking for a job right now, so hopefully I'll get one soon. Anyways, I need to accept/decline really soon so I'm kinda unsure as to what my future holds.

Anyways, dunno if anyone cares really, but I just wanted to write it all down lol. There will be more to come if I actually make it to Japan \o/

Oh yeh this also means I wont have time for UnrealNorth2 movie anymore...

JOKING! I wouldn't do that to you all. I have infact made a start on the intro of the movie, and since the deadline for demos has passed, I've started watching thru them all and FRAPSing them so I have a nice collection of frags which are easy to browse through. I shall keep you updated!

vYd out!

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Posted: 2008/08/16 - 23:25

u were frapsing them? dumpframes :/

Posted: 2008/08/16 - 23:31

lol I aint gonna use the fraps'd ones in the movie ;p

Posted: 2008/08/16 - 23:48

if you get lazy and actually use the fraps, i think wings will hunt you down in Japan and stab you with a ski. :]

Posted: 2008/08/16 - 23:52

haha trust me, I aint gonna use the fraps. I want this movie to pwn lol

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 00:34

2500 pounds ? job n0 n33d !
go to Jeopardy \o/

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 00:39

if u get to ski resorts try to pass by in vienna =D

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 00:41

lol not sure vienna is on the way to Japan, but I would finish work on March 31st....will I be around for UAF in 2009?

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 02:33

come to Ozora next year, it was unbelieveable :)

hf in Japan, mate

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 03:12
you might like :)

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 05:31

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 13:32

I'm actually thinking about doing something similair. At the moment I'm doubting about going to college or just live in another country for a year and work, live and see how it goes, you know (in the end you are never too old to learn so "losing" one year college isn't such a big deal if you ask me).

How did you end up getting in contact with the company? did you find information on the internet or what? I'm curious how you got it all arranged.

Keep us updated! and goodluck with the UN2 movie.

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 15:43

I'd love to go to japan also, and do something I won't disclose here :)

Sucks about uni though. I myself am going back to college (ugh!) to do a foundation degree through the Uni of Herts for 2 years. I'm praying to god that it won't suck like the previous course. Its a shame my 1 year break of full time education is coming to a close though. Good luck getting a job etc. Keep us updated!

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 17:57

I like to live in my own world. Fuck regular life! Fuck the '9-to-5' job!
I'm totally enjoyin' every moment, every hour, every minute.
That's what I do at Fridays and Saturdays. Why should I take life so seriously?
I just want to do, what I like to do! Be far from reality, 'cause I can't stand society!
It's my own world, I just want to hear the music.

hope you'll make it japan, adam :), as you've talked about it for a long time now

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 18:49

So you've been to Japan in the best case in one year from now, come back, and realize nothing has changed compared to the situation youre in now. Maybe except that you've lost a year.

On a personal note: I think this "live everyday as it was your last" attitude is borderlining retardation, as this just isnt possible and makes loads a ppl quite unhappy with their life which is a stupid choice. Why not realise that live involves duties and work?

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 19:03

Guestlore, how have I 'lost' a year? I'm doing something I really wanna do, how is that "losing" a year. A plus side also for going out there is I'll actually have to work hard, as the Japanese do that pretty well. So I'll have more experience of a normal routine, some work experience to go on a CV etc etc. I dont have to justyify it to you tho. And ofc I know that life involves duties and work, but I dont wanna commit to something this early. The way I see it, this is probably going to be the best chance in my life, where I can do exactly what I want to do.

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 19:14

Well, of course that is POV but I used the term "losing" because your acitivity is not directed towards a specific goal but your own enjoyment. Given that enjoyment is all you aim for that is not a lost year, most likely. True from this perspective.

Of course you dont have to justify yourself, not towards me nor anybody. But then again you've put your plans to the public discussion by opening a blog. I guess you will have to accept views beside "hooray, rox, go for it, lol" too then...

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 19:23

I agree with both GUESTLORE and vYd however the kind of people you are talking about GUESTLORE are the ones who have nothing to lose, think they don't have any duties or responsibility, they live day by day and take every chance they get. I do think that is somewhat retarded since a good and stable life needs a schedule/routine (which those people don't have).

The reason why I also agree with vYd is because he isn't doing this because it's an impulse and I'm sure he is not the type of person as mentioned above. He has probably thought about this for a long time and by reading luxxiz's comment I bet he did. These chances you only get a couple times in your life and I can only recommend people to take it since not everybody gets a chance like this.

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 21:03

ye, 9-5 jobs are for los3rs, thats why i work nights!

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 22:42

The only important thing is your mental and spiritual happyness... have a nice career, be successfully... not everyone wants them.
Just do what you really want to.

Posted: 2008/08/17 - 22:48

everytime i see the beautiful name of bristol i cant help myself. I just HAVE to inform people about the beautiful scale a'la bristol.
For your info i've had 2 passings today, both turning up 4 on the bristol scale. :HEART:

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