hi ya!
2008/08/09 09:45:08 Mr_IQ^
I guess an admin deleted my blog from yesterday :D thx!

I got thrown out from a night club, came home alone half past midnight with absolutely nothing to do... so i decided to turn the computer on, and do nothing for a couple of hours..

I clearly remember writing a blog on this forum, saying something like:" asid ah29d nad,27 etc". Mostly rage (obviously :P), cause before writing it, i played a dota game (or half a dota game), cause generally i suck at dota. i don't leave the games though, but i do when i'm drunk lol. So after dying 4-5 times in 4-5 different games of dota, i decided i got enough and write a blog here :D ("wrote")

Btw, the reason i got thrown out, is cause, i'm not 18 yet.. And only a very few of my friends are. Now, one of my good friends, who is not 18 either, gets the red thingy on the hand (meaning, ur 18+, instead of the black one, that means ur below 18), which means he can buy drink and stuff :D So obviously, i waste 15 euros (or so), on drinks n shots, when the guards see me drinking :D i only think i drank 2 shots, and got 1 slurp (?) of my drink :p so i wasted 8-9 damn euros on a drink that i didnt even drink :P thats also why i had rage! :p

anyway, coming home alone at 00:30 pm a friday night is pretty depressing /: i even woke up at precisely 9:26, when i usually wake up at 13-14:00 /:

i guess i'm depressed now..

that sux..

can u still be depressed when u laugh all the time?

cause atm i'm feeling high, lol..


haha, cant bother to do the "stoned", thing again :p

I was going to tho...

by stoned i mean http://www.unrealnorth.com/myblog.php?action=vBlog&id=774&type=user ..

FUCK, i gotta stop..

anyuway, always look at the bright side of life, what a shite friday tho.. and that was just an update from Denmark :D

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Posted: 2008/08/09 - 10:46

haha sucks not being able to drink legally
your complaining about 15euros? :p
shit man i usually go out after work and spend all the money i earned ;D, im allowed to drink tho ;D

Posted: 2008/08/09 - 12:22

I lol'd

I had some dipshit tell me I couldn't go in because he didn't believe my age some time ago. Fucking retard almost croaked when I showed my passport and came to the conclusion that I was almost 30 and called the manager on his ass.
Security dudes should get a clue, powertrippin' retard gaylords :f

Posted: 2008/08/09 - 13:07

story of my life barleby. when i go out im 25 and the other day im below 18. whats up with that!?

Posted: 2008/08/09 - 16:41

i'm asking myself how i came home yesterday =/... any ideas?

Posted: 2008/08/09 - 16:50

rofl 15euros :d

imagine waking up the next day and see you've wasted around 170euros, which is a night out :o :/

Posted: 2008/08/09 - 17:02

Damn you, rich countries!

Posted: 2008/08/09 - 19:33

mahahahahaha bartleby

Posted: 2008/08/09 - 20:14

haha u suck at dota!!

Posted: 2008/08/09 - 20:37

i tried that lux :D but this time, i was in for 15 mins :P and the wasted money didnt even give me a damn blackout. u know how that feels?!

Posted: 2008/08/09 - 21:24

Some hot chicks dropped you off uNr, they felt bad for you i suppose so they got you home ;)

Posted: 2008/08/10 - 05:03

why even go out on pubs/nightclubs drinking in denmark? You buy strong alcohol when ur like 16 years old..you could have a houseparty instead of going out :p

Posted: 2008/08/10 - 10:37

looking at the blog that 15 euro got you pretty wasted though ;)

Posted: 2008/08/10 - 20:08

keep in mind, that money is much more worth when u still go to school ;)

1 night i just won 25 on the club raffle(?->tombola) and that was just a very nice feeling, cause it was more then i had given out to get in the last 2 months, so i decided to invest everything in drinks for my friends :(

Posted: 2008/08/10 - 20:40

Thing with me is, I'm not a big guy. When I don't shave for 2-3 days and am fucked up from work and such I look 35 so they say.
When I'm well rested en shaved apparently I look like some 10 year old git who still sucks titty for nutrition.
I'm 29, turning 30 in a month and a half....what the hell is wrong with people :/
jstx: Basic atmosphere and acception has gone to shit in Holland, that's all.
With me it has even gone so far that I had to dj at Nighttown in Rotterdam and the bouncer stopped me cuz he was sure I was drunk. Mind you it's 20:00 and I have to start playing in 2 hours and I got 3 record bags with me...The mother.... stops me and tells me I'm drunk..... I called the booker and manager and they fired his ass.
No wonder people pick more fights than they used to :/

Posted: 2008/08/10 - 20:40

lol Neco

Posted: 2008/08/10 - 20:42

lol bartleby :D

Posted: 2008/08/10 - 22:42

rofl neco!!^^

Posted: 2008/08/11 - 13:58

haha neco & bartleby :D and nah male, u dont do warmup in holland? :P

and obviously u cant znappy :P no1 bothers to clean it up afterwards >_< last time i did it, 1 guy puked all over the thing where the frontdoor is (where the coats n stuff hangs..) .. he was running towards the bathroom, and couldn't make it, so he made 1 big like of puke through my house /: then my parents said, that no, no more parties lol. and it wasn't even a real party, it was warmup, we were sposed to go clubbin afterwards now that i remember it xD

Posted: 2008/08/11 - 19:50

to securities i gotta say something too.

Allways remember that they are just doing their job, and they have to ask for your passport, if they dont, i think they can get into really big trouble.

but: a job where u have to do a lot with other people requires FRIENDLINESS. so its definitly NOT ok if they say smt like "wtf do u want here, get away and come againg when u turned 18.." if they ask friendly for ur passport then I think it should be no problem at all to show it since u have nothing to hide (if u are 18.).

another experience i had with securities was that there are 2 kinds of them. 1 kind has this job just to abuse their rights they have in it, and enjoing "being" someone who can give orders to other people (mostly those who say smt like the phrase i mentioned above), and others who are friendly and maybe enjoy to talk to u. when i was graduating from school this year, there was kind of a festival here (smt like the "oktoberfest"), and there i met both of them. we had our own alcohol with us, and some securities where like "wtf do u think u are, get away with that" and some of them just came over and talked to us, signing our tshirts etc etc...

Posted: 2008/08/12 - 14:23

Ofc we do warmup in denmark - it's not really worth going out until before 2am or so, that's when the real party starts..

Ofc you can go out before that but well.. depends what your goal is... if it's to drink and party, don't do it before that, if it's to lay chicks and such then start at 9-10pm instead.

Mr_IQ then just don't puke, how hard is it? :P real friends help each other the day after to clean up after the party np.

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