Fuck ya'll (RAGE QUIT)
2008/08/07 00:55:02 Kenchu
I'm gonna quit UT2004. For real this time. Once the ClanBase 2on2 summer cup is over, UT2004 is going bye-bye. I've felt like quitting UT2004 before, mostly because I was simply bored with the game due to too much play, but never like this. This time it isn't even because of boredom that I wanna quit – it's because of the completely unsatisfying feeling I keep having when playing generally – a feeling that constantly seems to grow in intensity.

Suspicion. Yeah, that's why I wanna quit. It's no fun playing if you suspect every god damn player to be a cheater. Okay, so maybe not exactly everyone, but honestly, it feels like the amount of those suspicious frags that make you think “yeah right” are becoming more and more frequent. And those 14-year olds that were noobs the other day turn out to be pros the next one. “Yeah right”. The worst part is that you cannot be sure whether people are cheating or simply have become pros. Maybe they really are that good all of the sudden, or maybe they're not. It's the suspicion that drives me crazy. Thinking that you're playing against other people on completely different terms just makes me wanna puke.

Knowing that UT2004 sinking farther into its grave for each day that passes by doesn't make it any better. Of course it isn't worth investing in it as much as when it was released. If it would've been, then I bet Epic Games at least would've made some kind of an effort to reduce cheating (or maybe that's a definite “yeah right”). But no. UT2004 is an old game and not worth the investment of time and money.

I bet consoles are going to be the future of competitive gaming. Making cheats for a console is not in any way as easy as making it for a PC. A console is a sealed system. To even get your own code run on one, you'd need to modify the actual hardware, which even might result in a ban if you'd try going online. But even if you'd manage to get your own code running on one, you'd still have to make the actual cheat and somehow get it into the game, which isn't as easy since games for consoles are sealed as well. Publishing your cheat wouldn't be as easy, since the ones who wanna use it would need a modified console too. Furthermore, the ability detect and shut down modded consoles is becoming better for each generation of consoles. Also the fact that regular games are way more profitable on consoles than PC, and that companies seem willing to place money in competitive events (Halo anyone?) makes me think that competitive gaming on the PC, in the long run, is truly fucked.

In addition to these advantages against cheating, consoles are more or less identical in hardware. So there wouldn't be any more issues with performances differences. Everyone would play on the same terms. Also you wouldn't be able to mod configuration files (inis) and such, which from this point of view is an advantage – same terms.

It sad I feel this way about a game that at least I feel has an extremely fun gameplay – if it wouldn't have been for suspicion. Suspicion just leads to misery and anger. Maybe I'll play a public game sometime, but no more serious matches.

Things I won't be missing:

* Grenades, rockets, shieldgun and flak balls that don't count when hitting.
* Combo spam, flak spam, rocket spam... SPAM
* Lag
* Fucked up lifts and jumppads that you get stuck in
* Cup rules that are obeyed without thought even though they make no sense in specific situations
* Random bouncing flak projectiles and grenades
* People that refuse to play on same terms (ping)

And of course cheaters

Fuck ya'll.

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Posted: 2008/08/07 - 01:57

all you mentioned above are feelings i know, and only get when i play tam. in this case i understand you. of course UT makes you angry sometimes (watch wingz) like almost every game (atleast for me), cause its a fucking random game. most of the time you feel punked due to suspictions of cheating, spam or just enormous luck. i understand that ure pissed off atm. i also dont want to aggravate you, but changing to consoles is no option imo (if you`re heading to do so), since it wont change much. getting killed by such "yeah right" frags is also common at console-fps games (that`s why ill never play halo or UT on xbox again :P).

dis able
Posted: 2008/08/07 - 04:16

You worry about cheaters to much. Its pretty easy to tell cheaters, and im pretty sure virtually nobody does it. At least nobody in a decent server. This bull shit about spam/luck etc, it happens to us all you just have to deal with it. Good players can deal with it, end of story.

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 07:45

yeah right

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 07:52

who are you?

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 08:53

Well I think i know the future of UT. Its a bunch of guys in their late 20:s that have known eachother some time and get together to play some from time to time.
But that seems kinda fun to me.
Its like u tuck in your kidds and get ready to play some UT :)
Maybe UT99 is the way to go. The age of does players should be pretty high..unless alot of young peolpe actually picks up a games that was out in 99.

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 13:07

looool kenchu :p

i started ut when i was 13 now im 15 xDDD still noob :D

i agree to vulva

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 13:18


I wouldn't wanna play on a console either - mostly because they're infected with alot of annoying kids. I'm just saying I think it's the future.

It's more like I'm just gonna leave the whole "pro scene" or whatever, and just try enjoying the game and others as they were meant to be played. I'd rather spend time on something that won't piss me off all the time.


I've felt that way too. It's like UT is doing a "quake" (there are a lot of old quake players who never really left the game, and still play it until today). It's like we never really needed a follow-up, because all we needed was already there with the older UT games. All the love and abundance. :)

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 14:13


Posted: 2008/08/07 - 14:33


I can explain the first one. "* Grenades, rockets, shieldgun and flak balls that don't count when hitting."

Why it doesn't hit is because we live where we live..in Sweden. Im sitting with a goddamn ADSL shizzle and playing on german servers n stuff..it's silly...I which there where people playing on servers from our country to know the feeling.

Cba not hiting with the shock aswell, I know my ping is fake or something cuz it even floots better at my mates place and he got higher ping than me which makes it even more ridiculous. And yeh..he can hit people at his place..I can never hit with the goddamn shock anymore at home and my roxx are fucking late as hell same are the switching weapon thingy.

I understand your feelings.

BB sometime Kenchu.

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 14:46

bye. basicly you hate the entire game and cant stand it. gg.

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 15:21

no basically he's a fucking whiner about everything and something more... suspicions? come on... either u just got bashed by luck or a good player, who gives a shit?... spam? that's the whole idea of the fucking game... no counting hits happens to everyone as well, not just you and znappy who live in sweden... get over it and play for fun because that's the whole idea of " A GAME (in general) "... or quit... see ya

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 15:39

Yea jstx that's what i thought, too :D
On the other side: getting accused of being a cheater also sucks and it happens more and more.
People should just accept that crazy frags happen all the time in TAM, just because you got all the weapons and sometimes are forced to try desperate hits and that actually works pretty good, flaming afterwards is a sure thing then.
Players should just lose that "he must cheat", "he's winning because of his ping", "that was luck", "only grenadespam" blablabla attitude and see that it's their own fault 99% of the time.

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 16:01

actually there's no working anticheatsoftware for years if there's ever been one... so you risk not much when you decide to go hacking and if youre not too stupid no one will ever find out. the last discussion here weather some brit was hackin or not showed that pretty well: its almost impossible to prove and ppl will get away with it, regardless what...

some time ago I realised that it's enough when I am convinced myself that someone hacks and that I dont need the affirmation of random ppl I prolly dont even like or respect to be quite sure about that.

lastly I feel urged to mention that ppl who whine about whine should prolly go and shoot themselfes.

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 17:21

If that what makes you quit then you are just being paranoid. TAM is all about aim and obviously players that play only TAM 24/7 are gaining aim much faster then people who play other mods as well or just dosen't play as much.

You should take into account how easy it is to hit in this game and how good your aim can become with the right gear,it dosen't matter how old is the player or how much time he's playing. If you are playing such a lame, aim and luck based mod you should atleast know how to accept the fact that there are always people who can aim better then you, and that dosen't always mean they are cheating, in most cases they are not.

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 18:05

@ cyclum:

I guess u dont know how it is to play from this place, no wonder. And yes I more or less already quited, picking the game up when Im rly rly boored for nub-bashing.

I totaly understand Kenchu tbh..there is no such irretating thing as shots that doesnt dmg even that it hits, for an example flak or roxx.

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 19:15

like i said cylum he hates the entire game and cant stand it all the things mentioned happen to all of us ut is a random game but who gives a poo you either like it or you dont.

playing from this place? correct me if im wrong but arent you from sweden?

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 19:20

omg whine whine whine all the way..

* Grenades, rockets, shieldgun and flak balls that don't count when hitting.
this happens for everyone!

* Combo spam, flak spam, rocket spam... SPAM
it's a part of the game, you can also spam..

* Lag
i agree, this sucks

* Fucked up lifts and jumppads that you get stuck in
lol.. i really dunno whats everybody complaining about there, i never stuck in a lift/jumppad so far, maybe you should learn how to use them!

* Random bouncing flak projectiles and grenades
i agree, this sucks..

the other two point: well, it's a community-thing, could also work perfectly well (why don't you apply for a supervisior spot in cb?)

Now the main thing, CHEATING... Is there a possibility that you are somehow paranoid? In a few years of ut2k4 i've seen about 5 cheaters and most of them got banned after a while... there are just some skilled guys out there. btw. it also sucks if people like you accuse somebody of cheating (well, for me it's more an honor because i know im clean ;D).

And btw., is there a logical explanation why some people play "on top" since ut99 if the game only constists out of spam, luck and cheats?

c ya

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 20:02

uNr wrote:

* Random bouncing flak projectiles and grenades
i agree, this sucks..

whine on whine on whine...

to bad kenchu, perhaps you should stick to the pickups at #[msb], know your enemy :)

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 20:58

Znappy, the no hit thing is abut the netcode, not the ping.
Every player experiences this, it has nothing to do with the ping.

Just wanted to make that clear.

Im sure you will come back kenchu :D
Have fun nontheless what your going to do

Posted: 2008/08/07 - 21:16


ofc it is, but im talking about other problems that I got with my own ISP not that netcode. I cant even hit with the shock >.< delaytime n stuff even with low ping, dunno why,.this is why I dont feel like gaming that much anymore, not rly exactly what Kenchu got but somewhat like that first thing he said. It just suxx to play to servers outside the country.

I can tell you this when it's only me at home on the net I can feel the diffrence cuz I actually hit then...pretty crappy ADSL..gotta move into the city so I can get luxxiz 100/10 shizzle cable ;)

I heard Yatja got the same provider as me and he didnt wanna play the UT3 4v4 opencup cuz of that if I remember correctly...:o

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