huxflux's summer mix
2008/07/13 19:49:28 huxflux
Hi peeps,

This is gonna be one of the lightweight blogs since I am gonna give you 2 options, not 1 but 2, one day offer! (only $.99/w*)

First option is to read something about my personal life here down under or second option, you can scroll down to the bottom and download my new mix :)

Blog part:

I attended to the 1o1 UN cup yesterday which were great fun although it lasted for such a short time for me.
The competition was good against me and I guess most of us felt a bit rusty since its been awhile when there were a bigger happening in the UT2004 scene. Of course, in perfect condition like I used to be, with a mouse that doesn't change sense every now and then, fever day before game, and lack of steroids and a bunch of other illegal substances I could be in the finals today.. I'll work with those parts for next cup. Hope to see at least as many gamers around then :)

In personal life everything is going smoothly, used most of my vacation already in a cottage in Pohjaslahti in Finland, a place invaded by mosquitoes that pissed me off to the point that I rampaged in the cottage every eve. Other great memorys from there is sheets that our kids pissed and pooped on during nights which we had to do laundry by hand every day while it rained and thundered above us.
So whats so great about that you might wonder? Country life, sauna and swimming in a lake, its damn great and worth all the work :)
Aah yes, my wifes half blind and partly demented grandma were with us and kept asking which month it is like 8 times a day.
When weather were bad (approx 85% of the time) she felt bad over our rainy vacation and when it was sunny she forgot about the bad weather and blessed our good luck with the weather even thou the grass still were dripping wet. She could laugh about it when we reminded her complaining about it 30 minutes earlier, funny granny :)

Music part:

So anyway, after a full day of gaming yesterday I felt I wanted to do something unusual which I haven't been doing in a week or so, so I booted up Traktor and started mixing those old tunes I've been trying to put together for some time now, its been hard but I suppose I were relaxed enough and with the knowledge that I had time I got something out of it finally. My track collection is perhaps couple hundreds tunes where I just try to figure out what to put together while mixing, just what feels right for time being I guess.
There are some proper screw ups as usual, but personally I think its less then when i started ;)


Red Lagoon - Sendex
Black Pine - The Revolving Eyes
Bangkok Impact - Junge Dame Und Freundliche Telefon Stimme
Kobol Electronics - Zentralrechner
Tiefschwarz - lsst (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
AS1 - Wireless State of Mind
Barbarella - My Name is Barbarella
Kobol Electronics - Scientific Progress
UNN - Reality - (Sniper Mode Remix)
? - Sad Computer (frustrated dialog)
Blastromen - Escaping Don't Compute
Francisco - Salvation The 3rd
Simian Mobile Disco - Tits & Acid
Ascii.Disko - Ne Travaillez Jamais
Adath Bey - Level B
Cave - African Beats
Franck Sarrio - Robotic Invasion (Luke Eargoggle Robot Remix)
Datassette - Zigzag
Composite Profuse - Untidy Order - Electrodin


Mix by huxflux - hello.mp3 (127 mb/1h 10m)

Big blog today, thanks for taking time for either scrolling down or read it all the way here!

* w = word


Posted: 2008/07/13 - 20:05

Sounds like life's been good to you lately, and for that i am happy!
i dunno how but ur blog somehow got me longing for ut2k4 again... hrmpf hrmpf
keep up the good work sir hux!!! :heart:

Posted: 2008/07/13 - 20:23

Don't do drugs :\
Other than that i can't wait to hear it! The download is really slow but i'll be patient.

Posted: 2008/07/13 - 20:38

thanks cristal :)
you should play some ut2004 some day, we have pretty fun pickups at msb daily basis.

monz: dont know how to become a big player without droids :/
jk its all about practice, you cant cheat to success!

would you like another mirror? Just tell me where to put it and ill do so.

Posted: 2008/07/13 - 22:41

Heh, good to know that you're doing okay. About those mosquitos in here...yea, tell me about it :D I was barbequeing with my friends and I went almost on a berserk to hunt down every single one of those little bastards since they kept stinging me constantly. Nice that you made another mix, you sent one of your mixes to me a long time ago, I think it was summer 2006, remember? It was and still is a nice mix :)

Oh, the memories...

Posted: 2008/07/13 - 22:46

nice nice :> i dld ur last mix too and i liked it alot! :)
ut2k4 ftw! \o/ (i know i say that nearly under all my comments:p)

Posted: 2008/07/14 - 02:32

yes huxflux, I'd like another one, still got some space left in my room
I'd love it when you put it into the corner, you'll see it when you enter my room.
Thanks in advance

Posted: 2008/07/14 - 09:13

ok pissed, ill send it to you. I got your address, should take couple weeks to arrive. Its a pretty big package..Hiope you like it!

Posted: 2008/07/14 - 09:48

get a room you two ;)

edit, was gonna edit and say i dled. but I couldnt, megaupload removed the file :(?
add mir0rs plix

Posted: 2008/07/14 - 10:27

ookah: its there again

Posted: 2008/07/14 - 18:47

ok ive come to the conclusion that megauploads sucks so i went and bought a proper domainpackage.
Heres a download link: Mix by huxflux - hello.mp3

Posted: 2008/07/14 - 19:07

I like it :)
You should tag it better though for stuff like Or isn't it interesting for a "small" musician to know who and how often his stuff is played?

Posted: 2008/07/14 - 21:14

how should i tag it monz? Also I guess I am a little bit too small hobby musician to have listeners to talk about ;)
I always like your feedback though, I think you have commented every mix I released and its very much appreciated :)

For anyone intrested the site got a layout now,
I can pretty much promise it will not be updated regulary :)

Posted: 2008/07/15 - 20:12

yea i listened to all your mixes :)
well i tag them just by doing righclick -> properties in foobar. i guess there are many ways.

Posted: 2008/07/15 - 20:30

hmm well the file has it all it should i think, id2 and 3 tags, comments and a name (Mix by huxflux - hello) so I am guessing you got the version from megauploads i tried to replace several times.


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