reign of the jerks
2008/07/06 14:29:53 GUESTLORE
Since three or four month I discuss some stuff on the "discussion" pages on wikipedia when I feel like I could contribute something usefull to a topic. Its usually ignored and ppl continue to have their childish flamewars instead but whatsoever. Lately I wrote my first own article to quite some controversal political thing, because I felt this one was missing and I really really really tried to be as neutral as possible. I thought I could do this because I had sufficient knowledge but no real opinion in this matter. So here is what happened:

First, there came the leftist and went like neutrality against rightists is silent affirmation and started to deneutralise the article. Then, shortly after, rightists came and complained this article was a mess and that it was tendencious. Now the good article that I wrote is a mess, sucks, and Im pissed off because I spent like an hour to contribute something to wikipedia while stupid fuckheads destroy my work. Some bonehead suggested to delete my account, ppl who dont even have the slightest idea about the topic censor what they believe might be conflicting with their ideas etc etc. In short: This is a pain.

I feel ike wikipedia is the reign of the jerks, as if was the real life...


Posted: 2008/07/06 - 14:46

What pisses me most on Wikipedia is when some know-it-all comes and deletes 90% of the article, saying it's too long or uncorrectly written or shit like that. Normally it would be counted as vandalism, but since he's either an admin or some trustee, then it's ok to screw the article up.

Won't link to specific articles now but I'm sure you've seen it a lot if you edit on Wikipedia. Most of the article disappears as part of a "clean up". Thank god for infinite reverting powers.

Posted: 2008/07/06 - 16:32

what was the article about?

as the internet only increases in size and significance i suppose it's no surprise for things like censorship and power struggles to become more prevalent. there are far too many jerks to fight against whether political or not, and of course the internet magnifies conflicts because people are suddenly very outspoken and confrontational behind their computer screens. too bad, but what isn't?

Posted: 2008/07/07 - 13:47

People are very radical and extremistic about 2 things, politics and religion. Whenever the discussion comes to them, people are sure about being right, since their opinion is based on their whole life experience, the way they were brought up etc. Even if your neutral as much as possible, a dipshit thinking that anarchism/nationalism is the only way will come. You cant really argue with him, maybe you can try telling him to be more serious about it, and not to be so sure about his own opinion being right, thinking for a second that he might be wrong, and saying that your opinion is that being being neutral is probably the right way.

But like I said, theres no point really.

Posted: 2008/07/07 - 20:16

dezp: who said that the anarchist/nationalist is wrong? :)
What i mean is that if your being neutral then you can only put the facts about what those things are without your own thoughts. The subject must be informative for those seeking some knowledge about eg anarchism or nationalism, it has nothing to do with feelings except for perhaps the reader.

Posted: 2008/07/08 - 13:05

i think exact that development, diskussions and all the deletes are exact the right thing for wiki.

if i am looking for smth on wiki, i always find good stuff.

but your right. if i want to contribute somth. and its always changes/deleted then it really really pisses me off

Posted: 2008/07/11 - 19:08

hey, are we talking about circle jerking?


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