Speaking about festivals
2008/06/27 19:55:34 bartleby
My employer finally gave the okay for time off during the Lowlands festival this august.....and what do you know.....it's fucking sold out!!!!
Not that the line up was amazing but it's a great festival where I do my yearly dose of unleashing frustration through alcohol and drug abuse while watching/listening to some cool bands (dEUS, blood red shoos, editors.....ok that was it for this year).
Alternative for it being Pukkelpop in belgium, which is fun and the line up is better. But there's shit to do and I want to be entertained through the night.... Anyway, looking for tickets in another way now but goddamn this blows dog. It's my holiday for the year so to say and it got shoved through my nosehole :(
Just my bleeding luck


Posted: 2008/06/27 - 20:09

go to meltfestival.de ;D

fucking amazing, had my best time there last year ^^

mixture between eletronical music and indie/rock (editors and deus are also comming this year ;) ) + some hiphop

it's in germany but hey, it rocks and ppl are chilled there :)

Posted: 2008/06/27 - 20:12

meet me at melt! ;)
those three bands you mentioned are there aswell.

e: ok, i'm not sure i'll be there, because of my stupid exams on monday after the melt-weekend :F

Posted: 2008/06/27 - 20:58

might be a nice idea, haden't thought of going to germany. though I can't get time off in july :/
nice idea though:)

Posted: 2008/06/27 - 21:08

melt was all mini 8[

Posted: 2008/06/28 - 03:02

i saw dEUS live two years ago, they are freaking great live

Posted: 2008/06/28 - 14:20

problem is there are so many bands/dj's I want to see this year.. especially friday is so crowded ;s I'm still not sure what I want to see ;p

@monz: study like a madman the week before and leave the festival at sunday.. I'm not too keen on Björk and the rest.. hotchip is amazing, but I've seen 'em last year.. so ^^ .. 2 days are enough ;p

Posted: 2008/06/28 - 18:51

Leeds and haigh fest

Posted: 2008/06/28 - 19:00

you'll still be able to buy tickets, might have to pay over the odds though.

for the last 7 years running leeds festival has "sold out" not long after tickets were put on sale, but each year thousands of tickets have still been available to purchase on the door even though they never officially announce it.

Posted: 2008/06/30 - 16:39

I am going :x
Can't you get a '2nd hand' ticket somewhere? :P

Posted: 2008/07/02 - 17:56

I might, see what they do with the prices on marktplaats when the time gets closer, it's either that or I go on holiday to vienna or something...kinda nice too:)

thing is, none of my m8's managed to get tickets. so we're gonna have to get like 6 of em in the end :E

Posted: 2008/07/03 - 18:04



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