2008/06/13 17:58:41 Nex
Hi guys recently I've been working my ass, off well not really because my fine ass is still there but to keep the blog going lets just go with that saying.

For a month of 2 I've been working behind the bar at a cocktail bar in the centre of the city.
Its cool working there but then again I've been doing bars since I was 16 (working that is ;p)
BUT BUT BUT not all is well in Ghent city.

Seeing as when I'm done its nighttime I usually go out, a lot.
Ok no big deal buuuuut last month I met this amazing girl serving drinks in a club where I go out loads.
We got along just fine, even becoming really good friends in such a short notice.

Now anyway this is where I got pissed. Shes dating a 36 year old lowlife motherfucker,
ok np I can steal her away from him kk, were it not that the FUCKER is my best friends brother and my best friend is dating my sister. So i decided to just go with it and wait it out.

A couple of days ago she and the 36yr old lowlife motherfucker who i will now refer to as
fuckingbitchassmotherfuckerdidnthavehismommywhenhegrewupcuzhistesticalisonhisfuckinghead or just "Rat" seeing as thats his nickname. So anyway they had a fight he went to the stripclub down the street and started flirting with his ex girlfriend (who is a stripper) gives u a bit of an idea what were dealing with.She got mad and shit so after work i went i saw her and we talked about it and its so fucked up because i cant just go ahead and say "ololololo he aint no good take me yo yo" so we started cuddling (it was just me and her left and she was closing off) she started to move her hands under my clothes (to be fair i have a pretty manly body who can resist) so I just went with it...

Now a bit later she said she took fucking coke a couple of hours ago, dont get me wrong im stoned 3-4 days a week but coke is a fucking other level turns out it had been a month and because of him she did it again.
So I told her if she was having a hard time to come see me or I would come see her and we could just chill and talk about it.

So I was like Kevin 1 Rat 0, I told her to send me a txt when she got home and she did BUT BUT BUT she fucking slept at rats place! Obviously beeing the kind and loving friend I am,
I said "good on ya, daddy fucking? Hell Yeas!" but what i really wanted to say was nothing's greater
Than the rush that comes with your embrace (ok maybe i stole that but looks pretty sexy dont it) So tonight after work im the dj in 2 clubs (one where she works) oh yea after work i go and play dj too its cool, dj is an easy way to get laid.

So internetfriends advice? (I kinda know what I'm gonna do but let me know what you guys think kk.)

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Posted: 2008/06/13 - 18:04


Posted: 2008/06/13 - 18:06

yoa kk

Posted: 2008/06/13 - 18:06

pics or it didn't happen

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Posted: 2008/06/13 - 18:29

too lazy to read but YAAAAAAAY NEEEEX! :D

Posted: 2008/06/13 - 18:44

kinda wierd situation for you, thats right...

maybe u could talk to her again about her feelings, maybe start with the thing that she took coke (and point out that this is rly rly rly wrong way to deal with probs!!!) and then ask her why she did that, if she felt depressed etc because she maybe loves him.

(i dont know, is she only seeing him from time to time, dating him, or are they a couple already?)

Posted: 2008/06/13 - 18:47

@ Keko she took it cuz she was mad at him (like i said they got in a fight) and i told her it was wrong as fuck and next time she felt like that just to let me know i would come get her.
they're a couple. (but they fight a lot)


anyway work time ye ye

Posted: 2008/06/13 - 18:56

hm maybe u could TRY to tell her that hes no good for her, since they are fighting a lot and she takes drugs because she cant deal with the situation, which is totally fucked up... but well :/ thats quite difficult, u have to talk to her a lot, and it has to be in the right situation...

but if she even dumps him, i dont know if u could get her, beccause i made the experience that if a girl tells u everything about her life and stuff, then ur just a friend and nothing more. but ok, thats my experience. and since u both cuddled etc, i dont rly know if my experience fits ur situation :) but what we both know is that we dont know what that cuddling meant to her.

anyway, good luck to you!

oh and im interested in what u would do :p

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Posted: 2008/06/13 - 23:53

pop the motherfucker in the head, save the cheerleader save the world and dont get smart on me..

bedtime will do me better, sorry for lame comment.. gl with whatever you are up to

Posted: 2008/06/14 - 00:11

these sort of girls really wind me up, and seeing soft blokes getting completely mugged about is one of my pet hates... it makes me want to shake some sense into them cause i see it all the time when i'm out at the weekend. do these tools have no fucking pride?

anyway thats why i feel inclined to give my 2p. i'll be blunt...

you are being a pussy, if this guy is an asshole then who gives a fuck? that should be more motivation to take her off his hands. if you just sympathise and bendover backwards for her you'll end up being one of two things (seriously):

1. just a friend and a shoulder to cry on
2. mr. convenient whom she uses solely to piss the guy off and make him jealous

why let yourself be used like this? you need to show some balls and be a cunt about it... not to her specifically but you know what i mean.

if you want to spend time with this girl it shouldn't be to talk about "it" (it being the situation between her and her ex), cause then this is just drawing on the 'just friends' thing again, and regarding your own views on the situation whatever relationship you have with the girl exists entirely for the wrong reasons as far as your concerned.

it also makes you out to be soft, sure you'll probably nail her at some point but she'll soon fuck you off for her asshole ex again and you'll just be left feeling and looking like a twat. i don't care what most blokes say... regardless of getting your end wet, deep down revenge/spite sex is never satisfying when you're on the wrong end of it. :)

if your gonna invite her round then it should be for other reasons and imo you should make that clear, show some determination and arrogance. imo self-respect and pride > another notch in the old bedpost.

maybe i'm on my own but coke really isnt that much of a big deal (imo) providing its purely recreational, and lets face it, its easy to differentiate between genuine users and those just looking for something else at the weekend, i'm not an advocate for it all but i have come to accept its pretty common place amongst even the nicest and genuine people from where i live and alot of my friends do it occasionally aswell. they are fine people. maybe its a uk thing? it does make people very intimate though... haha.

i don't know if i've read this wrong but if she is sleeping at his all the time after shes spent alot of time with you then to me that would say "hey up... this slut is leading me on", it would piss me off to the point where i'd want nothing to do with and play her for a while or atleast pretend i don't care. hopefully it will make her want you a bit more aswell. have some pride, be a prick about it (to her this time).

alot of men are afraid to do this, especially if the girl in the equation is truly hot, mostly cause they are inexperienced and afraid of fucking it up and ruining whatever chance they had with them. as far as i'm concerned this stance is for weak men and nerds. 9 times out of 10 you won't fuck it up, and if it doesn't work there are plenty more girls and opportunities and most importantly of all you can walk away knowing you have you're pride intact.

you need to make her want you a bit, especially if you have competition. don't just give yourself to her on a plate, shell soon get bored. hes fucking 36, use that fact to your advantage. sure its evil, but make her feel desperate for seeing someone so much older (yes i know i'm going to hell). alot of women are very naive and short of making her feel like crap in the meantime, this sort of talk will subconciously make her see you as the superior option. besides, why not... statistically you are a better option anyway. tell yourself that and fucking believe it. its dog eat dog when it comes to women mate.

gospel truth: never be too nice to a girl, unless its the one your gonna spend the rest of your life with.

sorry for blabbing on but please listen to this advice i guarantee im not wrong :)

bar work is great i did it for quite a while and djing aswell, the money is crap but its one of the most enjoyable jobs i've had. another funny coincidence is that my brothers nickname is rat aswell, haha.

Posted: 2008/06/14 - 01:18

ask her to sleep with you

Posted: 2008/06/14 - 01:35

DeLzy wrote:

save the cheerleader save the world


Posted: 2008/06/14 - 02:40

thought u were gay ? ahah

Posted: 2008/06/14 - 09:04

right so I just got back in, and its done with rat and her,
parently because of the fact she kept talking about me against rat (all the time) and rat was fed up.
People keep telling me shes crazy about me and believe me I feel the same way,
so me and rat had a talk and he said if shes happier with me he hopes it turns out alright.. i told her what i felt for her and said take it or leave it well see how it turns out. then i left and rocked the turntables untill now... well see how it turns out

@csm problem is i reckon she doesnt know what she wants,
and about the coke stuff shes not used to it, so she was fucked up..
ive done it myself but just as an expirement nothing else,
I really meant what I said when I told her id help her out when she needed a shoulder to cry on, I know that puts me in the "friendzone" :/
but well see how things turn out, I gave her a choice tonight and well see which way she goes...
good advice tho S2

@bonz hahah bi!

Posted: 2008/06/14 - 09:58

Yo nex,
I do agree with CSM, sometimes you just have to tell people right in the face that they are stupid and tell them why. It shakes them up, which is good. She doesn't know what she wants? Show her that YOU DO

GL with all this mate, and hey if it all falls to shit, it seems CSM is a guy that knows what he is talking about ;-D

Posted: 2008/06/14 - 10:53

Movie-life, damn.

Posted: 2008/06/14 - 14:20

thought the same @ zkyp :P

gl nex!

Posted: 2008/06/14 - 16:17

GAH, had just written a big ass post.

Let me just try to cook it down a bit then.

Basically, you are who you sorround yourself with. To me this lady sounds a bit troubled (a lot! from what I can read). So remember, if you take her into your life, you also take in her problems.

I am not you so I cant tell you what to do, but I can tell what I'd do. I would not get her into my social circle as she sounds like a person who brings along more trouble than good. (It's harsh to say - trust me, I've been re-evaluating my relations lately, and it's quite hard to tell yourself that you dont want to have much to do with this and this person anymore, especially not when you've known them for years, but in the end it's for the better tbh)

Anyway, if you take her in or not, that's none of my business, BUT! Just promise me that if you take her in, then it is for the RIGHT reasons, and not for some bullshit like you think you can fix her problems and when that's done she'll be all this and that. You can't fix other people, they have to fix themselves - AND to help a person they have to want to be helped, otherwise it comes nowhere. So yeah, don't get her just because you're the big alpha male who can protect the little innocent women and magically turnthem into beautiful flowers.

I don't mean this as an offence, even though it might sound like it - just wrote it a bit provocative to get your attention and make you think about it :-)

I hope you figure something out that's right for you. Take care mate!

btw, she needs to know what SHE wants before there's much you can do about it.

Posted: 2008/06/14 - 17:02

yes :D

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