My 3 (and a bit) days in Portugal
2008/06/12 01:42:12 vYd!
So after reading the latest interview with Hypno, even though its a nice interview, it doesn't say much about him outside of gaming. This, coupled with Hypno suggesting that I blog anyways, I decided to write about my recent trip to Portugal. It's also my virgin blog here on UN!

My father has been flying loads for work recently, and has therefore gathered a lot of AirMiles with British Airways. For those that don't know what this is, it basically means you get points for how many miles you fly, and with these points you can get free tickets etc. Anyways, he had way too many airmiles for himself to use, so as a gift he gave some to me and my brother. I really want to start travelling so I was kinda looking around for fun things to do, and then I noticed vulva mentioning Urban Arts Forms festival in the forums, and thought "Yeh, I'm up for that". It came up in conversation with Hypno one day, and I mentioned it had a Psytrance stage, knowing that Hypno is addicted to Psytrance lol. He said the lineup was amazing for Psytrance, and I knew the lineup was also great for DnB, so we said we'd go. However, due to some reasons neither Hypno nor me could go, which just left vulva going with his mates, and he said it was fucking awesome, so next year I will go :)

Anyways, I still really wanted to travel, and one day Hypno mentioned a psytrance party he was going to, and suggested I came instead of UAF. At the time I was disappointed i couldnt go to UAF and really wanted to do something, and I kinda liked psytrance, so I said I'd go. After Hypno checked with his mates, and school plans etc he gave me the all clear and I booked flights and a hotel (I like staying in hotels lol). So on the 7th June at 2.35pm I jumped on a plane to Lisbon, Portugal!

Was a boring flight, which I slept through mostly lol so not much to tell there. When I landed, Hypno had kindly agreed to meet me at the airport, and him and his mate dave had a car waiting for me. We drove to somewhere in Lisbon where there were shit loads of bars all in a line. Portugal were playing Turkey that day, so most were getting ready for the game and lots had people already waiting for it to start. We sat somewhere, Hypno ordered a round of drinks and we all got chatting etc. Then some live music came on behind us, and we couldn't hear shit anymore so we decided to go somewhere else. On the walk, I did some "sightseeing".

Hypno suggested we made a quick stop in a supermarket to stock up on beers for later (its fucking cheap, compared to the uk anyways), so we bought a load and dropped it off at daves house to keep 'em cool. Anyways, then we met up with 2 more of his mates in the town, and went to some restaurant to get some dinner. I had deep-fried bananas :/ The game was on in the background which was pretty cool, so got to the see at least one of the goals, can't remember. The funny thing was them all speaking english, which I really appreciated them doing throughout the whole weekend. One guy kept repeating random phrases from TV and WoW etc lol was hilarious. But yeh, then we left, went for drinks in many places and it got to around midnight, so we headed back to daves house to get ready to head to the party. The party was about 150km away and had already started, but we wanted to get there around 2am, as the party finished around 5pm the next day. We got packed up and headed on the road, blasting out psytrance on the way :D

hypno is the guy in the front-right

Most of the journey was easy, except the last bit were we got lost. The party was seriously in the middle of nowhere, but luckily there were many other cars driving to this party, so we just followed them lol. By the time we had sat in the Q of cars, and parked etc it was 4am.

I'm not gonna write about the actual party, other than to say it was fucking amazing. Seriously, had the best times. Really wanna thank hypno and all his mates for making it such a good time. Yeh, I was the only UK guy at this party, and it was probably well obvious, but it was such a good atmosphere etc, music was awesome, weather was amazing, everyone really friendly. I'll just post a few pics instead of writing!

pepe, hypno, me

pepe, dave, me

Anyways, we ended up leaving at about 4pm sunday, so had been partying for 12 hours and we were all fairly tired. So we drove back, stopped off somewhere for some food (we all looked like zombies) then they dropped me off at my hotel and I crashed for the night. Woke up the next day at about 2pm and me and hypno decided to meet up at 4pm outside my hotel. We were both still tired, so we just walked around lisbon, going to tourist areas, get a burger at McDonalds :D etc etc. Hypno, being the lazy/forgetful/dumb guy he is, left his bag at mcdonalds, but only realised this when we had taken a ferry across to his home island. so we took it back, and luckily managed to find his bag. We continued to walk, I tried to do some shopping or something, then we met up with 1 of his mates (from the party too) and went to a really nice steak house. Hypno does have a good taste in food :P

Anyways, then we went for more drinks and at about midnight or a little later, we started to make the way back to my hotel, coz i had to get up at 7am to catch my flight home again. I guess hypno needed sleep or whatever, since he had the EC final the next day and hadnt practice all weekend or monday (gratz on the win btw ;p "unbEAtable") Anyways, i got about 5 hours sleep, woke up tuesday caught my flight and at around 5pm and after a few buses and taxis arrived back in Bristol!

Hope that blog wasnt too long for you, but I jsut wanna say thanks to hypno and all his mates for having me in lisbon. Had a seriously great time, and I will be back soon ;p

You'd never have guessed this guy was the no1 ut3 player atm lol

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Posted: 2008/06/12 - 01:48

Im glad that you enjoyed a bit of "my life". Was an awesome weekend adam :) ur welcome to come back soon! hopefully cu @ psybertech 2008 in september, or maybe even before! cheers :D

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 01:50

great blog, good read :-)

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 01:55

skazi at UAF was really wicked :D

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 07:43

wingz wrote:

skazi at UAF was really wicked :D

i missed it :/
they played at same time with pendulum
pretty stupid imo
but uaf was anyway the most pawning event in my life, so glad that ive been there :P

to blog:
also wanna see portugal :(
glad u had fun adamN!
nice blog!!

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 10:35

nice :D looks fun!

and lmaoooo at ur tshirt hypno, "unbeatable" thats just ace man :D

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 11:04

good blog

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 11:37

drugs, dirty dancing and pounding psytrance music : (

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 14:28

whats the name of the song u listened in the car? :D

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 14:38

ultravoice - keep it real (azax syndrom remix) :) my fav song atm. you should download their latest album aswell, the star alliance vol. 2, it's awesome. watched them live the weekend before adam came :D

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 14:42

really nice, portugal and lisbon are definately on my list of places to visit sometimes! must've been pretty nice athmosphere with portugal winning.
you're just listening to the wrong kind of electronic music ;)

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 14:47

nah I listen to all sorts of electronic music! but yeh, keep it real is an awesome song, as is "I saw your saw" .... " are still alive" :D

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 14:48

I'm quite open minded to all kinds of electronic music, but really, the only good partys of electronic music in portugal atm are the psytrance ones, I went to a dnb party once with the so well known pendulum and I quite enjoyed it, I tryed some minimal aswell but I didnt really get along with it.

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 14:50

when you come here the dnb partys are worth it ;)

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 15:24

lol pendulum....
check spor, fresh, panacea....check the whole urban artforms lineup! next year u have to come..... otherwise u miss a great festival.
camping in the woods, 4 days o great music, festivalfeeling :P

btw: adam, ill visit u one day up there in bristol, to rock some dnb partEYs! u know it...... so dont be shocked when im knockin at ya door hrhr

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 15:43

entertaining blog, very good read :)

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 18:39

Pepe had some kickass belly there ^_^

Posted: 2008/06/12 - 20:22


Posted: 2008/06/13 - 14:29

Posted: 2008/06/13 - 18:42


Posted: 2008/06/14 - 10:08

you know what good music is! psytrance! ^^ (dark & fullon are the bestest)
come to Fullmoon (Germany) this year! i'll be there

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