2008/06/03 08:31:31 Turok
Yo UN. It's been awhile since I last wrote a actual 'blog'. I would like to start by saying that my life is idle. Meaning it isn't going anywhere ahead or going back. Well I'm finnishing school this week (June 6) and I don't have any summer plans or events comming up. I'm still trying to pursure my life in Automotive scene(?). I have no clue where to start/begin with in that field. My week consist of waking up ,school (only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), then come home and do nothing!

I was playing UT2k4 alot or I guess you can say occasionally since people were actually playing & etc. Also I came to a conclusion that video games in general don't satisfy me. Meaning their are no new games out there where I can sit down and play for hours. So I uninstalled UT2k4, and other many games that have been in my computer because it's just the same thing over & over again. I don't think UT is going anywhere and UT3 will most likely last for a long time till a new one (which I don't plan to play anymore). So having all that said, gaming overall isn't my thing.

Everyday now I wonder what I can do too change my life drastically. I hate being home now watching tv, laying around, texting (which I seriously need to stop, it's like crack for me), and just being a lazy ass. School isn't going anywhere for me personally and I'm just going to keep doing to make my parents happy, I guess you can say.

I had a meeting with a counselor a couple months back, and she suggested that I should find a job involving cars. She said it doesn't matter what kind of job, as longest I'm around my intrest. I've tryed for a couple a weeks but I failed many, many times. Pretty much I'm asking for adivce on what I should do to start changing my life involving cars/racing/tuning. Spefically Euro cars & Euro tuning.


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Posted: 2008/06/03 - 08:37

The counselor is right, just get a job which involve cars, just to get somewhat experience. Also finding another hobby wouldn't hurt you, if you haven't got anything to put your spare time in you'l end up being bored and lazy (like you described).

Posted: 2008/06/03 - 08:42

True, true. When I tryed looking for a job, they always say they can't hire because the Economy is down. Any suggestions on what other hobby I can do? Does bike riding count as a hobby, like for fun & exercise?

Posted: 2008/06/03 - 08:46

1. an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.


Posted: 2008/06/03 - 08:49

Makes sense, haha. Well thanks man. Now I'm curious to see what other have to say.

Posted: 2008/06/03 - 14:09

Hmmm go play an instrument? :P I know from experience how much time you can waste on playing guitar for example, its rewarding, fun and you have something you can 'train' on to get better. Besides, the girls will love you for it too! :D

and if you are looking for something more, go do some sport, a real one, like Judo or other full contact sports

Posted: 2008/06/03 - 15:28

Hey Turok,
I can imagine how are you doing. I would rather go working. Whatever you will do it would kill your idling and clear your mind. Anyway if you think there is no work which are you interest in, then try to look over internet. Looking for job gain your skills as same as playing games...
Next options are: find a girl and spend a free time with her; if you are good in cars you can try to buy some crashed, fix it and tune it and sell it?! You can do own licence to fixing car personaly start with working for friends and become to wide field.

Try to contact any european companies, tell them about your interest and possibilities to be interest for your country (I guess you are from Mexico) ...


If I am bored I come to garage and fix something (usually car) ... guy who is a good one would be interest for any car service anyway!

Posted: 2008/06/03 - 17:32

Cykling is actually a great hobby, i've gone 55 km on 1:40-2 hrs 3 days in a row with a mate xD It's actually great fun, u get to talk, get exersice, and u sleep easily if u go fast xD
makes a physical and mental difference when ur done anyway =)

Anyway, i've never felt like u do atm, i guess i don't have the age (yet xD), i've been at a point where every video game and all tv-programs sux tho, then spending time with friends is all that matters :)

Instrument can be pretty hard and when ur in a point of ur life where everything sux, the intrument wont be used after the 1st 3 days xD I can say by experience, i currently play Jazz piano, guitar, bass, and i used to play the trombone. If i'm really lazy and pissed, the instrument is the last thing i'd go to xD

Posted: 2008/06/03 - 17:59

I was thinking of buying a Nissan 240SX (S13) or Audi S4 (B5) and just fixing it up. I do have the money for it but don't think my parents would allow to bring a used car and start messing around with it. I currently drive a Audi A3 '07 DSG Tiptronic which I use for everyday. I live California by the way, I just have the flag to represent my culture haha....

...and I think I might consider biking Mr_IQ^. Even if it isn't for getting in shape, at least to kill time and exploring.

Posted: 2008/06/03 - 18:55

fixing up a car sounds great if you would enjoy it...maybe rent a small garage to keep the car there, if your parents wont let you bring it home?

Posted: 2008/06/03 - 19:49

If I had a money I would buy crashed BMW M3 3.2 (very cheap), I will fix it and sell 250% . But I do not have 6 500 $
Explain to your parents that is your try to get money with work which you do like! I think you may be succeed.

Posted: 2008/06/03 - 22:08

if you live in California work on some environment issues.

play starcraft. it's great and old.

learn to play an instrument, or if you are the " builder " type, create one.

just don't watch TV, it's the worse thing you can do...the American way.

Posted: 2008/06/03 - 23:32

once your have a house to live in, and dont struggle with food...

murder < sexual abuse < heavy violence < drugs < ---------- idle --------- < tv < hobby < friends < work/education < family

(stay on the "right" side)


Posted: 2008/06/03 - 23:52

go for drugs n violence! :D...

na seriously, i'm in nearly the same situation at the moment, finished school 3 weeks ago, getting results on friday.. now i got no plan what to do until august (when i start working..). i'll travel a little bit, what countries would you guys go to? money isn't a big issue..

beside the holidays, what can i do with my other freetime? doing drivers license (motorcycle) atm and vitit my girlfriend quite often, but that doesn't take too much of the whole day tbh.. i seriously need some good idea what to do :).. i'd like doing a trip through germany with my car but that sucks because diesel is like 1,50 in germany..

btw also driving A3 :D..

i'm happy about every advice.

(instruments are no option, do not like it, n i go to gym quite often)

Posted: 2008/06/04 - 00:36

going to the gym is abit boring compared to snowboarding, skiing, or playing soccer, anything where you compete and challenge yourself, instead of lifting things or running without going anywhere. :)

I personally hate zapping around on TV channels, its like sleeping, or being in coma,
but I love watching movies to chill and relax.

Life is weird, sometimes I wish I were a savage!

Posted: 2008/06/04 - 02:34

gym is the best imo!

but you will get totally addicted to it very fast like I did so u have to go like 3-5 times per week like me .
Dunno if thats good either so =X but its very fun going to gym with mates etc. Dunno how the weather is over there for you but swimming always owns. and euro 2008 is soon too!!! there are a lot of things to do wtf too many of them and not enough time for them :@@@@

Posted: 2008/06/04 - 10:22

Thanks guys for you opinions. Pretty much exercise is overall the top choice as an other hobby or too kill time. I already have a bike, I'll just start riding it soon then. By the way, I own 2 guitars which I don't play at all hahaha so I might sell em or figure something out.

I'll take your advice cabal. I'll see what I can do as soon as I can.

Posted: 2008/06/04 - 12:04

Ye snowbboarding rocks but its a bit hard in summer :)!

Posted: 2008/06/04 - 14:28

Just go out and do what you want. But make sure, is it really what YOU want!?

If you do not truely want it, you'll never really get it or do it.

But if you want it, it's much easier to make happen. And make yourself very concrete, that way it is easier to know what direction you're going in. Try to split the goal down into smaller goals so you can feel progress.

I am doing more or less the same with my life right now, been doing it for around 3-4 weeks, and let me just say that my life is getting turned upside down at the moment, and it feels wonderful (might pop by and do a blog about it in a month or two when I have more to tell)

Posted: 2008/06/05 - 06:10

well chris, maybe if you beat me in a 1v1, you would spark your interest in gaming, but i know, i ruined your hopes and dreams, sorry. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Posted: 2008/06/05 - 12:21

Turok on a sidenote. What temperature/weather can I expect to have if visiting California in mid November? I have googled but dont trust those results 100%

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