2008/05/23 01:31:39 Lovey
Right so yea, i've just played my first few "proper" ut2004 duels since a while and I got to say, since the hype of UT3. I mean when it was still UT2007 how amazingly this game became aim only.
I played today and I raged pretty badly because I was actually using my brain why this guy was running around with 40% shock and 30% link and especially on maps like Rankin.
Bla, this is a pointless blog just needed somewhere to let my rage out and so to you guys whos still playing UT2004, USE YOUR BRAINS!

If you watched the old skoolers of ut2004 you could easily noticed that they used brain, yea they still had insane aim but they didn't just run around the map picking up shock and lg and your off. they varied there weapons to rockets and flak, bla im in such a rage mood.


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Posted: 2008/05/23 - 01:32

stop playing

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 01:33

no i love ut2k4 i just want a duel were its not decided by who has the better aim, i blame tam tbh. its a shame i love tam aswell.

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 01:45

i know what u mean lovey

btw: 1337 blog title

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 02:57

ut2004 is very aim based, it's why i prefer ut3 it's more "balanced" in terms of hitscan vs close range/spam etc imo. This coming from a hitscan player ;-)

Also there is no annoying shield gun +back, god i hate that.

i'll duel u again someday Lovey in ut2k4, you spammy cunt o/

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 05:41

ut3 duel is where it's at, too bad epic fucked everything up in a way only epic could. cod4 go go

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 07:57

get some aim then

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 09:23

well, ut2k4 sucks ass and you can play it or not but you dont have choices beyond those two options...

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 10:02

damn Guest, you're right.

on topic: lovey, that's why i stopped playing ut2k4 duels. after getting used to ut3, i dont want to play against some shieldnoob (kaze, for example;) ), or someone, who is a shockwhore (operator for example;) ). i rather play ut3 and get combos in my face all the time :D

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 11:54

Well tbh if you used your brain as you said, then wouldnt you have won? There are ways to beat people who are aim only.
It seems you got pissed which kinda is the opposite of playing smart :>

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 12:15

Indeed. The way you're telling it makes it look like you were the better player and all, but still lost.

Obviously the other guy had a more effective interpretation of the game. In ut2k4 that may feel lame etc, but thats just the way the game works..

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 13:38

A LOOOOOOOOOL, whine more pleaseu were right to ragequit or u can do like zill fake each time u loose XD

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 15:05

Morph wrote:
damn Guest, you're right.

on topic: lovey, that's why i stopped playing ut2k4 duels. after getting used to ut3, i dont want to play against some shieldnoob (kaze, for example;) ), or someone, who is a shockwhore (operator for example;) ). i rather play ut3 and get combos in my face all the time :D

u can't lose m8 =/ ;)

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 15:07

:) ut2004 was a lot about the hitscan, shock and LG are just the best weapons there. But still it was more fun than ut3 and I think that I am not only one with that opinion. UT3 is not more balanced imo because hit box for shock / snip is 10 times smaller than for BIO, rocket or flak ;)

UT3 is very nice as for the action, missing shield gun and powerfull spam guns. But is it really the game you were waiting for? :/ For me it is still "dead" game, just look at the number of players who play it :( Epic failed.... imo.

back to the topic: you got pwned! :D

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 15:32

I just seem to have difficulty beating or getting beat by aim only players!
I got pwned indeed:(
To desp, i've never had aim since I first laid eyes on UT2004. Kier can tell you that himself, i've always gone off experience, prediction and control and also not playing like a stupid rat arse and somehow still be aggressive and still win "most" of my matches with ease even though my aim is bad.

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 16:06

ROFL kaze.

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 17:51

take buri he used to spam everywhere and wasn't really reliant on his aim, yet a very good dueller

Posted: 2008/05/23 - 21:47

Lovey: time shock+lg and just outtime them, if they truely are aim only then you can do that after some practise.

and use the shieldgun to your advantage... it is the best weapon against aimwhores.

Posted: 2008/05/24 - 01:54

i remember watching a game of you, tewic, against killu (or killza lol) when you timed 50, lg and shock to perfection so he didnt have a chance to use his aim :D

Posted: 2008/05/24 - 03:35

tewics a noob!

Posted: 2008/05/24 - 07:31


Lovey: love you too babe!

astz is right, I stand no chance against his superiour aim whoring.

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