The past 12 months.....
2008/05/06 17:15:02 Lovey
So, summers coming up and I think its time for a new start. The past 12 months for me has had its up and downs but mostly downs.

- Finding out my mother has cancer in august 2007.
- Quitting college because I start to get depressed other my mother.
- Losing friends because I didn't go out for a while.

My life was basically a mess at christmas time, i had nothing well I had friends but I would never go out for about 4 months. I had no job, no qualifications, basically a family crisis because my mum does basically everything around the house so when she had to travel 10 miles 5 days a week for 6 weeks to have radiotherapy and her being in hospital for the good of 2 months. I felt like my life was over and really wasn't worth living.

So about February/March 2008 after finding out my mother will be ok but the cancer will be there all her life but it won't spread. I really needed to get my life back on track. So the first step was to get my friends back and start enjoying myself again, that took a good part of about a month, getting back in college doing what I love best which is fixing PC's which i've achieved and getting myself some money by getting a part time job. Yea, I do work at burger king but you can laugh all you want but moneys money to me.

Last summer was really good, I went out nearly everyday but the bad thing was I couldn't spend as much as I wanted to because I had just left high school and didn't have a part time job. But now I have all I need for this summer to be the best summer ever.
Friends, knowing my mothers ok, money, sunshine, partys etc.

Why do I only tell you about my mother now? Some of you guys might have actually or currently do have relatives with cancer/recovering from it. Its hell, because when your father is always on the negative side all you think about is if shes going to die and thats all I thought at that time because people were putting negative things into my head that I didn't want to hear. I tell you know because I know my mother will be ok, so to me its best if I just let it out instead of holding gruges of what I've not told people. The only person I actually told was 1 best friend who I could trust and I told none of my other friends for particular reasons.

So yes, its time to forget the past and look into the future. What are your guys plans for the summer?



Posted: 2008/05/06 - 18:05

Getting "rich" by poker and go to parties and festivals by the money I have won, like to Fullmoon (Germany), Brutal Assault (Czech Rep.), Ozora (Hungary) and so on.

Best wishes to you, Aaron.

Posted: 2008/05/06 - 19:27

sorry to hear about your mum, mostly summer, hanging out with friends and hopefully get a part time job :D

have a good summer lovey :D

Posted: 2008/05/06 - 22:06

- June 19th till July the 7th...................Dearborn, Michigan,
- July 10th till the 25th..........................Bodrum,

Good luck with your mum Lovey!

I am going to party it up this year since I didn't graduate last year so I've got some catching up to do!

Posted: 2008/05/07 - 08:31

Way to go Aaron! Good to know that now you're living your life to the fullest! About my plans... Well maybe I write a blog about my time in the military in July when I get out of here. But until then, I'm just doing my military service. I have 58 days left... So easy to manage through those days because I've already been here for like 304 days :D But yeah, bigger blog later... ;)

Posted: 2008/05/07 - 16:43

The only person I actually told was 1 best friend who I could trust and I told none of my other friends for particular reasons. ----- you told me :-)

my life is somewhat a messl... im failing, literally. ;-(

other than that i have exams in 1 month which im hating but afterwards goin to greece and the usa with friends, and i gotta pass my driving test in the summer :-(

im supposed to goto uni next year but i screwed up my choices which sucks so i gotta stay at college 1 more year :((( but im in a dilemma whether to get an apprenticeship or goto uni, i always change my mind and can never stay with 1 thing, so indecisive \o/

Posted: 2008/05/07 - 17:45

hard to reply really,

but first off, good luck with your mum lovey (been through he same thing, only difference is that she isn't here anymore).
Thing is what I learned over the past 8,5 years is that that kind of thing will stand in the way of your own presumtions of how things will go and how you want it to go.... Try and not let it get you down (easier said than done, I know, but really) cuz it'll only take longer and longer.

2nd: fuck your so called m8's (who you've lost like you said) if they were m8's in the first place, they' should've come to you since you were in bad shape.

As for me, after now 2 years of trying to get somewhere, I'm finally looking at all of it a little more positive. Basically this summer's about having fun in a responsible way. Don't go broke (again), don't drink too much (like I always do in summer).... just try and level it all out a bit. And try to survive the next autumn and winter :)

Posted: 2008/05/07 - 18:25

my plan aswell bartleby, but the mates i have im nothing without so its hard for me to not to be mates with them anymore

Posted: 2008/05/08 - 10:10

I've had to live with my mother being seriously ill since I was ten, shes had cancer, diabetics, a stroke, and lots of other issues, dont think it ever made me derpressed, but all I can say is that i understand and hope it gets better. tbh sometimes it sounds alot worse than it is, and even if it isnt think of it in that way :D :X sending mucho loveo :D

Oh and im taking my baby son on holiday this summer :D taky holiday camp with the relatives about 20 of them........

Posted: 2008/05/08 - 16:10

yup yup been there done that (well obv no cancer issues)
but weve all had bad times in our lives, up to like 2 weeks ago I was doing fuck all, and enjoying it for a long time.
Then my parents threatened to cut me off (im still in uni but i cant pay for it by myself read; i wasnt working).

I'm pretty sure I failed this year but hey im working again,
Only thing that pisses me off is that my friends well like 90% off em still attend school or work at a regular 9-5 job.
So going out like I used to is a no-no mainly during the weekdays I can easily go out i work from 10am-3pm and then from 5.30pm-10-11ish so i can go out after that but in the weekend (when most my friends go out) I work from 10am-1am of course with a 1.30h break in between but we stay there cuz theres no point going anywhere else

So im usually tired and by the time im there time flies and i gotta go to sleep for the day after ;D but hey its fun (oh btw i work in a cocktailbar) horeca (HOtel REstaurant CAfe) life y0
ill see what i can do this summer (maybe some summerschool to save my year) if i can ill continue and become a bachelor.

well see ;p


Posted: 2008/05/10 - 14:34

Shame lovz, really, gl with them and it. Sounds you've got a plan and that always something right?:)
same to nex:)

Posted: 2008/05/10 - 19:12

Yes, its better if you sort your summer out and get everything bad out your head or it'll be spoilt

Posted: 2008/05/13 - 15:44

Exams end June 4.
Holiday to Madrid, June 17-21.
Holiday to Cyprus, June 30-July 14.

Rest of the time watching TV/playing computer games. =)

Posted: 2008/05/15 - 21:51

harsh card to be dealt, especially at your age. all the best for your mum.

Posted: 2008/05/22 - 21:41

Just think of it this way: if you can get through this, what else in life can stop you?

I hear you say "nothing" and yes, that's true, nothing can stop you!

Now go and live your life and do what YOU want to do and make it happen!

The best way to get on imo is to take action and make things happen, because then life more or less gets back on track in a natural way that makes you happy at the same time.

Good luck!


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