Looking for stable praccs
2008/04/21 17:36:42 DreeveN
Hello.. and later goodbye..

#om-clan is looking for some stable clans to pracc against on Tuesday, Thursday and Sonday at 20:00 and 21:00 for 2 maps in each hour.

#om-clan recently went though a tough and energy leeching period with tryouts to get a full lineup, but now finally has a stable 4 man lineup and are looking forward to get the game going.

Due to #om-clan being newly formed again, we havent got the teamplay and tactics up an running in the way we want yet, so we would prefer to play against equally skilled teams, which i would characterise, in my oponion, as being "low".

So are you also tired of waiting for someone to respond to your /amsg or being blown of by the clan you tought you had a scheduled pracc against, fell free to contact us in one of following ways:

#om-clan on Quakenet - talk to either
- Themster
- DreeveN
- Dante
- Gam


Send a message to me here on UN.com

.. or

Send a pigeon to Roskilde in Denmark..

.... or

Try yelling really loud in direction of Scandinavia..

...... or

Make a giant bonfire and make smoke signs and hope i am tuning in my new hubble telescope at the same time..

.. well nevermind, that wouldn't work, just try the first 2 suggestions

Hope to hear from you..


Posted: 2008/04/21 - 21:56

imo trainingpartner isn't such a good option, as you will get used to THEIR specific playing style and strats, and will develop your counter game upon this, while against some other team it might not work ... But well, that's your business :D just giving my 2cent! gl with the search tho

Posted: 2008/04/21 - 22:01

I follow you, i follow you...
But it's also a beginning, i was hoping for like 10-15 clans to respond, so we could play a lot of different clans, to spread out the risc of what you mention.

Still hoping :)

Posted: 2008/04/21 - 22:45

Haha 10-15 clans... Not in this game :))))

Posted: 2008/04/22 - 01:27

I think most "lowskill" clans don't really read the forums but just play the game and have fun in the game, not really looking at the competitive side of it :P

Ps - haters should die

Posted: 2008/04/22 - 15:37

I hate you.

Posted: 2008/04/22 - 16:52

my god the swedish ass is online again :P

Posted: 2008/04/22 - 19:49

Well what i mean by lowskill is that we are a newly formed team, and have a long way in front of us regarding tactics and stable teamplay.

2 of the players have played since ut99 and the 2 others have both played since ut2004.

We are looking for teams in the same situation, not some new players to UT to bash around, but clans that don't wipe us out by their better teamplay.

Posted: 2008/04/22 - 20:55

Om is not a newby clan, maby not pro but definitly not newby!, i remember them from the 2k4 days.

I will join ur channel and whenever we spam for pracs or you do, we will see what happends ;)

hf gl gg byebye

Posted: 2008/04/22 - 21:33

Yeay, thanks Yurie, exactly what i was looking for..

Hope to play you..

Posted: 2008/04/22 - 21:58

haha fu shin!

Posted: 2008/04/23 - 23:16

#gotFISTED !!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted: 2008/04/26 - 02:44

baby all i knooowoooowooo your the type of girl i wanna shooooowooooowooowooo


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