working people and bleeding retards
2008/03/29 14:10:46 bartleby
Ok here goes,

It's saturday, I'm at work.
I work at a musical instrument store running the repair division, but on saturdays I get the privilegde of actually talking to custumers.
Now I understand when your guitar is actually broken, fucked up etc, that you want it fixed.
But that doesn't mean the people trying to help you have to take your shit.
Noone cares whether you use it for your uber huge band recordings, world tours etc.....
Hey here's a hint: It's a musical Instrument store, basically everyone who buys shit in places like this is a musician in one way or another. What makes you so fucking special that I have to call 3 suppliers in order to get your amp/guitar/bass/keyboard ...whatever back in the time frame you've set for yourself.
Is it so hard to understand that people who work have rules to follow, a lot of people to help and basically no time to remember/write down/act upon that sort of other words, give special treatment because someone feels he/she is so special that we should do that for them.
It's saturday now, and since no office is open on saturday apart from shops etc I actually have time to write this.
Just now some retard came by demanding discount because he felt he had deserved it. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with people.
This kind of thing probably goes for every store/shop servicecentre sort of thing.

I'm just wondering
Is this something that is evident in the history of the human race? or just some freak occurance of random retarded big mouthed knowitall fucking moops.

Other than that I'm having a wonderful day:D


Posted: 2008/03/29 - 15:42

When i attend at lans i want the land to fix me a nice seat and i want to have a furcoat when i enter the event. All this because im so pro and sexi.

thehe.. well why does cafès and coffee/expressobars have a tip bottle.

ppl are special.. in all ways :P dont say you would work a little extra for some hot guitargirl :D :D

Posted: 2008/03/29 - 15:49

people working in bars café's etc get tip anyway, just for being nice :p
and if youre a hot guitargirl might all be eye candy to me oc ;) but my supplier wont give a damn, it's just another custumer:)

/me fists random costumers atm :D

Posted: 2008/03/29 - 18:12

s9 wrote:

dont say you would work a little extra for some hot guitargirl :D :D

you mean 'you wouldn't', right?

Posted: 2008/03/29 - 20:27

bartleby wrote:

/me fists random costumers atm :D

that's probably why you normally don't get to see the costumers :P
i think it's a skill to be able to work with bugging people and not everybody can do it. i wouldn't have the patience and the artificificial kindness you need for such a job.

Posted: 2008/03/29 - 20:31

They lack behaviour. It´s the difference between what you think and what to say or better not.

Posted: 2008/03/30 - 13:33

Heyyyyyyyy what a coincidence i work with retards aswell. highfive dude.

Posted: 2008/03/30 - 13:46


Posted: 2008/03/30 - 14:29

i work in a tv/hifi store and i have the guarantee and complaint errands and from my experience ppl are greedy fucks :D
if you give in from start then theyre just gonna try to run you over, it has nothing to do with what kind of ppl it is everybody does this more or less, sure there is some exceptions but in most ppl just "want want want" etz

the best way in 9 outta 10 cases is just to lay it down how it works and even exaggerate about how long etz is gonna take etz ( after you've actually listend and heard the customer out. then the day its actually done most customers are happy because it didnt take as long as stated ..

anyway theres nothing better when some ignorant fuck comes in and is demanding that and that claiming theres something wrong with the TV/DVB-T box and saying we NEED to give him/her a new one and then when we actually test the tv it turns out that he/she just plugged out the antenna cable or changed some setting without knowing it, or in some cases just freaking forgot the batterys for the remote or something stupid like that, when that happends and its someone thats a pain in the ass and is acting like a fucking retard, then i give them the lecture of theyre lifes ( ofc not if its someone that behaving nice )

funny how fucking cynical you become working with this :D

Posted: 2008/03/30 - 16:33

Just got a new job as technical support on Denmark's 2nd largest ISP and well. more or less everyone thinks they are special. Like if I can't fix their net and have to send them on the error reporting section and I kindly as I am, inform them that there might be around half an hour of waiting time, then they demand they get sent in front of the queue... in front of all the other non special customers. (But it's always nice when getting the kind customers who understand that they have to wait a little bit, and that we indeed want to help them if they are just patient)

but hey, if YOU threw money at some product and it broke, wouldn't you demand it working again, asap. I know I would.

Getting full day communication lesson on Saturday, hopefully that'll help me deal better with the customers :)

Posted: 2008/03/31 - 15:43

almost 3 years in IT-support of largest Russian retail company already, head of support atm, its hard in beginning, then its fun, now its just good money and easy job :)

good school of how to communicate with different ppl btw ;)

Posted: 2008/03/31 - 22:06

tew: isn't it better to call the customers instead of letting them wait for 30 mins? Would also remove the stress from the error reporting section who constantly have a 30 min backlog of calls waiting.

I've been working with helpdesk related stuff since my first "real" work, so aprox 8-9 years. Hardly ever got frustrated on the user, but usually when the user is acting lame its due to he is in stress of some kind. Perhaps he needs to get something fixed asap due to his work, so being understanding about the situation usually seem to relax the user as well.

Posted: 2008/04/01 - 01:54

Normally its okay for some reason, but last saturday was just incredible. Like "hey it's weekend, let be a total cunt!"
And yes understanding is a big part of it, but some people just go too far and need slapping (verbally). Not too harsch though, just letting em know I wont stand for ignorant idiotics when all Im trying to do is help you:)

and LOL jstc :)


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