I'm really really really stoned
2008/03/20 00:34:03 Mr_IQ^
And no, i'm not on anything.

Have u ever tried being so tired u dont even wanna walk over to ur bed?

...Im tryin it right now...

So as im so stoned i decided that im gonnnana write my 3rd blog.

I just dno about what....

Oh, i had birthday last friday btw :P

It was nice...

I went to some bars or clubs or whatever u wanna call it wiv some friends.

It's kinda nice havin birthday on a friday, cause u dont have to go to school afterwards...

U can just sit home the day after and scratch ur ass and eat chips...

...i like doin that after a friday...

Shame my boss called that day and said i should get my ass over to work...

Thank god i was sick....

im really stoned...

I'm listenin to The Beatles! (www.last.fm/user/Mr_IQ)

(so im not that stoned or else i would listen to DJ Bomba - Honk If You Are Horny - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6XRu4a_zIs )

Just started listenin to their music, holy shite it's really nice - so relaxing.

I dont get it, why does windows media player put it as "pop" in genre?

I search pop, and i get christina aguilera, justin timberlake, shitty techno, blabla etc and boom, the beatles...

Well, ok, The beatles comes before all the others, cause it starts with b obviosly...

Still don't get it though...

Btw, there are 3 things i just can never remember...






Have you ever tried cracking a password?

I tried...

1st thing i did was putting carrot down as a password..

Why Carrot?

Cause noone would think of password - so it would be the best password ever :D

then i realized... i did :S

So i tried carrot 77 - and 78!

but... DAMMIT! I could only think of things i could think of...

so i guess im not that much of a password cracker :/

Mayby i have other amazing talents.. well, as u can maybe tell - nah :S

Oh, i know one thing though:

doing this made me wanna walk over to my bed anyway ... :)



Posted: 2008/03/20 - 01:00

Unbelievable! Stoned me is searching the site for stuff cause im too lazy to go brush my teeth..... and this is what I find, the world is too small

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 01:54

nice stream of consciousness :P

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 04:30

this blog is a piece of art.... well done

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 08:17

I could only think of things i could think of...

nice blog, quite original :)

(i missed the dirtsucker though...:/)

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 08:54

And you still can speak English when you're "really really really" stoned. I envy you for that :P

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 09:53

haha awesome blog dude.. :D

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 10:04

too nice :D

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 10:31

Honnestly i didn't read this blog, and i probably won't, no offense to the author. I was just wondering why drunk and stoned ut players shared those moments here? Usually if i get drunk, stoned or whatever weird state of mind, i'm with some of my best friends, in a party or sthing...

What about u guys? :)

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 11:33

perhaps he was with his friends before and now hes @ home :p

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 11:59

i sort of waited for someone to post this "i only intox myself in company of friends" whine, thanks for living up to my expectations ctan 8}

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 13:03

Mr_IQ wrote:

And no, i'm not on anything.

afaik, stoned can mean that he's 'dead', phisically.
but correct me if i misunderstand the quoted sentence :)

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 13:06

gore has a point, cant imagine myself writing a blog in english after being stoned that much.

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 15:32

Mr_IQ^ I call it crysis
when I have it I usually get a car and riding until adrenaline is higher then normally ;)
anyway DJ Bomba is mega shit rofl :x

Posted: 2008/03/20 - 20:45

i find it amusing that ctan posted his rant before reading the post.

Intresting post iq, you need some beer to find the answers.

Posted: 2008/03/21 - 11:31

rofl nice blog

Posted: 2008/03/21 - 13:19

best blog .

Posted: 2008/03/21 - 13:52

haha, n1 :D

Posted: 2008/03/21 - 23:49


Posted: 2008/03/25 - 03:33

hm being stoned is nothing special and nevertheless im too lazy or chilled to read all this stuff :D
but one question

wtf are you smoking that you write a blog wtf oO

Posted: 2008/03/25 - 03:35

and @ctan
just look at my blog "wow im not drunken" and you will find answer for all your questions,:D


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