The Playoffs + Red Red Whine..
2006/06/20 23:02:49
Since we qualified for the Clanbase division2 playoffs we are anxious to train more and more on 4on4. Hence the loads of praccies we play, things only seem to worsen. E.g Losing to division3 clans (No offence). Since we are playing WuTc in the playoffs and we have a very tough poule in the MLU2.

There are more problems.
We have 6 players for 4on4,

Shin, SPeeD, Hyde, Angelus, BizZz, Jiy.

And 2 for 1on1.

BizZz, VivviD.

Since Angelus and BizZz cant be arsed to play a game with us, we are forced to play less practice matches. Which means, people get pissed off. Like me, I just can't be arsed anymore to put 100% in a clan with people that dont care about others.

It's just not fun on teamspeak anymore, everyone is whining about stuff that really DO NOT mather (me included).
People dont follow orders in-game. (COME TOP FFS!!!!!!11)
People leave after the game has ended. (Annoyed probably)

All-in-all the atmosphere ingame is CRAP at the moment, it used to be good. Maybe it's the summer arriving maybe its the cause of examns and stuff. But it's just shit, we can get along great on teamspeak and IRC, but when the game starts we evolve from nice people into yelling and cursing UB40-fans.

Thing is, in official matches. There is an other story written. Everyone is quiet, saying the needed stuff and no whining/yelling/cursing.

So I'm kind of clueless what the reason behind this is. If u know the reason, or have a solution/experience in your own clan, please reply ;


Posted: 2006/06/20 - 23:28

I dont know why the last part isnt coming through?

Well, that's it. I just wanted to share this with u..

If u read this, and think wtf is this? These were my 2cents :D

Good luck to every clan in playoffs and MLU2

ps; we are recruiting an mid/highskilled dutch TDM player. If interested dont hesitate to pm me in #positive.gaming
pps; I wrote this quick, if it's not clear what is written above. It's u, not me. ;)

- Jiy

Posted: 2006/06/20 - 23:40

Jiy :D
Yeah it kinda sucky sucky lately...
Not winning anything at all, I do not know what is causing it either...
But it seems we can keep our cool in offies much better then praccies...
What to do, what to do... Maybe some other clan had this problem.
Cause splitting up cause of one little thingy is just sucky imo.
And I am not the yeller or curser :P

But still I think using push-to-talk keys would be one good solution, cause I have it to, and I swear like a lot when gaming with you guys.
You just don't hear it... When I get annoyed I say something like Jiy STFU or Hyde, stop whining... But you guys don't hear it cause of push-to-talk and then it seems to you that the mood is good from my side, I tihnk that will help a lot :D

I hope some1 has some comments on how to fix this, cause we really can be a nice team tbh...

Greetz to all and good luck in Playoffs and MLU II.

Posted: 2006/06/21 - 07:36

well, you could start by writing this in your priv channel INSTEAD, don't go out to the public... we don't need to hear this tbh, only gives us a bad look at positive gaming.

the change from prac to official games are kinda natural I'd say... during prac tdms, and un-important officials I cba to play serious etc... same goes for duels... pracs are just practise, which is for me warming up the aim and movement, not about playing super perfect etc... can save that for the officials :P

a solution for you would probably be to play more officials and use them as "pracs"... officials are the best pracs for other officials.

the thing about people not following orders... well, do you have a ingame leader, which is the leader EVERYTIME!? people wont follow random orders... and, do you actually know if they try to do what you told them to? come to top and you don't see any1 there could mean that you just got there, and the last guy got killed, he tried to attack top again and got killed once again... then you die, they get to top, for a while and die just before you get there... stuff like that happens and can be really fustrating as a player when you do everything you can, and yet your leader just keeps on bitching about where you are :P

Posted: 2006/06/21 - 08:19

as long as u lose vs us next week in mlu :)

Posted: 2006/06/21 - 13:04

Why does this give us a bad look about them? Its just honest and I guess everyone has experienced that sort of trouble as well. I would suggest you lower your expectations about yourself, since if you aim for goals you can hardly reach frustration is what follows. This game is way too old to be played that serious anyways, so I suggest you relax and stop to mind how the results go and just enjoy playing some games, and if you dont: Stop playing immediately, its just not worth the hassle then...

Posted: 2006/06/21 - 16:46

i tell you why, coz your all getting BORED of the game.

oh and push-to-talk is disaster incarnate tbh

Posted: 2006/06/21 - 18:21

"Positive" gaming

Posted: 2006/06/21 - 22:51

haha a catch frentic :P

Posted: 2006/06/22 - 13:59

It is positive untill we start gaming :P
No just joking :D We where allways playing fine, only lately we just doing crap.
We will get it all together eventually :D (I hope)

Posted: 2006/06/22 - 14:59

id advise you guys to take a break from gaming - think it would help out alot :)

Posted: 2006/06/22 - 16:21

oh eso was never whining when i was in there, especially angelus didnt whine!!!!!!!!! :PPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Posted: 2006/06/22 - 16:49

scrmz: oh eso was never whining when i was in there, especially angelus didnt whine!!!!!!!!! :PPPPPPPPPPPPPP

no comment...

anyways try playing without getting annoyed to much ive been doing that lately cause i dont give a crap about 2k4 anymore. it doesnt work me up anymore like it used to...

maybe u should recruit some backup players for mlu?

Posted: 2006/06/30 - 17:22

With ScrMz it is whine all the time :DDDDDD
No I think we are starting to get back to our old selves once more :P

Posted: 2006/06/30 - 23:04

Im here for positive gaming its all nice and good again :D


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