Latest in the BVA camp
2006/05/30 15:24:41

In light of Don's recent TDM coverage rant I figured it better to heed my own advice by getting off my lazy ass and write our first clan blog for months.

iT Spring Cup playoff games are still progressing (albeit slowly), and the Clanbase Spring Cup is still in its groupstage with playoffs not far ahead of us, so heres some of our recent results and upcoming matches from both cups.

Clanbase Spring Cup - Premier League, Group D

BVA vs om`eSports
DM-Goose2k4 (122:76)
DM-Rankin (170:99)
BVA wins 2-0

BVA vs inner Turbulence
DM-Goliath (101:51)
DM-Corrugation (115:72)
BVA wins 2-0

BVA vs SplashDamage
DM-Osiris2 (80:60)
DM-Antalus (100:79)
BVA wins 2-0

BVA vs occ-outpost
DM-Fractionary (1:0)
DM-Goose2k4 (1:0)
BVA wins 2-0 (default)

Screenshots don't really need to be posted here since they aren't particularly interesting, but if you would like to view them there is a news post on the team website with links to the clanbase reports here:

The 4 consecutive wins has secured us of the div1 playoffs, but we still have one game to play versus ze germans in n!faculty who are looking very strong lately, to fight for the group #1 spot.


BVA vs Levitation (iT Spring Cup Divison 1 Playoffs)
BVA vs n!faculty (CB Spring Cup Division 1 Groupstage)


Posted: 2006/05/30 - 15:28

Nice! :)
I hope you can keep this up.

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 15:30

Sweet. Yea you have done well in your group over at clanbase.
Maybe u can write down your secret on how to conctact sD. we have been trying to schedule our game in esl spring playoff for 2 weeks without seeing them alive on irc.

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 15:32

When are u playing levitation?

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 15:37

Well you guys were unlucky in that you were stuck in what I and many others consider the toughest group. As for contacting sD I think if they are showing no motivation to play the game at all then you should put your foot down and take some other form of action. Of course it is always best to reschedule a game and teams should always do this first but generally speaking, if your opponent cannot take the cup seriously and its starting to take the piss then don't waste your time, bring an admin into it. Luckily for us the sD game happened on schedule and they were a friendly team to play against, it was just a few mins late :D

The Levitation game isn't scheduled yet, we were hoping for this Thursday but they can't make it so we will find another date.

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 16:28

levi vs bva round 2 :]

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 16:31

going to be playing your old friends then wreath. Whats your coment about that

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 18:13

we already played em, and won :> am expecting same result :p

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 18:41

bva has bootcamped or what? didnt know you were like this omgProrofl

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 18:52

Yep we met Levi a couple of months ago in the ESL (I think?) and they beat us:

BVA vs Levitation
DM-Goose2k4 (84:112)
DM-Fractionary-X2 (101:104)

This time we aim to avenge! :p

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 19:02

u played crappy maps x.X

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 19:16

and you just dont know whats good :P

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 20:12

goose is the best tdm map in 2k4 ? how can anyone call it crappy

Posted: 2006/05/31 - 10:02

And I still cant play due to fing telewest shite, and now my new line from bt wont be ready till the 20th of june at the earlyest, i.e. no weby at home for 20 days :S :(

Posted: 2006/05/31 - 16:24

Goose is the best. Only map i want to be played in ut2007 from ut2004.

Posted: 2006/05/31 - 17:14

Goose is not so bad as antalus/campgrounds but it is still a peace of crap

levi is very strong at the moment

Posted: 2006/06/01 - 12:12

Goose is luv

Posted: 2006/06/01 - 21:27

Goose is the "Camp AMP with 3/4 and u take the win" map!

Antalus is the map that diferentiates the good from the great. watch some old demos from early ut2004 and maybe u get it.( like SK vs fnatic if my memory doesnt fail me).

btw, opinions are like pussy's, each person should have one.


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