Deep thoughts about TDM coverage
2006/05/29 11:45:57
ESL spring cup seem to be getting way less attention then it should. TDM in general dont get enough attention these days it seems. I mean an semifinal game between levitation and octopus is something that I would have like to see on UTV. And beside the clans that are actually playing the iT cup does anyone else even know its running?
Even on cb site there are no interviews or prediction or nothing. UT99 community has always been very good at keeping the community up to date with interesting articles and interviews. But I guess we are to lazy over at ut2004. I know I am. But damnit I am 26 years old and feel I did my part of coverage when I was younger. I cant be the only one who think its fun to read stuff about the matches that are being played and who is beating who in the game we like so much.

about the game.
Levi – oct

DM-Goose2k4 102 : 94
DM-Rankin-FE 106 : 126
Osiris 101 : 89

I am sure the game kicked ass, but how many knew it was even being played.

/some guy who turnes 26 years old on tuesday and have been playing for way to long.


Posted: 2006/05/29 - 12:20

good point

Posted: 2006/05/29 - 13:09

i agree :)

i think tha these clan blogs were meant to help that situation, so if only every team would take the time to write a blog every time they win a game, then we'd have a lot of matchreports to read.

Every clan should try to do this :)

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 01:24

we need some1 which can get us a UTV server... Ethernetsports seems to be arsed only about 1v1 and iCTF... :/

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 13:14

+gaming knew cause they lend sever and we had first row watching seeds :D

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 14:30

I think the TDM coverage has been really poor, all I see on UN these days is 1v1. Actually i think I've seen more insta news posts than TDM...

That might not necessarily be a bad thing for most but I'm a TDM player and thats all I really care about, I'm sure there are others that feel the same. I follow the TDM scene quite closely and am more than willing to report scene news on UN but I have no idea where to start and who to speak to about that sort of stuff. I have no knowledge of UTV though so can't help there, but BVA has a shoutcast server and I'm pretty sure a UTV server aswell maybe I can have a word if servers are an issue?

I think the problem is initial coverage in the first place, if the stuff isn't being reported then no one knows whats happening and going on unless they check themselves, and if thats the case the matches don't get broadcasted.

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 18:03

indeed, there should be more UTV for these kind of matches.

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 18:20

We´ve updated the iT cup page, everyone can read about dates and stuff there.
Too bad ppl don´t record demos though, cause if they did I´d love to post em on our site =)

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 18:50

to sum it all up, Levi > OCT !

Theres serverside demos on the levi ftp I think

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 18:53

people complain and complain, but yet they don't even try to contribute much... (wasn't really pointed towards you beliavski... even though you should just be a little selfish and post news about Don instead of blogs.. just make some other admin post it so it doesn't look like direct promotion from Don.... done it myself quite a few times :P)

and people who got a game and got some utv or sc for it shouldn't hesitate to contact some admins and ask for them to make a newspost! besides from that, yes, tdm kinda went dead :( which is a shame imo, the gametype I hate the most fun with!

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 19:00

I just might do that tewic.
Also to Xeno aint is possible to post the iT cup stuff on Unrealnorth ? I think your sponsors would like that tbh ;)

Posted: 2006/05/30 - 19:04

Yeah why the hell are there no news post about the iT and esl cups?

Posted: 2006/05/31 - 00:41

imo there's poor tdm coverage since the ut2004 tdm is widely spread around different gaming sites + there's always a tdm cup somewhere, so it's not concentrated on some specific season. 1v1 cb eurocup got quite good coverage, as it is propably _the_ 1v1 cup ppl are waiting for, iCTF opencup got superb coverage (UTV every gamenight so far) because there are no other leagues for iCTF and we have some very dedicated ppl in the scene. TDM got neither the way i see it.

Posted: 2006/05/31 - 20:10

well, if there's any1 out there with decent english, some time and insight in the ut2k4 community, that want's to write about tdm, then don't hold back with contacting one from the UnrealNorth crew

Posted: 2006/05/31 - 20:36

Ok well I've signed up as news writer so I can start reporting TDM related stuff.

But what do people want, just division one matchups/results or ALL the divisions in various cups? (could see the latter creating one motherfucking beast of a post though).

Posted: 2006/05/31 - 23:17

focus on division1 imo..

Posted: 2006/06/03 - 13:24

Naw, not only division 1 man, there´s a shitload of matches that´s been , or will be played that´s division 2 and I´d love to read about it :)

Posted: 2006/06/04 - 16:38

1on1 utv > 4on4 utv imo

because in 1on1, you get the whole match with you, and everything that is happaning... but in 4on4, you could just spec a pub-pickup server... its just a mess to watch... :D

Posted: 2006/06/05 - 15:49

n1 csm =)

FreeMind... utv in 4v4 is cool imo, shoutcast in 4v4 sucks though.


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