DA* Spring overview+movie
2006/04/19 22:28:06
Hi all UN readers, friends, players and surely girls fans (FOR autograph just PM me :p ). Spring has become with really nice weather, our hearts are pumping up, girls started wearing mini-skirts and that's the point why we're not behind the computer so often. Anyway. Nights are still long and Dark Angels are still ready to rumble! So, let's look to our clan activity at these days ...

First at all i have to inform you about one passed event. It was match (ESL TDM spring CUP - groupstage) against another good one Czech team fk. This battle should shown who is actual the best Czech TDM team. And fighters has won. All has been written at match page. No more info needless to say.

At iT| cup we have won against SuK and lost against s3xy and The Brownies. This friday/sunday we'll probably play against Divine ... LoD are not responding.

At the moment we're avaiting new (for us very successful) CB iTDM league and we're also joined into TAM and TDM CB cups. How it will be going on, we will se ;) Nothing special.

And what's hot in our clan Dark Angels?
Well, Kubiz is going to have a university state exam in one month, cabal will go to Italy, NoThi is going to have a school-leaving exam (at high school). DedMaroz become inactive, same as our team-girl Iris. But the hot one is that we're preparing really good one new graphics for our new website and surely art works for logo by one of the best Czech manga artist .... i hope that web will be in 1 month ready to publish and logo in few days !!

and I almost forgot to post there one movie from September 2005. It's DM-Rankin movie that has made for Czech UT community. Quality is little bit bad, because during capturing I used Fraps @ bad computer.... if you are interest you can download it:

from this link
enjoy ;)

I think that's all what I wanted to write here.
Have a nice spring as we've now ;)


Posted: 2006/04/19 - 22:29

team-girl lol nekkidpix plz

Posted: 2006/04/19 - 22:33

she is our pretty :)

hope everything should be fine soon, because of many problems we have just now....

Posted: 2006/04/20 - 17:04

wow shes hot :o

Posted: 2006/04/20 - 17:54

zomg, so tru dird \o/
but i prefer gothic anyway

Posted: 2006/04/20 - 19:56


Posted: 2006/04/20 - 21:59

you gotta love czech girls :>

Posted: 2006/04/20 - 23:50

Yes, because they are so cheap. Atleast in Norway.

Posted: 2006/04/21 - 00:29

jinzo: it's sad but true, some poor czech girls are going abroad to dig some money from such a loosers that cannot have a sex with nice girl fror free in their country...hehe :)

Posted: 2006/04/21 - 02:20

Comment about the Movie, I'm pretty sure you know this but you have just mearly tapped into the trick jumps you can do on that map in that movie, but you did show me 1 or 2 differnet things that i never saw before.

Posted: 2006/04/21 - 17:28

wtf Kalibarr is so totally megahot can I have his number :???:

or sexpix? :f


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