BVA > 4star: finals reached!
2006/02/27 01:12:04
After pulling off a victory vs xTp in the quarter finals of the ESL TDM Wintercup, today was BVA vs 4star in the semi finals.

Be Very Afraid lineup:

4star lineup:

First map was Goose2k4, started pretty evenly for the majority of the game, but we started to pull away in the second half of the map to win by 15-20 frags.

Final score [91:75] to BVA


Since both teams chose the same map, the 2nd map was, again, Goose. Considering the fact we won the first game (albeit reasonably close), we were pretty sure we'd be able to reproduce another win if we can manage to keep our game tight. Needless to say it all went to shit, our timing was abysmal and we gave away far too many powerups. We ended up losing by a few frags. Very dissapointing :(

Final score [83:89] to 4star


Map elimination left Corrugation as the decider map. Again, the match started close but we were able to establish a lead and pull away more and more to take the map by about 50 frags.

Final score [123:74] to BVA


To conclude, I don't think we played brilliantly but I'm happy we managed to win this game. It was a shame we had to give away the second goose like that, and we were lucky with our clear ping advantage (although 4star proposed the server). However, not intending to sound arrogant; I think with exactly the same pings it would have been a game we still would have ended up winning.

Next will see us in the finals against the german powerhouse inkhs (ex ocrana.ATi), which I think is scheduled for Thursday, but don't hold me to that. Hopefully we'll see some decent games.


Posted: 2006/02/27 - 01:36

Well played.

Posted: 2006/02/27 - 09:35

playing the same map twice in a row alwaus sucks if you ask me, it completely fucks up everything :p

nice played tho, but i think with inkhs your gonna take on a nut too hard for you to crack, but by all means, feel free to prove me wrong ;D

Posted: 2006/02/27 - 11:19

Sarge = 80 ping. :o This HPB is crazy. He must really like UT thinking it`s fun to play with that ping vs low pingers. =) Give that man something else than a 16k modem and he will pwn it all.

Posted: 2006/02/27 - 11:46

well, same goes for portugese and spains, altho they prolly have better ping on their homeservers than sarge seems to have :)

Posted: 2006/02/27 - 16:43

csm is pro :)

Posted: 2006/02/27 - 17:45

Wp guys keep it up for the final :D

Posted: 2006/02/27 - 19:44

hehe wp BvA lads :>

Posted: 2006/02/27 - 23:50

haha, yes i love this game

but this server was nl and iam german, but u are right, my connection really suckz
but normaly i have not that worse ping, normaly i have ping like 60-70 on german servers like kplay

iam playing since 2 years now with this ping, but now, i have a chance to get better ping, with my shitty connection

if this will work, iam a really happy man ;D

ps: soz of my bad english, wp bva, were great matches^^

Posted: 2006/02/28 - 08:38

nice going BVA, is you lose vs. inkhs I'll go and kill something, maybe a kitten! you must win tbh!

looking forward to the 3rd/4th spot game vs. 4* :)


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