This cup seasons adventure is over.
2006/02/22 09:50:32
After a few months of gaming this fall/winter season cups are over. Great results mixed with dissapointing ones. CB cup started out greatly with us winning the groupstages with only one dropped map then moved onto the playoffs to meet the OC winners k1ck, we just didn't show our best side there, ping was fair (they had 55 avg and we 60) but we just aren't used to those condition 40-44 in ping and we are a totally different clan. And after the third time oct cancelled on us for the bronze game we got a default win, always sucks tbh. And then we had the ESL wintercup, the groupstages were kinda just to play with whatever lineup we had and take a few easy wins, when the playoff arrived we had to face FV which wasn't a real threat but still abit better then the opponents in the groupstages but after that fairly easy game we went up against old ocrana or inkhs. facing players like chio,blame and gibonn is always tough. And we got a fair nl server, we choosed goose and they went for corrugation, we started with goose which went back and forth between the teams but we ended up loosing with 3 frags ... 97-100.
Then after that it was corrugation, we feel even though we never praccy that this map is alright for us at least, so we didn't dispare. And after another map which was turning back and forth we won with 124-114. Then It was elimination and they removed antalus and we goliath so It was only rankin left. And well we tried on rankin and it was close for 10 minutes but last 10 was kinda a rape and we lost with 103-150 or something like that. So why do I write this? Well I think this might have been our last official match as a team for UT2k4, some of ours players will still appear in TAM NC and one last TDM match but as a team I doubt we play UT2k4 official anymore but If there are cups and we got time perhaps.. I really look forward to UT2k7 personally (fargo) even though I doubt I will have much time when It arrives, I wanna thank those of the community who are nice people and basically makes It fun to play this game, If you feel you are one of them take credit :)
And of course my teammates for many fun nights on ts2 and irc and lets own some germans when UT2k7 is out!


Posted: 2006/02/22 - 10:02

It's been a blast! Well played all.
On a sidenote; I love you fargo.

Posted: 2006/02/22 - 10:55

:=) Thanx for all our friendly fights fargo :D

Posted: 2006/02/22 - 11:55

i take all the credit :D
2k7 4tw \o/

Posted: 2006/02/22 - 15:00

:( donnies

Posted: 2006/02/22 - 15:08

too bad about your esl game :'(

I hope to see you in ut2k7 if I get started on that shit ;)

and.. Branc stay with ut2k4! we need you! ;)

Posted: 2006/02/22 - 16:11

I don't know about you guys... but i would like some more "styckesindelning". Almost hurts my eyes to read that text :)

Posted: 2006/02/22 - 17:35


Posted: 2006/02/22 - 19:12

gg. if anyone wants the serversides pop by #2cool4skool

Posted: 2006/02/22 - 23:08

fargo you cant quit! We still need to decide who wins in the old rivaly games between you guys and ReiGn =)
So you cant quit, its impossible, you guys has always been fun to play against..

Posted: 2006/02/23 - 10:42

kmn relax is just end of season..when ut2007 gets our we will kick your asses .)

Posted: 2006/02/23 - 13:46

you can always dream beli =))))

Posted: 2006/02/23 - 15:05

you swedes will never learn... when HS will have it's rebirth, the danes will once again rule scandinavia :-D

Posted: 2006/02/23 - 15:08



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