2008/07/11 01:51:24
hey Folks !
Ive just read zech's post about vnv and thought it would be a good idead to write a blog too..
So here we go.. reneWal just won the UT3 TDM OC in division 2 Click here , this wasnt really a big since evo couldnt finish the cup because ryZe disappeared if Im not mistaken (?) and they were imo the only clan able to beat us in this division. But I was really afraid of shox, especially with subz, with our lack of train last 2 weeks but hmm, that went ok !

I must say its a nice feeling when you have an objective and manage to do it, we are enjoying it now.. :ĘP
The atmosphere in this cup was awesome, we met very nice clans such as [M-X], shox or BkN and that explains a lot.
Now we are friends in reneWal and this is why we were able to win this cup imo...

But the creation of this clan was a big risk at the beggining... It was created by Azudawn and Aderkill (2 ex ut99 ctfers), they recruited Lirving who barely played ut2k4 before and Lk13 who had never played a video game before.. when I started ut3, I met them in a server and thought they were really nice, so I asked to join them and managed to convince 2 friends of me, HeLLeY and ACo to do the same. Actually HeLLeY and ACo have never played in another clan than mine, we know eachother pretty well now :P Later, eLop joined and even if he whines too much in teamspeak he was a great addition, skillwise and humanwise :D I must say I was impressed by Lirving who managed to impove very fast !

Now I dont know what is going to happen, we are all enjoying summer and we will play a bit during these hollydays.. Lirving went to the south of France for a month and ACo to Ireland for 2 months, In september we are all going to study again, ACo and I are studying something really hard, the hardest studies in France actually so I dont know if we are going to play much again... well it was already the case this year but really next year it will be hardcore ! We are waiting answers from multigaming clans because we dont have a server atm and this will be a major factor for us..

Anyway UT3 is awesome in TDM, its so fun and intense... I hope to meet you all again during cups or praccs


btw, my english sux and I just realised that this blog was quite long !!

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Posted: 2008/07/11 - 02:03

Posted: 2008/07/11 - 05:14


Posted: 2008/07/11 - 09:48

Posted: 2008/07/11 - 11:51

Posted: 2008/07/11 - 13:08

Posted: 2008/07/11 - 13:33

just to be different then the rest ill type something useless, like iam doing right now i guess. !

Posted: 2008/07/11 - 15:28


Posted: 2008/07/11 - 16:19

Posted: 2008/07/11 - 19:09

Posted: 2008/07/11 - 23:17

wheres aco staying? so i can hunt him down and.. say hello! ;D

Posted: 2008/07/12 - 12:20

Posted: 2008/07/12 - 15:31


Posted: 2008/07/13 - 12:33

If u dont have anything to say, dont answer lol. 2 bad most of gamers are retarded, then u meet them and they are victims and stfu, thats a big inconvenient in gaming :/
@kronic I think hes in dublin

Posted: 2008/07/14 - 05:30

u want to get fragged? :p
i will be next to dublin, cu there!^^

Posted: 2008/07/17 - 17:47

Nice for the clan blog.

Too bad i just come and read UN somehow and see that most of you guys aren't tolerant and just post useless (yes, blank is useless) comments. If you have nothing to say, why posting ? :-( I sometimes feel that a part of the UT community is getting like CS one. I miss the old one.

Posted: 2008/07/19 - 04:23

grats lads

Posted: 2008/07/21 - 00:57

it had to be some bug or summin that made posts blank. i highly doubt some of the ppl who have posted blanks would do that intentionally :/

Posted: 2008/07/21 - 18:51

lol vYd now that's naive!

Posted: 2008/07/23 - 03:21

i see it happy many times to but ah well maybe bug can be helped out ?

Posted: 2008/07/28 - 03:47

"Anyway UT3 is awesome in TDM, its so fun and intense..."


shame the scene is so inactive atm

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